Information from aliens about 2012. Anunnaki, the Sirians and the Pleiades program

Barbara Hand book Klau — channeled messages from an entity calling itself the Sathya with Alcyone. " Satya, according to her, is the custodian of the library system Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades.

I'm here to help you decode the main reason of your planet, to prepare you to the Cosmic Party ", which begins on the day of the winter soltsestoyaniya December 21, 2012.

With your entry into the Photon Belt form an alliance between the Pleiadians and the Sirians, and this alliance creates all sorts of new possibilities. From 1992 to 1994 my channel (Barbara) worked for the alliance in Egypt. Pleiadians, Sirians contribute … to assist you in finding ways to tear up that network, which surrounds your planet. The first phase took place when Wendy and Barbara worked with spirit crocodiles of Kom Ombo (Egypt). You can easily judge about these amazing creatures, calling them disgusting reptiles, but completely unable to look at their own nasty, carnivorous ego. Lizards are great promoters of blocks in your mind to form a network, and reptilian forces will compel you to explore your own inner darkness.

Who are the Sirians? This magnificent feline gods from Sirius, who built the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, to keep open the geometric portals of the stars at the time when your solar system is moving into the photon belt. First they built the Great Pyramid in the year 10.800 BC, and then rebuilt it in 2450 BC, oblitsevat its white limestone and built a Sirian prophet, looking toward Orion. The prophet kept your Sirian cellular memory in the records of the Earth, until you stepped planetary telluric field during Harmonic Convergence, while global meditation in August 1987. The awakening of the sacred places of the planet Earth to reestablish communication with the Galactic Center. You are moving in the Galactic Night with 88OO years BC, playing the duality, and indeed always. Now, however, the seeds that were planted with activation light, which began in 2450 BC, when the Great Pyramid has been migrated to Orion, begin to blossom.

When you enter into Aquarius, women as daughters of the Earth, will be the first actor on stage as Pleiadian storytellers. This has already begun. We, the Pleiadians, we do not express themselves through sex sex, but we are the defenders of the Goddess and have very pronounced feminine vibrations. When we are talking about a woman, "we are talking about Gaia in each of you. Your male and female I are both goddess and god, as the Earth has witnessed an overabundance of male energy, we Pleiadians are here to help all of you to awaken the Goddess within.

During this most recent trip through the Galactic Night you are in a high degree of self-reflexivity and your brain becomes very active. You yourself have developed great, so now ready to challenge the forces that control your reality on the Space party. We, the Pleiadians, like to talk about these forces as a team to control the world, the so-called first through channel Barbara Marciniak. And as I, Satya, can install by reading your vibrations, these forces in the world operate the Anunnaki, or the Nephilim of the Bible, which in Hebrew means the gods descended to Earth. " These Anunnaki / Nephilim are the ones who created the huge and entrenched management system (Network) at Point Zero (a certain point on the chronological scale of between 1 and 1 g.d.n.e. AD) For embossed gold invitation to a party that you do not yet have the time to challenge your inner belief systems about these great gods. No one with the remains of the poison God "did not receive an invitation to a party at Space 2012. In order to drive these masters, you have to integrate a stellar intelligence of Gaia. Gaia does not resonate with the arrogant and isolated white-male gods. She shakes and erupts, it turns in response to their oppression.

When you integrate Gaia awakening their inner man and woman, the next step will be sent to the beautiful male teachers who lovingly refer to the Earth and to each woman who already has integrated its next levels of the male mind, which is the Sirian. Now the parade of women's teams, because they can feel Gaia as she starts to wake up again. Men truly feel it to 1998, when men and women will remember how sexy voice resonant vibration of Gaia. As you will see later, the Sirians decided to crank a new business with the Anunnaki, and this new project will be based on the consent of the Anunnaki remove Network.

I came to direct the voices of space that they want to talk now.

(For the rest of the book Sathya helps Barbara convey messages from a variety of entities, including characters such as: King Lizard, Lizard Dr., Moon, Lucifer, Anu, Isaiah, Anubis, Tsolk-in and others.)

