In Vnukovo began to use GLONASS Mission Control

At the airport "Vnukovo" set up display and information system for monitoring and control of air and special vehicles SmartRamp using GLONASS technology, reports "Interfax" referring to the statement by the representative of SpaceTeam Service Yuri Gaylita.

  • Photo: Anton Annunciation, WG
  • Photo: Anton Annunciation, WG

According to him, the system "displays in real time the entire process of servicing the board." SmartRamp complex integrated with the information system, including a daily plan of flights, the airport data base of operations, system planning and resource management, positioning system technology and air traffic control system, he said.


With the new system controllers can see on the map plane, once it reaches a height of 70 meters from the ground, after which the screen displays a real-time status information plane. In addition, managers can also track special vehicles designed to service aircraft — the stairs, passenger buses, trucks and so on.

Yuri Gailit stressed that the use of GLONASS will improve aviation safety. Recall that in the Russian satellite tracking technology are used extensively in the transport sector — in particular, public and official transport in many cities is equipped with GLONASS module that allows you to monitor the movements of the vehicles, to predict the time of their arrival and so on.

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