Incredible Goodwin Episode 1 watch online

Incredible Goodwin Episode 1 watch online
Goodwin, as befits a man with a fabulous name — illusionist-self-taught. A couple of years he was shooting my own stunts on the home camera and posted the videos on the Web.
And when the number of fans of "Houdini of the Internet" have gained a few million, he was invited to the channel "Discovery". Now he reveals the wonders of survival around the world.
His buried alive, locked in a box with 200 tyschami bees, poured concrete, burned at the stake. And this is only a small part of the tricks of modern witch and wizard. Far away is not always accompanied by Goodwin fortune, then the case is completed with bruises, and from time to time and severe injuries.
In its own brand-new pyatiseriynom project "Incredible Goodwin"Jonathan Goodwin keeps the audience in constant suspense.

Jugglers, magicians, sorcerers

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