Instead of needles and catheters — port system!

Members of the government of the Belgorod region approved the project for production in the region specific implant systems — the port systems to the titanium component for use in a continuous infusion-transfusion therapy.

According to the press service of the governor and the regional government, the director of small innovative enterprises "SPE Medical Technology BSU" Yuri Naberezhnye noted that the port systems have clear advantages over the conventional needles and catheters: they can be used for a long time without the need to reinstall it possible to quickly and painless injection perform not create patient discomfort, and greatly reduce the risk of infection. Port system indispensable for cancer treatment in hemodialysis, in intensive care, intensive care, fetal surgery, the need for repeated blood sampling and other analysis.


According to Yuri Naberezhneva, in Russia they are used only in the amount of 1.1% due to the high cost. As part of the project by June 2014 in the area planned to produce 4.2 thousand port systems in the year to provide health care Belgorod region.


The end result of the project should be their production at 7.5 thousand units per year to provide health care area and other regions of the country, as well as titanium components of at least 10,000 units per year for the implementation of the German partners. How to calculate the developers of the project, the quality of output will not give foreign counterparts, and its cost would be 30% lower.

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