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People who prepared the mind and the physical vehicle (body) to the coming changes in the world will not die, but to change and extend your life "to the Old Testament", and can and will gain immortality, offered together with the planet in the etheric octave.

Change the body, a way to maintain the physiology of living conditions. Change thinking, become commonplace ability, speaking of which, as we use the prefix "on …" They will come "from above" — from mastering the heart, mind, body, upper-range energy coming from the Galactic Center (the Great Central Sun) in the ring photon belt. Many are called, but few are chosen. Jesus Christ.

What are the conditions to enter the "Favorites" for further evolution in the "Kingdom of Heaven"? Who will be the baptism of fire of the Photon Belt in 2012.

People with a low level of consciousness at the moment of leaving the planet, becoming ill by new diseases (avian, swine flu any more, or a-typical pneumonia (atypical pneumonia). Names are different, and the reason for the sudden death of one — burning cells in the new energies .


Karma of any kind must be repaid, worked his actions, thoughts and intentions. Do not believe the healers and sorcerers that promise to relieve you of karma. It's impossible. If someone is making away with happiness at the expense of other grief — retribution will be instantaneous price — the loss of life and the ability to evolve further. Now the last possible moment to experience and understand their mistakes.

Consider the kinds of karma, which can slow down the Ascension, with the already high level of consciousness.

Karma of birth:

Karma from birth — of the remaining undigested lessons of past lives (on health, personal relationships, relationship, material support (karma for violations of laws, return receipt).

Planetary karma:

Karma with the elements of the planet — water, air, earth, fire. If there is a potential trouble karma associated with the elements.

Karma with the animal kingdom:

Cruelty to animals, killing animals for fun, not associated with the extremes of survival (hunting) — creates a very heavy karma. Eating the flesh (meat) administers the karma of disease and reduce life. Mass force-growing (cloning) of living creatures, genetic engineering for gluttony stops spiritual development.

Karma from the vegetable kingdom:

Extermination of forests beyond measure for profit, pollution of nature, vandalism — work enough karma injury fitness.

Karma with the mineral kingdom:

This kind of karma begets violence over the natural composition of the soil (in excess of chemical fertilizers), the use of minerals in the magical power of black magic. The result — a disease that fetter the body (from arthritis to paralysis).

Transfer their problems on children:

Coding of harmful attachments (alcohol, drugs, smoking) if the person got rid artificially, that is, by force, from the problem, then solve it have children and grandchildren.

Hypnosis, without the consent of any programming, engaging in black magic (omens, damage, etc.) — is the deprivation of their own will. In Christianity, the "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" — the most terrifying and unforgiving sin.

Someone else's karma:

Dropped, another's karma is the healers doing cleaning services for karma or karmic healing illness of his energy (and hence the energy of some kind, for which then affects children), in violation of the laws of energy.

Breaking the law of return-receipt:

If a person receives a reward more than the equivalent of the energy consumed — accumulating karma material loss, if less — ill.

Working with the karma of their ancestors:

It is important to know their ancestry and the intention to clear karma ancestors ascended through you, tied in a single soul.

Ancestors — it is you, the experience of your soul in previous incarnations.

Changing the structure of DNA

A very small part of humanity has evolved from the animal kingdom (Aboriginal) and the program of the physical body (svetokodirovannye DNA strands) completely synchronistic with uniform magnetic vibrations of the Earth and the restructuring of the body and povyscheniya vibration to the physical body is easy.

The bulk of humanity now living "zvezdnoposeyannye." It is the soul, "seeded" from Sirius and the Pleiades.

Star Sirius and our earth came from one of creation — the Great Central Sun, so a related magnetic genetics simplifies the process of ascension.

Pleyadinskaya genetics introduced alien world electricity, and the physical form became sick, aging, life expectancy has fallen from 2,000 years to less than 100 years.

False gods from the Pleiades (the family of Anu, the Anunnaki) are created in labs for themselves slaves, limiting the opportunity to evolve (biorobots restricted DNA to 2 spirals and the program only for survival, reproduction).

People with 2 strands of DNA, which remain at a low level of consciousness, and thus the frequency of operation of the physical body is not deliberately seeking to match the level of evolution of Earth leaves the planet.

For 800 000 years blended genetics and DNA was electromagnetic. When the transmutation of the body and increase the Number of DNA included, go to the magnetic signature.

Activating svetokodirovannyh threads — SKN (from 2 to 36,000 units).

SKN-individual for each person Number of information providers and memory (provodochkov holding energy-potential) encoding all the possible evolution of best samples of body and soul.

