Intensified the highest volcano on Java island

Alarm category of "Ready" (just above her category of "Look out!") Announced the Center aftermath of volcanic and geological disasters (PVMBG) Indonesia on the slopes of the highest on the main island of the countryJava — Semeru volcano, said on Saturday newspaper Jakarta Post.

Fire Mountain height 3.676 thousand meters above sea level began to throw a cloud of hot ash to a height of 600 meters, the head of service monitoring volcanoes PVMBG Muhamad Hendrasto (Muhamad Hendrasto).

Seven — one of the eight most active volcanoes in Indonesia, and in 1967 it erupted almost continuously: but the level of threat. Currently PVMBG forbidden to approach the crater of the fiery mountain closer than four miles (nearest village located nine kilometers away).

World's largest Indonesian archipelago is part of the so-called Pacific "Ring of Fire" with the length 3.218 thousand kilometers. In the region of Indonesia plates that form the bottom of the Indian and western Pacific oceans, but with the Asian. Advancing to the last denser oceanic tectonic plate under a lot of pressure down to the mantle of the world and at a depth of about 100 kilometers below the surface begin to melt, resulting in the release of the resulting molten lava. As a result of the archipelago, there are only 129 active "fire-breathing mountains" — more than any other country in the world.

Inside Indonesia's record for most volcanic activity is a tiny (in comparison with neighboring giants — Sumatra and Kalimantan) Java, which accounts for six percent of the territory and 60% 240-million population of the "country of three thousand islands."

Therefore Javanese anciently learned to benefit from this neighborhood: the same language lava that threaten located on the slopes of the fire-breathing mountain villages, fertilize their fields.

Despite the fact that there has been a significant increase in activity of the world's volcanoes, it had no impact on the people and their interests and ustremoeniya. Many inquisitive thirst for knowledge prefer to go beyond the classical science and trivial hobbies, to search for new, unexplored possibilities. For example, a great resource can help everyone learn how to see auras or aura of others, as well as more understanding with its colors and accurate classification. After all, what could be more interesting than the development of a super-powers?

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