In Vladivostok, an exhibition of Michael Baryshko Images of fire

Vladivostok. March 22. VOSTOK-MEDIA. Julia Shevchenko — RIA "Vostok-Media" visited the opening of the exhibition "Drawing Fire," and the presentation of the next collection of poems by the artist, the poet and scholar Michael Baryshko. No, no wonder they say that a talented person is talented in everything.


Pyrography — artistic treatment of wood or simply burning out. These boys are addicted to many, but to turn their work into a work of art, not everyone can, because it is — extremely hard work.

Pyrography artist Michael Baryshko at the opening ceremony said that one picture takes at least a week — it all depends on the size and complexity.

On the "fire" paintings — amazingly bright landscapes and peaceful people, mostly — the villagers depicted on a background of nature and rural life. Their faces are spiritualized, despite the difficulties of life. Likely to affect the character of Michael Baryshko he — a man of deep faith and the world takes a very simple, is not expecting much from him and no one judging.

Of his achievements, besides thousands of pictures, dozens of exhibitions and four collections of poetry, he is not even mentioned.

Vladivostok, by the way, he came from the Ukraine on their own, and decades later admitted that he had never regretted it, "I realized that I made a mistake with the choice during the holidays, when my wife and I drove from Vladivostok to the homeland. In comparison, it turned out that the people there are some surly, unfriendly — Vladivostok people are more kind and helpful, even now. "

Michael Baryshko — a man of science, who devoted his entire life to the study of the sea and the fishing industry of the Far East, so he has seen a lot of countries and conquered almost all oceans except the Arctic. Landscapes of northern edges — deer, penguins and snow covered vast expanses — also reflected in our pictures. During his scientific career Baryshko published dozens of unique scientific papers and monographs, which have criticized Russia's leading scientists.

By the way, some of the work can serve as a textbook on management of ships and aircraft. His latest work has not been published, but has already received a diploma of the scientific community. It is surprising that Michael Baryshko has no serious academic titles, and answering the question "why", but slyly smiles and says that he does not have.

Indeed, the master is not trying to prove anything to anyone, it just creates, creates and enjoys the outside world.

During his artistic career, he created more than a thousand paintings and a variety of interior items. One-third of the work gave away to friends and acquaintances, and only two sold. For the first time it happened in the complex for all 90 years, when his son Michael had nothing to give to the school for lunch, while his wife was carried to the exhibition and sale of one of the paintings, and three days later bought it for a million (at the time). Another job to sell persuaded friends.

Michael Baryshko considers himself a happy man — he loves his job and creates amazing pictures and continues to do. Since 2000, he seriously took up poetry, the same light as all his work — poems about life, faith and happiness.

Photo: RIA "Vostok-Media"

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