Instructions for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — Technology Transition

Numerous warnings about extraterrestrial civilizations beginning of global cataclysms forced humanity to change their normal lives and to make the transition to the highest level of the material world in the next cycle of life.



ETC inform, not to allow the coup poles as otherwise humanity will be destroyed within a fraction of seconds.


The goal of global cataclysms beginning — the complete destruction of the planet. This is due to the fact that the development of the consciousness of our planet is completely finished, and it goes into the category of "Planet of the past development of consciousness". On the Earth will never develop the consciousness, so the planet must be completely destroyed. Thus, mankind of the Earth have made the transition with the unified consciousness and choose this one for the people all over the world time.


In the solar system there are only two planets future development of consciousness — Venus and Mercury. Venus — a planet near future development of consciousness. We made the transition into the harmony of the planet after the correction cycle on Earth. Mercury — a planet distant future development of our consciousness. Transition in harmony Mercury we commit after the development of consciousness in harmony Venus. In the harmony of each of the two planets — Venus and Mercury, we will improve the consciousness in two cycles — Consciousness and correction as well as in the harmony of the earth.


Narrow passage of time. All courses must be initiated and carried out in a very short time frame, as we are given only a very narrow passage of time up to 21 September 2012.


However, our transition must be made no later than September 18, 2012, as very dangerous to come close to the date of the second pre-cataclysm. This is due to the danger of destruction is fully ready for the transition of the united consciousness of civilization because of unexpected natural disasters in various parts of the globe. They may be the result of a deep restructuring of the world's superpower to a natural phenomenon — the second pre-cataclysm of September 22 2012.


After the second pre-cataclysm may contaminate strong protection in the destruction of numerous nuclear power stations on the path of the natural impact. However, this is not the main thing. ETC warn that during the second pre-disaster natural strike force for a few minutes will be destroyed 2 billion.



Thus, if the second pre-cataclysm will occur in full force, and we do not have time to make the transition, then we will not be able to continue living. The remaining number of people will not be enough to trigger the transition, ie, cause the laser beam to destroy the body.


Remaining on the planet after the third pre-cataclysm 1 billion people will be destroyed by global cataclysms beginning soon. So our civilization may die as invalid.


In various articles, we revealed some indication of extraterrestrial life. In this article, all the instructions are collected together to form a harmonious transition systems.



5 steps and … Go! And it's just — to continue living!


Transition of mankind to a higher level of the material world into a new cycle of life includes the following steps:

Combine the consciousness of humanity at the selected time, that is, "Synchronize" consciousness.

II. Establish a common goal — cause the laser beam that destroys the body at the level of global cataclysms.

III. Create a homogeneous resonance structure of the united consciousness of civilization with the greatest potency.

IV. Create multiple laser beams with a strong consciousness of the people of the united consciousness action.

V. Homogeneity of the resonant structure of the united consciousness of civilization repeated efforts of numerous laser rays, which will merge into a single powerful laser beam Earth civilization. This beam will destroy our bodies at the level of global cataclysms.


At the same time will The general resurrection of humanity at the highest level of the material world. So begins a new cycle of life — cycle correction in harmony Earth.


Together with humanity and make a transition three previous levels of consciousness occurring in a single cell of the Earth — the planet inorganic nature, plants and animals.



Consider the characteristics of each stage.



Stages of Transition


I. Synchronization of consciousness — three stages


The civilization of the Earth — it is a single cell of consciousness, so we can make a transition at the same time joint efforts. One at a time no one will be saved.



It is important to understand that all people have a common destiny of the Earth — or transition, or the death of a global cataclysm.


On Earth as soon as mankind can build unified consciousness. The consciousness of the previous three levels — plants, animals, and inorganic world — does not elicit. They come in a single cell of the Earth and make a transition to the next cycle of life with humanity.


The first step for the transition — is the synchronization of consciousness. It consists of three phases:

synchronization of consciousness by country;

synchronization of consciousness on the continent;

synchronization of consciousness of civilization


Governments of the world, as organizers of the training for the transition countries and continents. Before you start training on the formation of the united consciousness of civilization, should start training to unite consciousness between countries and continents. The organization of this very demanding job to head the government of the world. Leadership of the government of the world — is the most important condition for the victory of the Shift. If the Government does not lead the preparation of civilization to the transition, then the transition will not take place! and humanity will be destroyed global cataclysms.


