Journey to the information field


The man's name I will not mention. Let me just say that during the fighting in Afghanistan, he served in intelligence, is working to identify the intentions of Mujahideen groups. Was in his arsenal interesting method for obtaining information that would otherwise not be called a mystic.

Externally, it looked to the banality easy. He sat down in front of a large, full-length map of Afghanistan and began peering intently at her. And after some time, reported: at such and such a section through such a time "spirits" will attempt invasion, size of the order of about so and so.

Forecasts come true in most cases, and "spirits" run up against a well-established ambush … That's such a strange way information and would like to talk about today.

State of consciousness in which a person suddenly begins to grasp information inaccessible to our senses, have long been known. But only in recent years they have become the subject of attention of scientists. Increasingly, they are attracted to those rare moments when the environment suddenly becomes uninteresting person, not important. It happens when it is completely absorbed in something one: the solution of vital problems, creative challenge, the contemplation of the beautiful … In these moments of consciousness often goes into a special mode. Usually a clear distinction between the person and that on which we have focused his attention suddenly erased disappears. It should want to know something — and it is this "other": whether the molecule of a living cell, and the universe.

Through the experience say that in these "blessed moments" ideas, images, words come easily, by themselves, as if pouring from some unknown source. In one of his letters, Mozart admitted that in those moments when it "condescending inspiration", he had just finished recording the work. "How and where did they come from? I do not know and have nothing to do this … Composition comes to me … in its entirety, immediately. So that my imagination lets me hear all of it. " The same, though in other words, saying our contemporary Alfred Schnittke.

Similarly, received a lot of research and ideas. Insight Descartes, Edison, Helmholtz Mendeleev. Psychologists say that the discoveries in mathematics are made in the form of insights, which are not part of any word or proper mathematical symbols. Only later, when everything is understood, learned new knowledge translates into a familiar symbol system.

About the insight of how, after years of setbacks it suddenly dawned on proof of integers, told the famous German mathematician Carl Gauss (1777-1855): "The decision flashed through my mind like a sudden flash of lightning. I can not say that was the common thread that connected my past knowledge with the idea that gave me the right decision. "

In memory of people is overwhelming impression from plunging into some abyss of meaning. And yet — the shock of the ineffable joy and bliss. "Compared with this condition even the most pleasant pleasure is bad luck," — shares his experience of an American professor of mathematics and philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff.

Such states allow people far removed from science, to know the things which have not yet hit upon the pundits. For example, in 1984 the famous English physicist Paul Davies concluded: "In addition to the three spatial dimensions and one time we perceive in everyday life, there are seven dimensions that still have not been noticed by anyone." This statement was a sensation. However, the scientist was mistaken for a quarter century until his six-dimensional space of the Earth is described in the "Rose of the World" Russian poet Daniil Andreyev. And it was not only "pre-knowledge" Russian visionary. Perhaps one of the first he spoke about the multidimensionality of time.

Ideas are in the air

This is how the technique scout, we started with a story. "From gazing at the map so tired that my eyes begin to tear. And after a time card suddenly starts to "come alive": its parts, as it were floating, shifting, against the background of painted deserts and mountainous terrain appear transparent energy clots, they pulsate, move … I know — this is the cluster of armed men. I can see where they were going. A sixth sense understand what their size, they are armed when they happen invasion … A little re-adjust the brain and see if there are nearby our units, whether they can withstand the impending action … "

8 this case is quite conscious reading of the information. But most often these connections are spontaneous and man does not realize that he feels that he is the sole author of his ideas. History knows many examples of how one and the same decision at the same time, people came in different parts of the world. Well known litigation two inventors of radio: Alexander Stepanovich Popov and Guglielmo Marconi. And the inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, ahead of its competitors for a few hours. In parallel, were invented steam engine, the telegraph, the jet engine, nuclear reactor … Truly "the ideas are in the air."

But it may be unconscious and "spying" of future events. Or entry into someone's ideas considered in detail. That's what I told the famous clairvoyant successfully helped investigators look for criminals: "In one case, quite clearly failed to" see "the savings bank robbery, consider the appearance of the perpetrator and find out his whereabouts. The uniqueness of the situation was that the robbery has not happened yet: it was planned for tomorrow. Offender his long and carefully thought through, several visits to the savings bank, repeatedly mentally lost all the details … "
Where our intelligence and other visionaries derive unique information?

Maybe it's the same information field of the Earth (the noosphere, "thin" the world), which is now more highly reputable scientists say. This information world of our planet in modern language can be called virtual. And in the true sense of the word. After all, a 'virtual' — literally from the Latin word "possible", that is, containing a variety of options for the development of situations, including those that have never been implemented. In this sense, our physical world — this is a common area of energy field of the universe, where the implementation of an option.

