In the Ukrainian rivers — tons of dead fish

20 maya.V anticipation of the end of spawning (May 25) at Dnepropetrovsk in the backwaters of the river Samara, local residents discovered tons of dead fish. In place of the state of emergency immediately left special commission of the regional administration and environmental inspection.
Curiously, the true scale of the tragedy, environmentalists still can not assess. "It's hard to talk about numbers yet — there while there are isolated cases of plague in different places, and also people from nearby villages told us that even a few days before, they also observed a dead fish.

It drifts downstream in the direction of the Dnieper (Samara flows into the Dnieper near f / m Pridneprovskiy). And the most unusual that killed only one kind of fish — carp. And the dead birds — only adults (4 to 6 kg) ", — told the" Today "Deputy Vadim Steshenko gosoblekologicheskoy inspection and added that the samples delivered to the laboratory, which will find out the cause of death of fish. According to the environmentalist industry to kill fish is hardly relevant, because the place is not big industrial companies.

But the local fishery biologists believe that the massive fish kills could be due to insolence poachers. "The death of fish — in these places not uncommon. Sometimes this happens when the fish in the heat is not enough oxygen, but in this case, all similar to the use elektroudochek poachers. With these devices, you can kill all life in the water in a radius of 10-15 meters. Moreover, the larger the fish, the more vulnerable it is, "- said ichthyologist Roman Novitsky. According to him, during the spawning season in the Samara plant a lot of fish and almost all of it, along with crayfish, frogs, and even algae died.

The real extent of the plague is difficult to assess, because about 20% of dead fish sink to the bottom, where begins to decompose. "The worst thing is that surviving individuals will never come to spawn in these places. The fish is a memory that it does not return to where it was bad, "- said Nowicki. Ichthyologist believes that kill many fish and even in spawning — a crime. "We have reduced fish populations due to poaching, industrial emissions, power saving treatment plants. We are ready to write the Red Book of Dnipropetrovsk, which will include endangered species of fish, "- concluded ichthyologist.

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