Training schedule to unite consciousness must be created for each country. It is necessary to ensure the uniform and the resonance structure of consciousness. Then expand the range of consciousness to unification of the continent. The final stage — the planetary consciousness training to unite civilization.


Schedule of events — the date and time. Disposition time.
The second pre-cataclysm will occur on the day of the autumnal equinox September 22, 2012 In this regard, all operations must be carefully planned.

  • It is desirable to complete the training and make the transition to the September 18, 2012, as there may be some unexpected difficulties associated with the preparation of the planet to the emergence of super-powerful natural phenomena — the second pre-cataclysm. It can be sharp throws critically declining magnetic field, which will cause pressure surges, etc.
  • Earlier transition dates are secure and very welcome!
  • At the last stage — formation of a planetary civilization united consciousness — Homogeneous and resonance — should be given approximately one month, so phase should begin
    not later than 18 August 2012. By this time all the stages of formation of the united consciousness across countries and continents must be carefully polished. It is possible that there will be any unforeseen difficulties and inconsistencies, so the training association of consciousness of civilization should be left as much as possible.
  • Necessary continually adjust the training schedule
    aside earlier deadline for transition.



A common goal — to cause the laser beam to destroy body


First of all, should be a single purpose for all people.



A brief explanation. Each goal is defined changes in the human cell at the information level of the universe, and the cell structure is rebuilt. As a result of shifts in the material world, there is an action aimed at the fulfillment of the goal. For example, if a person wants to take off, then the permutation change gravity, etc.


The transition to the highest level of the material world for the continuation of life can only be achieved by transforming the body. This is possible by means of a laser beam, which causes the unified consciousness of humanity.


The goal of each of us — cause the laser beam that destroys the body at the level of global cataclysms.



However, in order to cause the laser beam that destroys the body at the level of global cataclysms, a special approach. "For you it's not easy — say very experienced extraterrestrial civilization — but you will cope with this task. The whole difficulty — in a wide border of carbon each cell. "



It is a broad border prevents individual cells merge when combining consciousness and cause a dramatic effect. This boundary is not only wide, but also tough. Therefore, the action of the united consciousness is weak.



Structure of consciousness — resonant homogeneous


In order to result in a significant action in the form of a laser beam must meet certain conditions. Structure of consciousness merged cell to be resonant. For this requires its uniformity.



The basis for creating a resonance-homogeneous medium of consciousness is the principle of human relations, said in the Scriptures: "Love your neighbor as yourself." To this end, the formation of a given structure of consciousness, it is necessary to carry out several different meditations, causing love, repentance, forgiveness. C Through meditation to remove negative thoughts, fear and despair. It is very important power of desire. People need to understand that we all have the same fate, and together we will win — to make the transition.



Demonstration of the power of the laser beam for the Transition.
ETC show us the laser beam power required for the transition. They demonstrate this in a complex Hochikalka with very powerful stream of light when the sun is at its zenith.



Usually the flow of sunlight coming through a hole in the ceiling, very faint and inconspicuous.


Effect of resonance demonstrates the well-known example. Company of soldiers, crossing the bridge and marching in step, provoked such a strong resonance, which collapsed bridge. After that incident, across the bridge soldiers were forbidden to keep up, and ordered to go haphazardly, as in this case, the resonance does not occur.



By analogy, the incomplete resonance united consciousness of civilization will not cause the laser beam.


Asset civilization, ie people whose consciousness is the action is only a part of mankind. The combined effect of the consciousness of many people does not matter.


Consciousness is not everyone has the same effect — it can be a strong, medium and weak.

  • People with a strong influence of the united consciousness should cause multiple laser beams while merging consciousness of civilization. However, these people on the planet a little bit.



  • The bulk of humanity — Middle and weak action of the united consciousness — is to create a resonance homogeneous environment, which will increase capacity due to multiple laser beams, and it will cover the whole of the Earth civilization merged cell.



  • Does not have the effect of:
    the minds of children, because the structure of the cell is not yet formed.



On a planet many mentally disabled people, whose consciousness just does not have the effect. There are other categories of people whose consciousness has no effect.


Today it is considered a man. It is necessary to stop suicide.



Technique of Transition


Do you know what is meditation?



Machinery association of human consciousness in order of the laser for the transition to the highest level of the material world is the same.