Today, many scientists have come from the fact that the virtual (thin), the world really exists and contains an enormous amount of information: the past and present, on options for the future of the ideas, creative designs, secret plans … They believe that in this world you can get thin. And how tempting it would be to master the methods of the conscious and the "impact" of penetration there!

Who peeked behind the curtain?

To say that ISS has figured out prematurely, but something a little ajar. For example, that the IRS — not an uncommon phenomenon. Research conducted by Professor VV Nalimov revealed that 80-85 percent of people under certain conditions included in the ASC. In the experiments of Dr. Charles MakGriri (Institute of Psychological Research, University of Oxford) for blocking all sensory stimuli of 80 100 people were immersed in the ASC.

Already identified and described a number of laws, characteristic for such states of consciousness: the so-called "out of body" shift the thresholds of perception, the spontaneous appearance of visual images, altered perception of time and other transpersonal (literally "passing borderline personality") phenomenon.

Says the head of the International Center for Consciousness Studies Academy OI Koekina: "We have identified those common signs of ISS, for which there was a bright, not less apparent than in ordinary reality, the perception of images of" the other "worlds" other "space-time relations usually with telepathic communication with "other" entities.

In some cases, "travel" in the ASC, as it were limited to only the spatial movements of a few kilometers from the place of study, for example, within Moscow. And sometimes it was a "flight" to other cities that are at a distance of thousands of kilometers. In other embodiments, committed "excursion in time" to historical events that took place centuries ago, who played in the memory and in subsequent reports, as well as the current reality …

All study participants on their return to a normal state of consciousness claimed that they were not able to normal sleep and what they actually saw other realities, communicated to entities other worlds. "

Of course, bona fide researchers still a lot of questions, because not all of the information received in the ISS can be rechecked. What if the stories of visionaries just a figment of their imaginations, and their status — subjective feelings? Now, if the ISS were confirmed by objective data.

OI Koekina posed a dispassionate control biorhythms of the brain and points of acupuncture meridians. With the help of super-sensitive equipment and advanced computer processing techniques electroencephalograms revealed that at the time of immersion in human ASCs in the deep structures of the brain appear unusual electrical waves. And at acupuncture points, a rapid-jump performance, saying a "sudden shift of the physiological processes of almost all organs and systems." The results confirm the reality of ISS, however, other methods have been reported by other Russian scientists.
But this is only the beginning. Researchers will have to answer a lot of questions. Where is the source of information that draws people to the ISS?

In what form it is stored encrypted in what way? How can a person without the usual senses perceive and decode it? Answers yet, there is already a hypothesis. Most of them comes down to the fact that the basis of the mechanism of consciousness is a field interaction with certain information structures. It is believed that these field phantoms — carriers of mental images, ideas — after its formation can persist for a long time in the physical vacuum.

Dr. A. M. Stepanov said that the peculiarity of these structures — their emergency information capacity, and the fact that they can only be perceived and processed quickly by our consciousness. From this perspective, our mind looks like a field education, which not only receives information from the outside, but instead generates and transmits it to the world. A neural network of the brain — "instrumental part" of this transceiver is constantly changing its configuration, dynamic …


On the agenda is put practical matters. First, it is the development of reliable methods of connecting to the information field. After all, people who know how to do it consciously, not so much. These nuggets generally are not experts in the area of knowledge is required to obtain information from. Even if they do something and "podsmotreno" then not be able to understand the meaning of what he saw: text, charts, formulas, designs. We need methods to enter the information "caches" not only to the elite uniques, but also those of ordinary skill.

The big problem — the accuracy of the settings. "Getting" in the information field are often similar to the refrain: "Go out there, do not know where. Bring it, I do not know what. " Bring. However, "peeped" events often can not be bound to any time or to a particular place. And because of their informational value is often close to zero.

There are other problems. In particular, immunity and evaluation of the reliability of the information obtained. After all, run the "misinformation" in the information field a snap. Is very important to correctly interpret the symbols of perceived visionary "Bank of meaning."

There is one catch. Even when a person is able to understand the meaning of what he saw, it is not always possible to translate it into an understandable form for other people. Knowledge gained in the "other worlds" — a special kind. This knowledge-experience. It can not be accurately translated into words, even those who have literary talent. As said at the time, Victor Shklovsky, "it's hard to explain to someone the taste of melon, if all his life he was chewing shoe laces …"

And one more obstacle facing researchers ISS. Despite the fact that the science of transpersonal states of consciousness is no longer seen as something abnormal and even considered a prerequisite for creativity, wary of the "mystical" forms of knowledge remains. It has a historical, almost genetic roots.

But if we can understand how a person picks up an unattainable information and processes it can happen dramatic breakthroughs in all areas of life. And of course — in computer technology. In addition, one would anticipate natural and man-made disasters, to penetrate the secret intentions of the enemy. This is important for today's world.

Vitaly Pravdivtsev, Ph.D.

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