Why me? I was elected to the Galactic Federation for fusion with my channel for those who live on Earth as long as the atom was split in December 1942. Planetary shudder it was sucked into the womb of her mother, which made it possible for us to live among you, in the search for understanding of the nature of radioactivity and gold on your bombsite. And while she lives in the library on Alcyone. So far I've found that all of your stories about star people — such as Enoch Anu, Christ, Isaiah and Mary Magdalene — shrouded in lies. All these lies captured you because you feel that these great beings came to Earth to show you the way to the stellar ascent, but the true story of their hidden from you. They came and put their codes in your spiral, causing you to have been fascinated by the traces of their stories. These memories are very picturesque and attractive, as they pave the path information in the galaxy. But now, you become covered by these great creatures, archetypes, as the track information in the galaxy are open and clean. These stories exist in planetary vortex spirals connecting telluric field of the Earth, with all the measurements and the track of the galactic mind speak to you when you search for these records. Many beings from other worlds visit these vortexes to study your history, because the data is a spiral — it's stellar record of consciousness, the Galactic Mind.

Anunnaki can not destroy these stories, because this would cause a loss of erasing forms vortices Gaia. These myths — the consciousness of Gaia. So instead, hoping to distract you from the real truth in these stories, the Anunnaki distort these original records, imposing on track misrepresentations, one layer after another. Now the spiral vortex-earth and extremely clogged nedostuny to higher dimensions, and that is why they need to be cleaned. Blood, the elixir can not flow through these clogged arteries leading to your heart, and you can not feel these multidimensional impulses. In this — the tragedy of the Network. These contain the spiral of events that contain all your knowledge of the third dimension. If this basic memory was completely blocked in linear time and space, even the Anunnaki would not be able to play over here, because they would have lost their own storage memory, like a man with an aneurysm. Spiral — a vortex that control the forces that are used to plan, but in these vortices is contained and individual singles — her memory of the stories in time. If Gaia was made too unfeeling through manipulation and control of its fields, its forms of life would have been erased from the memory of time, and the Anunnaki would never be able to get access to these vortices for games in its dimension. That is why the natives are often not allowed to write their stories. Instead grandparents memorized them and passed their children verbally. The original track of these vortices were helices suite grandmother spider in the beginning, and then woven together. These vortices were generated exactly where the tracks intersect, and the intersection of these lines and created species. Storytellers told stories of grandmother spider, and formed the animals and plants. We Pleiadians call this web of life. But now this has become Web Network, which blocks the travel of mind for their stellar tracks. This Web compacted and almost closed because of all the lies piled on top of the Anunnaki real stories, especially from the Zero Point.

Since the Anunnaki suck you to get energy of Gaia, and conspired to keep you under his Hand, they have distorted the record of enhancing great beings, keeping you out of the vortices on Earth is so far away as possible. They are very strongly involved in what to keep you from opening that this binding power possessed by the holy places, and active power of gold, uranium, crystals and plants. Such forces can activate the Earth and awaken your deep memory, triggering mechanism connected to the galactic mind. Places of power are often found myself to you through the unexpected appearance of shining beings. Often, in the places where they saw great beings churches were built, and many of you can really feel the energy of this place. Anunnaki think that they own you. They distract you away from these places places of power, preventing that great beings until you have reached. In recent times, however, they are bored of their own limited game, and dragged their search for these great creatures. These dynamics are changing rapidly, as they know that these energy vortexes — their only access to those forces.

You, meanwhile, have become so devoid of energy and lethargic due to decreasing energy that vneplanetnye beings lose their access to you. Anunnaki believed that you become a robot that they can control your thoughts, and you will instead die. Now they are finding that you have to recharge themselves. As if parents of teenagers who see their kids to be self-destructive, if you just leave them alone, and they see that it's time to get rid of their parental role. If you have any doubts on that score, we look at how you are tired of being parents, how tired of parenting schools and government. We, the Pleiadians, we can see to what degree you are bored with this parental care, because you are neglecting both their children and their society.