Training should include breathing exercises to create synchronous interconnection of the consciousness of all people in the world. One of the best methods of breathing is the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (Sudarshan Kriya yoga). It is easy to learn and very effective.


The technique is based on the four forms of breathing: Ujjayi (Ujjayi), "The victorious spirit"; Bhastrika (Bhastrika), "Abdominal breathing," singing "Om" and Kriya (Kriya), The "breath of purification." Sudarshan Kriya practice studied by scientists known medical schools such as Columbia University, New York Medical College, Harvard Medical School and others.



Together we can build our future


"The main thing to start training — thousands and thousands of other civilizations in the universe passed through the barrier, and you get over it" — says extraterrestrials. "This is just the part of it seems insurmountable. We only need to know the specifics of this process and to rebuild their little minds. And do it. Every beginning is difficult. "


Our task — the action of the united consciousness in the form of a laser beam to destroy the body. This task is very difficult, but solvable. ETC complexes in thousands recount humanity on how it should be done — about the possibilities of our mind and of the laser beam, the destruction of the body for the transition and the general resurrection.



ETC believes that Everyone on Earth has a deep understanding of the entire process from beginning to end, and actively participate in it. Only with the active participation of every earthling lead to victory. There is no way — behind global cataclysms. We must act quickly and purposefully.



The prospect of human life on Venus and Mercury


Cycle correction, which we will pass the Earth in harmony, will last for millions of years. It will be so long that in the Bible about this period of time it is said that our life will be immortal.

All this time at the level of the crystal structure, where we now live on earth will rage global cataclysms destruction of the planet.



Venus at the same time will go through the process of preparation for the reception of our lives. Venus is very similar to Earth in many ways, including size. However, we have, as well, and the fundamental differences. For example, the planet rotates, compared with the Earth in the opposite direction. Differences are created, above all, more close proximity of the planet to the sun, which creates a higher speed. All the differences between the living conditions resulting in higher demands on the level of consciousness.



Thus, Venus — a planet to continue the development of human consciousness. By the end of our cycle correction, the situation on Venus will be fully ready to receive organic life and humanity. And we, mankind, after finishing the cycle correction in harmony Earth, making a transition to the cycle of Consciousness in harmony Venus. This next cycle of consciousness in a higher harmony another planet — Venus.


By the beginning of the cycle of consciousness already appear on Venus atmosphere and water, the elements necessary for life.



Will begin our descent transenergetichesky the sublevels of the parallel worlds of the material world to the level of the crystal structures in harmony Venus.



We do not immediately find ourselves at the level of the crystal structures of Venus, which is now live on the Earth. No! Our body does not allow us to immediately get to this level. At the highest level in the cycle offsets our body will not only holographic but bezvesovym. Make the transition to the level where the body should be as hard as we have today is not possible.


Our transition from the harmony of the earth into the harmony of Venus will mean that we are already at the intermediate level of the material world, his highest sublevel. Our body in the moment of transition gain weight, though remains the same holographic. Our consciousness will have incredible properties.


It will take many millions of years, during which time the body will be gradually more and more to harden, and will weigh more. Our consciousness will lose the opportunity of perception "thought-thought." We shall not go through the wall, because our body is not holographic, and become hard, like now. This will mean that we are at the lowest level of the material world in harmony Venus. At the level of the most intense development of consciousness.


And the time will come when we will alert extraterrestrials will soon begin on Venus global cataclysms. This will mean that it is necessary, just as it is today to make this transition to a higher level of the material world, because our minds have reached the highest perfection in harmony Venus. And we, humanity once again will pull up to the last, hoping that somehow everything would turn and did not have to change. However, the extraterrestrials will fit us with a solution. And here we are, finally, realize that the other way, because otherwise will be destroyed global cataclysms. We will take a decision to join the consciousness and make the transition to a higher level in the cycle correction. All these events will take place in harmony Venus.


Then, it all back again in harmony Mercury.


After Mercury, it is said to us in his icons extraterrestrial civilizations, we have made the transition to another planetary system with six planets. At this point the whole civilization will always live with the unified consciousness, and humanity will fly through the universe.



At this point, almost all the planets of the solar system will be destroyed, and it will consist of only a few planets. Its mission to improve the human consciousness, our planetary system is already completed and will be destroyed by the special procedures to clean the universe.



Usually this work is done by black holes — vacuum universe.





