Ivan Melezh: We do not know how to write the truth about the war


February 8 would be 90 years old Belarus national writer Ivan Melezh Literary Prize laureate Kolas, BSSR State Prize, the Lenin Prize, made famous by a series of novels, "Woodland Chronicle."

Ivan Melezh
started out as a poet — even before the war, in 1939.

Poet Anatoly Vertinskiy long worked side by side with Melezha in the Union of Writers of Belarus and warmly remembers his teacher. And remember the first poetic line Melezha:

"In the autumn the height of lawlessness
Zik is ranyayuchy from the ground,
and to the west, to the free White Vezhi
yard cranes are unfamiliar … "

Ivan Pavlovich admitted to me that he might not become a novelist, if not the war. Above all, he was friends with the poets and: of Pimen Panchenko, Maxim Tank. He paid attention, and singled us young poets — Gregory Borodulin Gilevich the Nile. "

Vasily Zuyenok

Poet Vasily Zuyenok also friends with Melezha. It is up to still admires heroes "Polesskaya Chronicles". Ivan Melezh Vasily Zuenko is an association with a maple:

"He was very thoroughly, heart and soul are always worried about friends, for their creative works.

Maple large and wide —
Back to Poles'e, head in the clouds …
This is a maple. I, too, like you, have a guess.
Only knew the wonders of forests have from the beginning,
From those early centuries, the roots of the past
by rosemary and Ahsoka and increased smoking.
Rose charnabryvymi smoking with Anna.
Vasiliy rose, rose Iwanami … "

Rose higher and higher star Ivan Melezha, and he raised his heroes at the same height. "

Ivan Melezh from the second year of the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature was drafted into the Soviet Army. In June 1942, was seriously injured and after treatment at the Tbilisi hospital sent to the rear. But the writer is very worried that, even though he was a war, war novel "Minsk direction" was just wide. The first option Melezh printed in the early 1950s, and then tried to complete it in 1970. Anatoly Vertinskiy mentions this dramatic page:

"The novel can be said has failed for one simple reason. He himself admitted, he had a way with us, although we were younger, sometimes making recognition. His recognition of the time for us to have been learned. He said:" We did not know how to write the truth about the war. "He has repeatedly said that. were descriptions of battles, military commanders were describing. But we felt internally, in the shower, it's half-truth about the war. It was this failure with the novel. And he admitted it."

February 8 and 17 hours in the Museum of History of the Belarusian literature held a party dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Ivan Melezha.

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