In the north of Indonesias newly revitalized Lokon volcano

JAKARTA, Aug. 17 — RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov.In the north of Indonesia on Wednesday again intensified Lokon volcano, reports national news agency Antara.

Volcano woke up at the end of June, and in July of the eruption, local authorities were forced to evacuate from its slopes about 5.5 thousand people who have spent time in refugee camps for nearly two weeks.

"Ash (new) emissions reached the area and Kinilou Tinoor" — said the head of the supervisory agency center point of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) Indonesia Farid Ruskanda Bean (Farid Ruskanda Bina).

In addition, only the first six hours Wednesday on the slopes of "fire mountain" were recorded 25 volcanic tremors soil, he added.

In early August TSVSGR lowered the threat level in the area of the volcano. But even then secretary of the Red Cross in Tomohon Levi Goliot warned local residents that they should be ready to go back to refugee camps, if Lock again increase the activity.

So far TSVSGR did not again raise the threat level on the slopes of curls. Meanwhile, in the refugee camps are 222 whose homes are located near three kilometers from the crater "fire mountain".

Like last time, just before the new emissions from the crater curl activated and located to the west of the volcano Soputan: TSVSGR again raised the level of anxiety on him from the second to the third level two days ago, after this small stratovolcano height 1.784 meters above the level of Sea was disposed of volcanic ash and gases to a height of 150 meters.

Centre of Volcanology upheld the exclusion zone for finding people within six kilometers from the volcano, but because the nearest town is located eight kilometers from Soputana, the evacuation was made.

"Lock and Soputan lie at the edge of the same giant caldera, which probably formed in place there earlier vysivshegosya colossal volcano," — said the head of the previously TSVSGR Surono (Surono).

World's largest Indonesian archipelago is part of the so-called Pacific "Ring of Fire" length 3.218 thousand kilometers. In the region of Indonesia plates that form the bottom of the Indian and western Pacific oceans, but with the Asian. Advancing to the last denser oceanic tectonic plate under a lot of pressure down to the mantle of the world and at a depth of about 100 kilometers below the surface begin to melt, resulting in the release of the resulting molten lava from hundreds located in the country of volcanoes.

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