We all have a common destiny. None of us, no matter what position he held, and how respected person in the world is not, can not leave the earth. All of us are tied to our planet. And what events are not moved down to Earth — super solar flare that destroys all living things, or a sudden blow huge cosmic body that breaks the Earth's orbit and knocking her to an unknown trajectory; coup poles in less than a moment destroys organic life and humanity, global cataclysm destruction of the planet, essentially changing the face of the earth — we are all the same will pass through them whatever he wishes or our ambitions.



Today, our planet is in a supercritical state. Exponential decrease in the magnetic field of the Earth — our only hope and defense, which threatens the destruction of revolution poles — even this is enough to understand that extraterrestrial civilizations extended a helping hand at the most critical moment of our lives. And we must take advantage of this incredible opportunity.


Let's have no ambitions to get back to reality! We ourselves can not escape. None of us has a chance to survive in this completely hopeless situation. More precisely, the more we live today, and this is the greatest happiness, but, unfortunately, the days of our lives are already on the account — one, two, three … The situation in the world prohibitive — about to happen coup poles. Look around — how moved north pole to the equator, one feels the deep climate change, just as killing whales and dolphins, the vast flocks of birds are broken … Pointers too much.


Why we do not act? Why, when the bus is late, only just a few minutes — we are not just outraged, but we break the stops to pay attention and to punish the negligent responsible. So why now all silent and play for time. This time, not someone else's — it's is our life, the life of our children and grandchildren — it's our future with you! Why we do not act?


Special appeal to the high individuals who have incredible strength and penetration bins — even entire dungeons in the mountains. Bunkers will not help. No. Understand — it is time, and the planet will be completely destroyed — whether we made a transition or not. And it will not stop in this process! A single instant! Will only gain! At the time of the coup poles — do not have any chance to stay alive, no matter where it was — everything will be destroyed instantly.


Now the only possible time to jump all at once. Your life depends on the number of people inhabiting the Earth, and the number of people who will participate in the union consciousness. If people will not be enough, no one can help you. NO ONE!


Today you — Governments of the world — Presidents and Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens! Your greatness is the genius of your mind, which allows you to instantly assess the situation and make the right decision. Assess the situation now, right now. Look around, think and make a decision.


Apply maximum power, love, friendship — all qualities to explain to the situation. Ask everyone to take part in bringing awareness to the Shift. Asset civilization is small, and care for every person. Lighting the laser beam — Torch Transition.


We call on all people of the Earth regardless of their posts. Maybe in the incredible speed of everyday events we have no time to think about what is happening. But everyone of us just hopeless! and the only way — GO!


On March 21, 2012 mankind had only half a calm, familiar to all of life. This rhythm of ending September 21, 2012 with the start of the second pre-cataclysm — 22.09.12, the force is many orders of magnitude greater than the first. ETC will not be able to protect humanity in the same way as the 21 March 2012 at the first pre-cataclysm, enormous power of which was to destroy a large part of the whole continent, many individual countries, islands and cause a huge number of casualties. ETC reduced this powerful shot only for earthquake magnitude 7.4 in Mexico, in which no one was hurt.


After the second pre-cataclysm 22/09/12 — natural disaster incredible strength — perhaps stronger contaminate the environment as a result of the destruction of numerous nuclear power plants located on a natural attack. However, this is not important. This will be of no importance for us. General — this loss of life, which will be 2 billion people. If cataclysm happens in full force, the number of people already will not be enough to cause a laser beam — Torch Transition.


However, if extraterrestrial civilizations might still be able to hold second pre-cataclysm, and it will not in full force and die less than 2 billion people, we will have a chance to make the transition. However, this opportunity is too small, because it will be necessary to carry out the same exercise in a very short time and in a deep radioactive contamination of the environment. Deadlines will be due to the fact that until December 21, 2012 — the beginning of global cataclysms — will another third pre-cataclysm — the most powerful of the three preliminary. ETC warn that after the world will be only 1 billion people who are now without a doubt will be destroyed in the global cataclysm.


Time for quiet practice to unite consciousness is already underway, is inexorably moving us closer to the set extraterrestrial date — September 21, 2012 — the date of the second pre-cataclysm. We must immediately begin training to unite consciousness between countries and continents. We must begin to act until it is too late!


For all of our arguments, decisions, exercising, or just everyday life there is only a narrow passage of time. The transition needs to be done on time — not later than 18 September 2012.



We must act now, before it's too late.

Welcome to the future, because only together we will get there!

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