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"Defame the military — it is unfair and immoral" 21.05.2013

Russian MPs' statement L.Gozmana, who compared the Soviet military counterintelligence SMERSH with the Nazi SS units …

       rn    The famous liberal politician, director of humanitarian projects "RUSNANO" Gozman in his blog on the website of "Echo of Moscow"wroteon the equivalence of the Soviet military intelligence SMERSH and Nazi SS troops. Gozman criticized the way out to the screens show on SMERSH, the staff of which, according to him, were to blame for the executions and arrests of many innocent people. "I have no doubt in this case, as in the SMERSH were honest men. Here are just so happened that they were in the structure, no less criminal than the SS. And that word — SMERSH — should be on a par with the words "SS", "NKVD" and "Gestapo" to cause fear and loathing, and shall not be imposed in the name of patriotic fighters "- said liberal politician.

Record caused a scandal. The State Duma has instructed its three committees to check statements Gozman, explaining that it is an important public office. Following an audit of MPs prepare proposals on how to respond to them. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has advised chief editor of "Russian news service" Sergei Dorenko dismiss Gozman, which leads to the radio weekly program. Dorenko refused to do so, stressing that strongly disagree with the position of Gozman. "Any comparison between Stalin and Hitler used to justify Nazism, and the restoration of Nazism, and the legalization of Hitlerism", — he said in his radio interview. However, in his opinion, Gozman and people who share his point of view (which is many-Western intellectuals, noted journalist), you need to convince, not to prohibit.

No less controversial was the reaction to the text Gozman journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Uliana Skoybedy. In the column on the website of the newspaper, she published an emotional comment, accompanied by the subtitle, which regretted that "the ancestors of today's liberals Nazis have done lampshades." Subsequently, the wording of the subtitle was relaxed and journalist apologized for the incorrect expression which has been approved, she said, in the "heat of the polemic."

Artist and writer Maxim Kantor in the same "Komsomolskaya Pravda", said: "To compare the SS and SMERSH may only people ignorant or malicious — but in any case, it should be corrected. From political figures, such a comparison is unacceptable — the person does not take place. It would be correct to talk about the war does not adhere to party principles, but strictly factual truth. Others will only lead to an escalation of ignorance and aggression in a community that is not concerned with public health, and the victory of the party point of view. "

How do you feel about the position Gozman? What should be the response to such statements? Do you agree with the opinion of Cantor that in talking about the Great Patriotic War should refrain from political assessments and follow only the historical facts? With such questionsRegions.ruappealed to the representatives of the upper and lower houses of parliament.

Valery Shnyakin, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs (Nizhny Novgorod region)., A member of United Russia, said that "the activities of the author of that statement, structure, where he works, his immediate supervisor is comparable to the activities of the SS in the destruction of the Russian progressive thought, the destruction of the country . " "I think if SS functioned now, it would be just right to learn from Gozman and his accomplices. But if today there SMERSH, such statements he would not let himself. Sane people Gozman, of course, condemn. It's a shame that we have such figures occupy such high posts. This is — a consequence of the toothless authority. If it will continue to allow all, it is not far off a statement of our innocence to the Great Victory: that we did not take Berlin, and the Victory Banner over the Reichstag we do not put up too. So I have to that end one wish: to cease to be a weak government ", — concluded V.Shnyakin.

Oleg Panteleev, 1st deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Rules and Organization of parliamentary activity (Kurgan region)., A member of "ER", said the statement Gozman — totally incompetent, which deserves no reaction, no discussion.

