In recent days we poured a stream of reports of many people … They ask what's going on? Malaise, lethargy, and sometimes panic, unexplained vision … this is not a complete list of what they felt … confusion, malaise, difficulty with your personalization — himself, his property, his preferences … Maybe it will look like some kind of malaise, similar to the flu.

Do not be afraid. This — the transformation at the cellular level, the level of blood. And we should take it easy, measured … The main thing — to try to understand myself a new one. Now ask the Lords.
Alain: Lord, I pray through me tell you what happens to us and to other people, and explain to us the reasons for the confusion and pain in the body.

Lords: You do not be afraid TRANSFORMATION.
This is a natural process in the life of any organism. This transformation takes place on a more subtle level. So, most likely, your diagnosis will be blurred, incorrect and incomprehensible for physicians, especially in children.

In order to facilitate your state you need at least once a day, douche of the temperature that you are comfortable. You need to ask you to take WATER old information about themselves and assimilate the information that is in you narosla. You need to drink clean water.

Requirements to itself should be simple and very clear.

You have to relax when you want.

You should listen to your body, especially in terms of food, because all of you are at different levels of Transformation, at different levels of development, and all you need different products. If you want organic substances — eggs, meat — eat, even in small amounts, even if you are a vegetarian. This you need to build a crystalline body.

If you do not want any food — do not force yourself to eat them, even if it is considered that this is very useful for you because these substances do not benefit and would be harmful. Listen to your body, listen to your desires, listen to yourself. Try not to overwork.

This transformation will take a bit of time — a week or two. Its peak has passed, and the rest will be relevant for you. And if you start to live in the rhythm of the body, then all this will be much easier.

Try to stay in a good mood, not irritated, not to conflict, not to do some things that you only do not like — for example, do not overdo it in the paper. At the same time, do not allow yourself to relax and consider yourself sick.

Do what is in your power and try to be optimistic.

Remember that bodies change at all in the world — not only you, but also in animals and plants.

The middle of the photon flux (a specially charged particles around the galactic center, which is approaching the Earth within the solar system) is near, and the Earth is about to pass through the center. Photon flux increases (the density increases).

The most important.

We want to tell you: stop reading and listening to "horror stories." Togo over the world, of which all the talk, and that make a big dividend, GONE! This scenario is long gone in the past — in 2010. That's when there was a change scenarios. It was then that a script that had to go down to the Earth, has been replaced: replaced thanks to the efforts of many, thanks to your efforts — human efforts, the efforts of those who inhabit this planet, and thanks to the efforts of the land itself.

Remember that you are together. You — in the same boat. YOU — one body. And then it will be easier to cope with the changes that have to occur.

We must understand that change is very deep. This change in the level of electromagnetic components of DNA. You should therefore not a search for some new virus or disease.

YOUR DNA is changing, forever. Me on his ELECTROMAGNETIC LEVEL. And perhaps, in the world there is an instrument that measures it, but in a normal clinic you do not find, and do not find evidence to this effect.

You need not be afraid. Take many diseases leave those ailments that haunt you for years. One should not think that chronic diseases will go — it's not true, because chronic diseases are karmic, that is to disease, the causes of which are to be realized.

Leave small viral diseases, reduced immunity gone forever urban dwellers leave small diseases that man has gained in this lifetime.

We must understand that the more integrated with nature, the more it is integrated with the society in which he lives, the more friendly person, the more open to his heart, the easier it will be this period of awareness and recognition of the SELF SELF new.

Any possibility of confrontation, anger, resentment, various omissions, lies (ESP themselves) will be exacerbated YOUR PROBLEMS AND YOUR STATE — YOU WILL BE WORSE. Now you'll be on your own "skin" feel his misconduct, his inharmonious conduct their inharmonious thoughts.

EVERYTHING WILL BE COMING VERY FAST: All results of your actions, and especially your thoughts.

To this we must be prepared. This is not to be afraid of. Should I just keep track of how you think:
Thoughts on what you are starting your actions
Why do you think so,
that you cause aggression,
that hurts you,
Your what, it is yours and not someone else, do not give you the settings to be in harmony with the world.

Remember that all your diseases and ailments — it is solely your merit.

So try to be patient, optimistic and friendly. Try to negotiate. Try to look for the causes of actions and events that are happening to you.

And remember that all the reasons — it is in you, in you.

Perhaps, in your impatience, lack of understanding, unwillingness to listen, reluctance to give the other person the same right to speak as himself.

Maybe you do not want to listen to yourself, you do not want to recognize some of its properties, you do not want to let myself go — do not want to admit that there are some desires to have a very long time, but you do not allow yourself to achieve them.


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