In the village of Krasny Luch do not know who can kill animals

In the village of Krasny Luch Vladimir region, about 15 kilometers from Orekhovo-summer of this year were to happen, more like the plot of a horror movie.

People living here all my life engaged in farming and herding, subsistence farming — this is their daily bread. Residents not so much all know each other very well, others not frequented here. And the surrounding forest, it seemed, was studied through and through. Secure courtyard dogs are rare, but in almost every house chickens, rabbits, goats and cows.

The first warning bell rang in the early summer, when the house on the outskirts of the night were killed more than 50 chickens. On the corpses of the same bite marks on the neck and the heart, and the bodies themselves remained intact. Unknown beast broke livestock, but no one ate or even dragged just choked and suck blood. In subsequent months, the events periodically. Herds destroyed birds and small animals.

Although all accidents occur at night and no one saw the predator, its strength can be judged by the damage caused to outbuildings. To get to the victims, he rushil wooden fences, taking entire board, breaking the cells with rabbit and chicken pens. In some places on earth were footprints in size from 5 to 8 inches, with long, slender claws. Do not stop and iron barriers — a beast was undermining them.

Events that occurred at the beginning of October, the whole village was forced to shudder. Early in the morning rose Filippova went out to milk the goats, and saw three unknown creatures — is similar to a dog taller Shepherd, a different color. Rounded snouts were turned toward the elderly woman. During a short silent pause P. Rose had time to consider the incredibly huge bellies and milky glass eyes, laden to the pensioner. One animal, bigger, first slowly moved to the work they have a hole in the fence, went after the other. Five adult goats in a pen, and about 50 chickens lay dead. And also their whole but bloodless bodies only bites on the neck and heart.

The next morning predators came again. This time they are interested farming neighbors Vladimir and Lyudmila Sokolova. The couple were awakened by a noise in the yard, published very excited pets. He could hear the dogs barking. Going out into the yard, they found: five dead rabbits, most of the stands, which were surviving, damaged — traces of the claws and teeth of unknown assassins. After this it became clear: in the forest settled real threat. Then first heard the word "chupacabra." According to legend, the monster kills animals and sucks their blood.

It was too similar to the description of the mythical creatures and real events. Fences and sheds, as it turns out, is not a barrier to predators. The only thing that frightens them — is a bright light. Now, residents who still have someone to protect, every night bonfires, strengthen protections to deter and prevent dangerous animals get in the houses.

Who will protect domestic animals? And most important — if not dangerous animal to man? Most have children and grandchildren, many commute to work by train, the way to which is through the forest. Unknown and then, what is the risk of a bite this monster: either the predator or the victims did not investigate for possible disease. Terrified people called law enforcement, but they did nothing — or did not believe people, or did not see the perpetrator, the police did not do it.

In administration, located in the village of Mountainous and the Vladimir forestry events in the Red Ray learned from us. Were surprised to ignore the incident promised not to leave and to scour the woods.

Meanwhile, winter is coming. Some inhabitants of the village live here only during the warm season and are ready to leave the house until spring. People and, therefore, forces confront the predator will be less.

What to expect residents? Does Chupacabra go to other places where they will be available to domestic animals [recall the neighborhood Malodubenskoe settlement Orekhovo-Zuyevo district], or stay close to winter? We will continue to monitor developments in the Red Ray.

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