In Vladikavkaz, opened the first in the North Caucasus children avtogorodok

In the framework of the "Year of the Child" in Vladikavkaz evening school number 12, opened the first in the North Caucasus children avtogorodok. Honorable right to cut the ribbon pictured led municipality AMC Bella Ikoeva and Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Zangionovu. Avtogorodok includes projects streets and intersections where traffic lights are installed and road signs. Schoolchildren and kindergarten children were asked to drive through the streets on a prospective recumbent bikes and compliance with traffic regulations. 

"The guys got a good chance to learn the rules of the road, not only in theory but also in practice. We tried to create a safe environment for children to life. At the same time, our work does not end, we will continue to take to implement this program, "- said the head of the municipality of Vladikavkaz Bella Ikoeva.

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