Now I'm here to resurrect some juicy stories to re-activate your hunger for multidimensional access. Police force can no longer keep you from having to deal with their reality. They uttered so many lies that he could not remember the original stories. And they fear annihilation if the original stories will be lost. We, the Pleiadians, but remember every story, and some of these stories even show our work in your world. People, you are a fox, for which the gods made a fox hunt. And now I come to show off those hunters in red cloaks that sit astride their horses. Great Sirian dog / cat Anubis arrived to instruct the hunting dogs on how to get the fox to fly.

Right now I will warn you that these Channelling versions of stories about archetypal beings will lead you to anger. When you see how you manipulated the Anunnaki, you go into a rage, because you feel like fools. Please remember that the fool comes when the shift is prepared, so laugh at themselves. Some of you razderet this book, or will throw it on the floor. But then you pick it up again, or run into the store for another instance. Why? Because the deepest places of your knowledge you will hear the truth that belongs to you on these pages. You are so tired of all that you are the mosque in his own body. All the lies that you have swallowed, — is the basis of "the great web, and your legitimate anger — it's ducks." Syriana an alliance with us, Pleiadians, so that men and women are now able to Earth to reconnect with each other after so long Anunnaki their severed his brainwashing. This recovery Union coming in the near future, and the union will be passionate, not controlled and not manipulated. This is the next step for you, and I would suggest that you just go there, because it all goes easier. No one has yet been able to resist the Goddess, especially visitors from heaven, and it is good Sirians learned when Jesus fell in love with Mary Magdalene.

By the way, you have now a book, you become a galactic human "(You Are Becoming a Galactic Human" by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle. Channeling from the Sirian Council. "Approx. ROK), which promoted the idea that Sirians yavyatsya here and will save the humans in their space ships. Forget about it, people! Ends you stare into the sky and jump-ka in the bed!

Now you're covered with confusion, because trying to remember their history with the tools of linear time and space, the third dimension. We, the Pleiadians have called this book The program of the Pleiades, "because we know that you are now ready to complete the story. Our program now is to teach you how to be passionately absorbed in your body and at the same time learn to view their 3D-reality in nine dimensions. Just relax. We sent here by Bach, another great Pleiadian wizard to prepare you for opening such perceptions. If you believe that your brain can not handle such a complex shape, then go listen to the headphones a Bach fugue for 24 hours, and only then read the book.

You captured tightly woven network on which you are more confused than you realize. This network is brilliantly constructed Anunnaki, which exist in the following measurement over you, in the fourth dimension (4D). These great beings wove this network so that you keep them in the density for the Age of Pisces. Why? The power of love of Christ was on the earth so intense that it was necessary to keep you in the density, so that you can absorb the elixir for two thousand years. Based on the desire to free himself from the role of your parents encourage you Anunnaki archetypes of Pisces: Compassion, turned into pity, love, turned into dependency, spirituality, religious conversion. So that you eventually choose to move beyond pity, addiction and religion. You to grow up and become capable of compassion, loving and spiritual. But they are so bored with the limitations you have imposed the Web, even they can now see what your yearning ultimately could blow up the jail.

Without multidimensional access when you are in 3D, you will die and destroy your own world. These great 4D-being, the Anunnaki, which were described in detail in the Sumerian records, find that they lose their access to you as a result of examining themselves superior. They noticed that all the kids are on the street, not at home. Land to be exciting and creative, or the kids will not play in this game. Kids do not want to work, do not want to school, do not want to fight, and they were on the verge of no longer having sex. They are ready to play with the archetypes of Aquarius — the truth, multidimensionality, freedom and creativity.

