Instead, the fourth child she gave birth to triplets

Svetlana's Kitten, a resident of Dnipropetrovsk region, already has three sons — 16, 13 and 10 years old, but she wanted a daughter. For this reason Svetlana solved yet another pregnancy, despite the heart disease.


Doctors are not allowed Svetlana to give birth, because she had a heart defect serious enough. But it is still successfully carried and gave birth to three sons. When she came to the antenatal clinic in order to be registered for the fourth time, the doctors told her that she is just three kids.

Svetlana was stunned by the news, and her husband reacted to the news philosophically said that they will put on the feet of all, just to Zdorovenki born. Pregnancy was pretty hard, and almost 8 months Svetlana was under the supervision of doctors Dnipropetrovsk Regional Hospital Mechnikov.

Kids managed to convey to almost 34 weeks, which is considered a very good result — especially given the very serious disease 38-year-old Svetlana. The doctors at the end of 34 weeks did Svetlana cesarean section, and were born two sons and her long-awaited daughter. Each of the triplets weighed approximately 1.7 kg and had a height 42-43 cm operation lasted 50 minutes triplets were immediately placed in incubators since their lungs are not yet fully formed.

Nowadays kids are already breathing on their own, and their mother has already visited. Svetlana decided to name the sons Ivan and Alexander, and a daughter — Natasha. Light believes that the long-awaited daughter like her, and sons — the pope.

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