Insects from the tundra scared Udmurt village by jumping out of the snow

Insects from the tundra scared Udmurt villagesIZHEVSK, March 23 — RIA Novosti.Villagers Lower Kazmaska (Udmurtia) on Monday found on a street in a large number of wingless insects that moved desyatisantimetrovymi jumps on snow and road in an area of 200 square meters, said Wednesday the official website of Chief Veterinary Udmurtia.

Villagers never seen anything like this and reported an unusual phenomenon in Zavyalovsky District Veterinary Office (Udmurtia).

"Experts Veterinary Diagnostic Center, which were delivered to the insects, and found that it is lower pervichnobeskrylye insects — springtails. On the surface of the snow there is a lot of black bugs the size of 2-3 mm. Per square meter can be from 500 to a thousand pieces . Collembola appear in the snow in the first — the second decade of March, disappeared in early April, returning to the forest floor. observe them can be from 8 o'clock in the morning and late in the evening they go back under the snow, "- said in a statement.

According to the Chief Veterinary Udmurtia these insects are inhabitants of the soil and the forest floor, and are not dangerous to human health and livestock.

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