That network, which is woven in the past 2000 years, is forcing you to bring to your emotional state of maturity of the body, so that you can understand how to release these 4D-essence of their karma. As you will see, the 4D-entities were involved in your measurement for a long time to learn your lessons. Now they want to be invited to the party, but those who have a long list of interventions — what I call the galactic bad form — will not be invited as long as they learn some of my mannerisms Earth. Four-dimensional beings, mostly the Anunnaki, shpynyayut and pushed you into action, based on their own emotions. Essence of higher dimensions have also played your energies, stimulating your mind and spiritual quest. You are even tired of it, because you want these power manifestations for themselves! Now all beings must own their own emotions and expressions. It will be a party without masks and props. And this party will be arranged space on Earth. During the parties beings from other dimensions may own only their own displays, getting into your world and moving into your energy in 3D, but only when you agree and are fully conscious.

How are you ready to party? You can assume that all of you are required — is to dress and nakrasili. In fact, you have to open your chakra system and purify your emotional body. People, if you knew what really happens when you pray in the holy place with his sense of self, "activated on all four sides of the planet, you have prayed this way all the time.

Those entities who need to feel you are passionate, refined and Hon. We, the Pleiadians, would like to see you sat in the sacred circle with a straight back, or all the time in orgasm echoed sex. Syriana also want you to develop your mind, so you can see the light of sacred geometry shapes that keep the integrity of your reality in time. We will teach you how to live every moment of your life in a sacred space, tuned to the four directions, and with a straight back. We, the Pleiadians are here to fish out new teachings from those of higher dimensional beings who will be attending the party. As we said, boredom is not permissible. What could be worse than to languish from boredom at the party?

Meanwhile, now is your reality — this is not a party, when I see Rwanda or the Middle East. You go up against it, and only you can choose to process and release instead of killing each other. These Anunnaki, angels and demons, is now ready to speak through me, Satya, to make up your own story, so that you can understand how to release them from their karma. Once you are able to see these truths, you will learn how to take full responsibility for their actions — how to be in integrity in 3D. You look for ways in which accordingly can express themselves archetypal desire, such as a theater or channeling. Completed days excuses madness "because the only important question — is committed whether the action to the body in 3D?". Now you is a set of tools. For example, a man who wants to Goddess podobrattsya and kill her, could explore this desire and discharge it through a virtual reality, but it will work only if the program is set out to help the would-be assassin to clear his anger. Those of you who are very shy, and can release process many fear, though horror movies. A person who feels the need to kill, can shoot the entire planet in his computer game. And as if these tools are good or bad — it depends on how you use them.
Beings from many dimensions will grant you powerful tools when you need them now and they want to, and even more of them coming. The next wave will be the tools of healing, and those doctors who do not use them to die of diseases that they dared to bring to you. In order to use the tools that you currently have, you have to accept in the name of personal freedom not to kill themselves, their parents, their partners, their children, or their friends and colleagues in 3D. All the people, which were the to the party, have the right to stay as long as they wish.

Pleiadians — is guardian of children of the Earth. The children talked to us, and they want their mothers and fathers were at home in bed, and they want to be outside playing in the new image of youth fields. Keep the study of images and chimeras outside 3D, and be free to explore their emotions, exploring the 4-dimensional realm of archetypes. Go for it, a good time, as the Goddess always fulfills all desires. I know you stop killing, if we believe that means — believe it myself. Remember that you can have what you want. Virtual reality and physical integrity — they are wonderful examples of how measurement function with a tool. And just think: you will be working with the nine dimensions simultaneously until your solar system passes through the Photon Belt.
In the last 26, OOO years you bestir incomprehensible teachers from nine dimensions. These beings have always been your gods or goddesses, mythological archetypes, and, more recently, your idols and movie stars. They have graced the pages of your literature, your altars, temples, your TV screens and movie theaters. In fact, people from our Pleiadian perspective, Elvis terribly similar to Yahweh. The great strength of the 4D archetypal wonderfully spent time by pulling your strings, while you were puppets dancing on the stage of life. Now you are ready to look at these master puppeteers. If you react with indignation at the very idea, then maybe you should stay in the chest, gathering dust and bugs? You enjoy their dances, and master these evolved along with you in your world.

