In Ust-Kamenogorsk detected radiation anomalies

In Ust-Kamenogorsk detected radiation anomaliesIn Ust-Kamenogorsk in the recreation area under construction detected radioactive anomalies. Background in one of them exceeds the norm of 10.

Despite this, the contractors are not going to abandon the project. With new technologies, they fully protect the site.

On the draft river bed Komendantki by 2012 must be fully transformed. There will be a cafe, playground, landscaped gardens. Spend time on the river bank, for sure, many will want to Ust-Kamenogorsk citizens. Money for a new recreation area allocated by the Government. Work went on as scheduled, while environmentalists are not asked what to do with the identified radioactive anomalies.

Dmitry KRYUKOVICH, correspondent:

— In the last century on the site was processing factory. Then, no one thought that there will be a residential area. Waste stockpiled right next to the building. Anomalies found only in the early 90's. Now there is a dosimeter records 215 micro-roentgen per hour at a rate of 20 micro-roentgen. To stand in this place experts advise. Here we want to go quickly, and the best run.


— As for the hosts, then we have them, of course, will not be able to detect. But, glory, God, though all sites detect, localize them, and now we will deal with decontamination.

Radiation at four spots in different ways. 3 of them are already almost dangerous. To locate them, it is necessary to construct the protective layers of clay, gravel, sand and soil. In the fourth, the most problematic, the site will be more difficult. Sustainable radiation comes with five-foot depth. It was there that experts have identified low-waste thorium. But modern techniques make it possible to solve this problem.

Talgat NURGALIEV DIRECTOR contractors:

— We will bring out a special burial ground at UMP or in Kurchatov. Large anomaly and should be buried so. Builders specifically avoided this area and gave us a chance to work.

Now the background radiation at a construction site in the normal range. Measurements are carried out several times a day. Examined here and entering building materials.

Talgat NURGALIEV DIRECTOR contractors:

— Citizens should not worry. The company fully maintains control over the entire section. And we examine the per meter for radiation. And at the moment no reason to worry.

While dangerous areas decided to conserve. They have already done insulating landfilling. Meanwhile, ecologists and SES will be engaged in project development for decontamination. At the end of the work they intend to carry out a joint soccer match at the former radioactive spots. According to them, this is the best advertising the safety of the urban area

Note: Ust-Kamenogorsk is in the East Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan.

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