Intercede for the release of political prisoners in 2600 Minsk

The leaders of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front handed to the prosecutor of Minsk collected during the last weeks numerous motions for change of measure of restraint arrested on a criminal case on the riots in Minsk on December 19. For the release of political prisoners from prison and under house arrest, signed in 2600 Minsk.

Letters of application for the citizens of each of the political prisoners in the Minsk prosecutor's office brought the head of the party Yanukevich and his two deputies — Gregory Kastusyou and Igor Lyalkov. Party leaders, together with non-government journalists met the appropriate number of security forces in plain clothes and a bus with riot police in the nearest yard. From the beginning to the completion of the transfer they accompanied and filmed every step of all present. Before entering the building Yanukevich prosecutors said,

"This application of all prisoners of people. See — in each envelope — for the individual letters with petitions. Signed up for some more than others, however, and people came and signed by all. Among the famous faces — Vladimir Orlov, Alexei Marochkin, Milinkevich, and a number of other famous people also signed up. "

Under current law, a petition of at least two people gives reason to change the measure of restraint of the prisoner. In turn, subscribers will assume legal responsibility for the fact that the defendants would not violate the conditions of restraint. Such letters of petition to the prosecutor sends the BNF is not the first time, the vice-president Gregory Kastusyou:

"We have already passed earlier application for the same inladimera Neklyaeva and Irina Khalip two days prior to their release. They had to change the measure of restraint, though not to the extent to which we have asked for, but it is still a positive result. We hope for positive results in relation to other people. "

Solidarity Action for the release of all political prisoners, the BNF has taken in Minsk, but it lasts and in the regions. There has collected more than 1,500 signatures, many send their applications directly to the prosecutor-mail. Thus collecting signatures on petitions continues, the deputy chairman of the party Igor Lyalkov:

It is clear that the events of December 19 significantly stirred up society …

"Collecting is easy enough in Minsk, and the same situation in the regions. Seen that the events of December 19 significantly stirred up society. And this is an area of solidarity with prisoners people find their ability to contribute something to change the situation in our country. "

According Yanukevich, petitions were transferred to the prosecutor on duty with the surname Borisenko, who on behalf of the prosecutor's office has promised to give an answer to the applicants in accordance with the terms of the allotted to it.

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