In Ukraine, Belarus prohibit drugs

Medications two Belarusian pharmaceutical companies — "Farmtehnalegiya" and "Belmedpreparaty" — prohibited for sale in Ukraine since received a significant number of regulations concerning the quality.

This was reported by BelaPAN spokesman state inspection for quality control of medicinal products of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Elena Litsoeva.

Nose drops "Naksivin" produced by "Farmtehnalegii" received three orders for a total ban on trafficking in Ukraine 2010 and three — in January this year. Moreover, issued a decree on retirement solution for injection "heparin" production "Belmedpreparaty."

A spokeswoman "Farmtehnalegii" Alla Borovik said BelaPAN that the company did not receive orders from Dyarzhinspektsyi quality control of drugs of the Ministry of Health. She also stressed that the company has not received from the Ministry of Health of Belarus no information "about zabrakovtsy in Ukraine drug company."

Borovik noted that the relatively drug "Naksivin" with the Ukrainian side have different interpretations concerning the method of quantitative determination of preservative in this medicinal product. According to her, "this issue Now it turns out. "

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