In the Odessa area found cow anteater

It ruins the entire anthill.
In the Odessa area found a cow with pleasure eats ants, and devastates entire anthill.

About an unusual habit of pet owners have guessed at a very original taste of milk, which was a little sour and strange smell. Cow from the autumn, was ravaging the anthills, and after gladly pick the ants began on the walls of the crib, where they was more than enough.

First, the owners were upset and tried otochit animal of the habit, and then figured out how to make this a marketing ploy. Many people with interest come to look at a cow-anteater, and in addition the owners claim that milk obtained from such "additive" has additional healing properties, because many of the formic acid is used for medicinal purposes.

Biologists explain such strange gastronomic predilections shortage, a number of chemicals and acids in the cow, and they say that if you put it on the balanced food, the anomaly disappears. The hosts seem to are not going to do it, and even strongly encourage their pitomitsy writes

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