This sophisticated drama: While one of you has sex in 3D, being in 4D can feel your energy and you plunge into lust, guilt, violence and fun; entity in 5D can be excited by the fire of your kundalini and experience cosmic orgasms; essence of 6D can expand your field fluctuations in the galaxy, the essence of the 7D can carry your feelings on the galactic information highways in essence 8D can form new morphogenetic fields of your sexual seismic waves, and the entity in 9D can generate new biological forms in the darkness of the black holes of the Galactic Centre. Is not it grand?

Pleiadians now more involved in your evolution, because they have lived with you the last two trips through the Galactic Night. This long Pleiadian stay on Earth made you suspicious of him, and I would like to talk to you about it. You twitch and you manipulate multidimensional nature during the Galactic Night, because that's how the galactic system — right up to the Cosmic Party. The only other possibility would be stagnation and cosmic silence. Imagine — you never hear a sound, not feel any touching or even seeing any other person or animal, or thing, or plant. Would you choose it? Would you choose never to look into the eyes of his child? When you feel that you are being manipulated this was so for the reason that you are in the mechanics of 3D and could not see what was actually happening. Pleiadians know it. I remind you now that all of your experiences are of your own choosing to play with creatures that you first pushed. This is what gives rise to existence. You would have abandoned forever sex? What would you be if you'd never encounter with the archangel, or the devil?

I often feel like my channel (Barbara Hand Klau) laughs. She says that the only sin, "which she found on the Earth, is boredom. Sin means without "something or not" something, and how she discovered the most you not with that, "when you're bored. I chose it as a channel for the Pleiades program at this time, because I want to convey some very complex Pleiadian records — the mechanics of time and orbits. How to make it so that no one was bored? Fortunately, you are very much advanced, and you'll feel more comfortable with themselves in a Pleiadian 5D-tools for vision "- Astrology and dimensions. Are you tired of ridicule, which the team management of the world puts alchemy and astrology, some of you know that these control forces secretly use these tools even more than you do!

Since then, as the Pleiadians chose to live with you in your area for the past 26,000 years, there are things that must now be seen and cleaned. They would like you to know that now — once in relation to you, they made a big mistake. This error was the cause of what you charged them for other trauma and abuse in your world, they are not really called. Pleiadians know that their program can not be executed without recognizing their own mistakes, just as it can not be done, and your. They interfere with your free will when you pass through the Photon Belt in the Age of Leo, from 13,000 years ago. When your solar system passes through the photon belt in Leo, the start of the great changes of the Earth, because during this era must have the individual ego and belief in the king's law. The era was the Age of Leo Kingdom, "and being with many stars and galaxies came to Earth. Gaia always becomes extremely expressive playing in this drama. You are allowed to go only so far on its surface. During the last cycle, the process resulted in a shift of your poles, running the last Ice Age. When the strike broke out, the Pleiadians did not realize that you were in the process of balancing, since they do not have such a process.

We could feel your pain and death, because we have been with you, and we slipped off and fell into compassion pity. We were so deeply involved with you that you were trying to save by sending your team to safer areas and picking up some of you from the planet during the most intense shifts. In your dismay, you thought we'd be gods, and you first identified themselves as victims. Now you have moved from "just when they were ready to proclaim his own experience and feel the ecstasy of Gaia, and burn their poles. You asked for salvation, and we are so keenly felt your pain, that became your gods and saved you. Just when you were ready to transcend fear, we stop your process. We will never do this again.

This intervention in your reality was the reason that you have to think that over your world — the gods, and in your world split dimensions.

That book, you become Galactic Man ", suggests that the Sirians will rescue you when you are in the photon belt in the coming Age of Aquarius. They can do it, just as they did once the Pleiadians, but Pleiadians discovered that the interference in your world stops ascension. As for the Syrian, if they block your process in any way, they will be living with you in the world next 13,000 years. Pleiadians have known that no one raise creatures from 3D; 3D just sucks those who interfere, so that they could work out the karma. As for you, the people, if you are offered a choice and you decide to play with the Sirian, you will learn a lot from them during the Galactic Night from 4000 to 15.000 g.n.e AD

