Israel. Largest-ever release of toxic chemicals

More than a million gallons of jet fuel spilled in a small body of water flowing Nahal Tsin in the south.

According to the Ministry of Environment of leakage largest in Israel's history.

The accident occurred at the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline. Poisonous liquid enters the river flowing in the conservation area. "The damage to wildlife caused extremely serious. Perhaps the most serious since the foundation of the country", — said Dr. Leo Katz, commenting on the situation.

Director of the Southern District of Guy Samet said the company EAPC in the Office of the pipeline must immediately close all the work and give the main forces to eliminate the impact of emission of toxic chemicals.

"We need to quickly develop a new plan for emergencies. Means for cleaning contaminated areas should include, among other things, a powerful suction mechanisms that operate on the principle of a vacuum cleaner" — said Samet.

"There needs deep cleaning and full restoration of the ecological balance," — he added.

The incident occurred on June 29 during the repair work on the pipeline. Then, a few hours later, the spill has been contained, but the actual extent of the disaster assessment of the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a July 7.


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