Ivashkevich asks for advice from the audience of Freedom

On "Freedom" has called prominent Belarusian politician Viktor Ivashkevich:

"I want to consult with students and visitors to the site of" Freedom. " The fact that I was invited to write tomorrow talk show "Open Format". It is dedicated to the Belarusian-Polish relations.

I now have an ambivalent feeling. With one side, I think we should go and say, if you want to have good relations with all its neighbors, the primarily to release political prisoners. And such a move for the fate of the prisoners could be a positive.

With On the other hand, I understand that the propaganda machine of the Belarusian regime takes me on a talk show, not in order to give me the opportunity to perform there, but to zmanipulyavats and use for their own purposes.

So I have a question — is not going to go? Authorities can say: We have given the opposition to speak, but she refused because he did not have anything to say. But if the contact state television, there is a danger that it will be used against me personally in order to "cover up" in some kind of manipulation, and against the policy pursued by the opposition.

I therefore appeal to the readers of "Freedom" to the audience that they were of until tomorrow afternoon my opinion — should go or not to go? "



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