Who are these entities that affect your reality, and what they are actually doing during these 26,000 years? And we are worried, seeing as you are burning with curiosity, for now — and the time to comprehend, both by the responsibility for their own bodies. We love it when you wonder what is really is Lucifer, and we love it when you wonder whether sex between Christ and Mary Magdalene, and if they had a child, and we are happy, when you wonder how Enoch was taken up to the stars, because it shows that you would like to restore itself … or having sex with a high-energy beings, and make this your own judgment. However, it seems that it's easier to wish for ascension with Enoch and tantric sex, than to think through their own judgments about Lucifer and sin. And it will be a doddle. Once you talk with Lucifer, you will find that it is — just in you. If you stick to fundamentalism, the idea you want to tear the book. If you are a Catholic, then we must warn you that this book may not be possible for you one more time to go to confession. Sorry. Repentance — is yawn, and there's nothing you can do. Lucifer is very creator. In order to remember your own story, you have to look at it all. We promise you that your curiosity will be much more satisfied with Lucifer, Christ and Magdalene, rather than your soap operas, the evening news or TV proceedings. Our stories will beat even the colorful drama of the British monarchy, although these stories — a good demonstration of how the Goddess pulls into bed the men who run the Anunnaki.

Creator first experimented with biological the creativity in the world, which is a physical place with the potential to simultaneously support nine dimensions in your mind. Gaia — it is the mind of the Earth, and is much more powerful being than you imagine. Notice where throwing a party. You are about to discover the magnificent goal and unlimited creative power of Gaia, as she was selected as the Chief Scientist Biological Laboratory Milky Way Galaxy. As I said, the lab can create anything, but Gaia decides whether any of the works in its field. If she does not choose, it is clear from the surface. That is why it blew laboratory Atlantis. When you re-enter the Photon Belt, Earth will become multidimensional and its biosphere will be a source to determine which of the life forms will be distributed to the Galaxy. The quality of this distribution will be based on what will remain in the biosphere, when you become enlightened. It will be a time when it would be impossible to be partially alive in your bodies. Those who will not go, get out of the body because they do not flock to the light. The night of the living dead "over and you can not continue to hang around half alive. Since your genes — a structure of life itself, only enlightened geneticists can work with DNA. This output from the form will simply be ecstatic immersion in Gaia, the great cosmic orgasm in your world. We are here as a teacher wishes to help you decide what you want to do to become a multi-dimensional. You cease to maintain your energy in a limited way.

It was necessary that the world was carried out many experiments. You, as well as the minds of many dimensions, in order to understand the galactic laws of biology. Some of you will read these words and say that we dare to discuss the limitations of the Creator. To this I answer you by asking you a question. Since you ouzhdaete each other and believe that evil exists in your world, then do not expect it and you will too limited in the Creator? Starting from 8.800 d.n.e year when you started traveling in the Galactic Night, you are allowed to look for ways to ensure that does not have to assume any restrictions. Only your responsibility at the time of this cycle was to go as far as you want, to see that freedom has limits, just as all things have limits in 3D. Pleiadians hope that you've gone far enough to realize that you are ready to learn how to create harmony in your own reality. If not, then there will be nothing. You can imagine the cosmic silence and no movement? We too can not. And so your tendency to murder can not be released into the galaxy to cause annihilation.

We, the Pleiadians, we hope that you will want to continue as soon as you realize that karma is running in your minds the higher dimensions that are constantly stimulated with you throughout the Galactic Night, now belong to each of you. To designate its own territory, you will need to look at each of the actions undertaken by you as well as for every moment you become a victim and allowed an urge. You have to love and respect all that you ever were or are now. All actions in 3D belong to you, no matter who or what prompted you to take action. Do not see and do not integrate your story — is to keep network in place, which means — be it caught. That is why I, Satya, you must stir, showing your dark shadows. We, the Pleiadians, we know that you are willing, as we can see how many of you would like to mingle with the energies of experiencing the changes of the Earth. Therapy returns past life really works for you, for opening and recognition of all the lies of your past through your past life, allows you to see how these same deceptions all also function in your now.

