In Vladivostok, the low water bridge opened de Vries — Sedanka

I certainly understand that, given the Golden Bridge this bridge plays in a spectacularly. :)

Nevertheless, in Vladivostok today opened low water bridge de Vries — Sedanka.

About two thousand cyclists gathered at the entrance to the low water bridge over the Amur Bay. This bridge was opened the same delegation as the bridge over the Golden Horn.

  • Photo: Anton Balashov PrimaMedia
  • Photo: Anton Balashov PrimaMedia

The object is of great importance to Vladivostok and Primorye for all: it is assumed that the new high-speed line will take the main flow of freight transport. The strategic development plan to 2028 across the bridge "De Vries — Sedanka" a day will pass 35,000 units of transport. With the new highway from the airport to Vladivostok can be reached in 20 minutes.

The length of the object is more than 5 miles away, just low water bridge — 4 kilometers 378 meters, it supports 383 lighting and footpaths over 7, 5 kilometers.


The importance of low water bridge linking the shores of the Amur Bay, no less than a bridge across the Golden Horn. After bridge De Vries — Sedanka is part of a bypass road that will connect the two areas and the suburbs of the city, which previously could be reached by a single road, collecting all the traffic jams. It is for the track settlement Nivy De VriesSedanka — Bay Patroclus guests of the APEC summit will go to another handsome bridge — on Russian island.

While signs, speed limit on the bridge is not. At the entrances only signs prohibiting parking and stopping. The design speed of 110 kilometers along the bridge. As far as its limit, will have to solve the traffic police. By the way, if you do not initially planned to start on the low water bridge public transportation, it is now solved the question of how to organize the movement of buses here.


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