"Why pay attention to some rassuzhdizmy who neither intelligence nor the security service was not even close, and know them only from the stories but from books. Well would Gozman, for example, served in the KGB. But in his biography of such facts is not. However, he offers his assessment. What it can speak? The fact that he still had to do with the secret services as an agent-informer? But why decrypted? As operative worker spetsslubzh declare with all responsibility: SMERSH — is counter-intelligence agency, which was created during World War II with only one purpose — to resist enemy intelligence. The problem, as I see it, a noble — not even in the world's smallest country, which would not have their scouts. Functions of the SS did not like the function of SMERSH. In addition, these organizations no longer exist — they are already history, so you should stick to the historical facts. And it turns out as a joke: "Moishe, you like Adriano Celentano? — No, — no burr and hearing. — Have you heard it somewhere: in concert, on a disk? — No, Rabinovich sang. " That is a judgment — a series of "Rabinovich sang" ", — concluded O.Panteleev.

Alexei Alexandrov, 1st deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Judicial and Legal Affairs, the development of civil society (Kaluga region)., A member of the EP, said that Gozman said complete nonsense.

"You can not throw everything into one pot and confused, as they say, God's gift to the eggs. SMERSH was created during the war to fight against fascism. Perhaps there were some mistakes, violations, but they were rare. In the archives of the military counter-intelligence of the FSB stored serious documents that indicate the heroic activities of employees of SMERSH, which have done much to protect our homeland. I believe that such statements are compromised bodies whose employees have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our own. Denigrate the military — it is unfair and immoral. Leonid Y. mistaken in their judgments. Yes, his position is wrong, but hold on him tribunal also wrong. The reaction should be to placement in the media inquiry on the objective cold SMERSH. In my view, this will be enough, "- says Alexander Alexandrov.

Vladimir Ovsyannikov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Defense, the first deputy head of the LDPR faction, said that "so to speak, as the Gozman, treat all who served in the organization, to the SS, of course, impossible." "I think that the author of these statements can not add yourself popularity and prestige, but only receives hate and curse from the older generation" — continued the MP.

"Given that Gozman holds a public office, supervises the implementation gosproektov, he should temper their emotions in the public information space. He needs to decide what is more important to him — to engage in politics or public affairs. If you talk about a poss
ible reaction to these statements it, I think there would be enough public censure against him. And, well, if his superiors somehow his "calm down", indicating him to focus more on work, not on the cheap politicking. I believe that the history of the Fatherland, we should respect and, above all from the point of view of historical facts ", — concluded V.Ovsyannikov.

Oleg Kulikov, deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Health, a fraction "of the Communist Party," said at a meeting of the Duma was made all supported the view that civil servants and those working in elected office should not allow ourselves to statements such as those made by the Gozman.

"Therefore, the most fair reaction to that statement would be to adopt a legislative solution that provides for either administrative or even criminal liability for such public statements by government people. I believe deeply statements Gozman antipatriotichnymi and anti-Russian — and their effect, and the inadequacy of the above comparisons. SMERSH was a very efficient structure, which led to extensive work on the identification of enemy agents, its effectiveness is recognized even by our enemies. It has made a significant contribution to the victory. The whole nation was in agreement with the fact that spies deserve nothing but death, as enemy intelligence led to the deaths of our people, the destruction of the defense potential, disruption of military operations. As for the penalty, then they are imposed by a military tribunal on the basis of existing law, and not by arbitrary decisions of various counter-intelligence. SMERSH compare with the Waffen-SS, that killed millions of Soviet citizens who had been convicted and the Nuremberg Tribunal, is completely unacceptable and, to some degree criminal. I can not fully agree with Cantor. In my view, the political events of the Great Patriotic assessment should be imposed, but in strict accordance with historical facts, "- concluded O.Kulikov.

Boris Reznik, a member of the State Duma committee on security and anti-corruption, the faction "United Russia", said he did not approve of these statements Gozman.

"It is not acceptable to equate Nazi and Soviet Army, which liberated the world. My father went through the war, was wounded. By the victory in the Great Patriotic I'm very sensitive, and any attempt to trivialize somehow win, belittle its significance believe foul. And I agree with the fact that in talking about the war there should be no politics. Many of the events of the war is not yet fully understood, there is still a lot of open archives and found a lot of truth. But the real truth is known to us: we won the war, and our people were ready to die for their country and for the rest of the world "- said B.Reznik.

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