You should note that in 3D you have two eyes, no two hearts, and in 4D, you have one eye and two hearts! In your bodies ambivalence, you — the ones who cuts laser beams, creating mesmerizing hologram, so that anyone looking at the life, not to see what is really going on in 3D. Is it so important this blinding passion 4D-images? Well, few people breathe together with the plants in the garden, contact with animals, and vibrate with the forces of the earth among the rocks. But this being the function of the heart. So the question comes back, this time correctly, to Berkeley and Hume: wondering whether to exist in plants, animals and rocks, if one is not in tune with them? People, it's time you realize what's going on with the things in your reality, when nobody likes them. Quite simply, why endangered species? And how about the way you treat your own species? To achieve attunement with cosmic law — with the divine order of life — you should see his own face in a predatory slaughter of Rwanda or Bosnia. You should feel like the other "bring these huge sacrifices so that you can compare it with the loss of his own blood. If you can not recognize yourself in these dramas sacrifice your time, they will return again and again, and in the end you have to do to take part in each of them, and as a victim and as a tormentor. Maya is comprehended in the last days of his stay on earth. They built the sanctuary of stone balls for sacrifice to distract you from complete destruction of their records. Conquistadors were so fascinated by these mirrors, "they did not notice several instances of these things.

We, the Pleiadians, were you during these last 26,000 years, and I have come to inform you that we finally see where you're stuck. Of course, the roots of this in something that we did. We tried to save you, when you go into the photon belt around 11,000 years BC We know that you firmly believe — decisions about your world always take the gods, and so you would expect instead to act. Do you believe that they will save you, if you'll just continue to wait for the Apocalypse. Yes, the Photon Belt was then the Apocalypse, but what happens next — the future, not the past!

When you delve into the Photon Belt, laser beams will no longer be split into two parts in the sunlight and generate a dense reality to explore feelings. Will not exist laser beams forming fascinating holographic image that you can worship. Instead, their multifaceted lenses will open in my dimension, the fifth, and those of you who are in 3D, take a look at the cosmos through this lens. Everything you see will look like in a kaleidoscope. All your beliefs and judgments lose their shape, but you — no, if free from the things that think reality. Wake up and look around once in his world. See the Garden of Eden is the one in which you live! Pleiadians have been with you for 26,000 years, and now we are ready to reflect back to you the images that you hold on us in their reality. If you look in your own mirror, we take a look at ours. Please note that the Earthlings and Pleiadians work with mirrors, while the 4D gods work with laser beams. Pleiadians chose to become multidimensional with you because biology must be mixed with love. Once this is accomplished, you can travel with us from the garden into the cosmic reality. Laser beams will be limited to its most noble use of: surgery to heal the physical body. Mirrors reflect light and laser beams to focus.

We, the Pleiadians, in this cycle have learned that only you can decide about your world. We have you, and we know that each of you know the truth about you at this time. In fact, we are amazed at how far you've gone. We will not tell you anything about you, what would you really do not know. Many of you still believe that you should hide your full truth of the rest.

Victorian mind — is the dead, because there is no place to hide, when it begins to decrease sunlight. You are all much easier to be able to clear your emotions and learn to stop killing unless'll be sharing with each other. Personal privacy exterminate when your inner turmoil every day fills the television screens. You are raped, murdered and tormented. If you want, you'll be able to sit all day in a virtual reality machine, so you can kill, rape and bully as long as you do not get bored. You can choose to sit all day on a plastic chair in the casino, instead of walking in the woods with the animals, listening to the birds singing.

Until the beginning of parties, you can decide to elect a form of control over the chaos and no one will blame you. Although Prozac use if you want to know what the feeling of the serotonin in your body, and then throw the pills and do it yourself. Nothing dangerous for you in 3D, if you know what you are doing, and if you realize that all things — it's just a sham.

Excerpts of the book "The program of the Pleiades" (1995)
Barbara Channel Hand Klau
("THE PLEIADIAN AGENDA — A New Cosmology for the Age of Light"
by Barbara Hand Clow)

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