Potsesse prior to the transition, in the old paradigm, people had two strands of DNA and two provodochka SKN encoded at options for survival and reproduction, other "scientists and geneticists" considered garbage (I wonder why the Creator took to plan so much garbage?!)

Than increased amounts of DNA and their constituent yarns SKN-activated more quickly and easily a person returns to a state which we call the "image and likeness of the Creator."

Each full DNA helix to 3000 JMC receives and encodes information on a magnetic crystal basis. That is magnetism and liquid crystals — the basis of ascending biological computer running Ghost. In the old paradigm of energy and knowledge to their world, we have 5 senses of smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste.

Simply — prodiagnostiruem what "section of your cable" to receive photon energy coming from the Galactic Center. Chastatu This energy increases and warms the planet, and all kontinnuum pertaining to it ("toasts" our bodies, our emotions, and our destiny)

There is a difference — 2 provodochka or 36,000?! How many do you have? At least to begin the transition to the crystalline biology — 1024 provodochka a 6-activated DNA.

Svetokodirovannyh number of threads is called Initiation. Currently (April 2011) The Earth is at the level of initiation of 9000 (the city) to 36,000 units. (Mountains, oceans). In nizhevibriruyuschih areas, or with an excess of electricity, or radiation are equalized through disasters (earth or buckling failures, floods, earthquakes, fire, etc.)

Lagging in inspired his Incarnation leads to nedomaganiyam, illness, burnout cells, a strong detoxification. If human development, both spiritual and physical remains at the ego — will have to start anew evolution.

Need for regenerative biology magnetic transmutation DNA by 90%, the activation of 12.11 pairs of DNA.

When a person reaches the unfolding 3000 svetokodirovannyh threads — stops aging.

Changes in the energy centers

If for good health, energodostatochnosti and brain in the old paradigm we were given seven energy centers (chakras), which gained fuel for life from the near-Earth space and egregores (artificial energy thoughts and prayers energorezervuarov), to stay in the new bodies will take 12 energy centers — be sure to fully and independently operated. Vampirism is not possible. Each will be self-sufficient. Magnetic body light will energize the magnetic lattice of the Earth.

The expansion of consciousness

We ascended necessarily going expansion of consciousness.

To go — the norm of 51% of open clusters of the brain by the end of 2012. Indigos are born with this level, but most of the latent as unnecessary, or thoughts, and people find this discovery for schizophrenia. People of the old paradigm (from 2 to 10% capacity) the brain must "upload new files' knowledge of the laws of the Universe, freed from dogma and steriotipov past and religious consciousness. Rebuild thinking of centripetal to centrifugal, ie inside.

Increased capacity for higher vibration

The frequency at which the brain works, receives impulses and must comply with vibration aware of Earth (The resonance frequency of the noise). Then will be promptly disclosed to the files of the last memory, intuition, clairvoyance, etc. chuvstvoznanie frequency noise for hundreds of thousands of years had a constant — 7, 8 Hz. Currently, 20 hertz. (For details, see "The threshold of survival at the time of transition")

During a quantum leap brain must withstand 40 Hertz, not to burn. This is not a phenomenon. Indigos have 20-40 hertz. Brain voltage contactors with the Universal Mind 40-60 and more. Astral ekstrassensam and fortunetellers 4.5 hertz enough to communicate with the infrared frequencies of the underworld.

Every cell will also raise your vibration, warming up. Ascended so often throws in a high fever with sweating, although the temperature remained normal. This is a good sign of transmutation. Breathe and grounding — will be easier. To pass the photon transition, we must raise the bar vibrations of the physical body to 13 Hz (for a given time at least 10-11). When you reach this level — the heat will stop and do not be surprised that the thermometer will show small fluctuations around the numbers 35. Changed metabolism.

All agencies must vibrate at the same frequency nizhevibriruyuschie cells slime and become cancerous. Mucus should not be! And for this it is necessary to balance the elements of the elements of the Earth, of which the body is constructed. Fire, water, earth and air.

The importance of this process, see "The imbalance elements in it in a physical form."

Changes in the physical body

Develop new regenerative (self-sustaining) authorities and for added detoxification. This process is accompanied by specific "sacred pain," which are similar to traditional disease. We ascended the signs of toxicity (headache, dizziness, unstable stool, etc) are present, even with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Remember the caterpillar … a butterfly? How many 'rework and waste, "in a state of pupa …!

Ascending begins to treat the symptoms of the transition to the crystalline biology than slows or stops. (See "The transformation of the body during the transition")

Revision of food and weight gain at Ascension required attributes. Completeness will be super-fast, after the transition, when the weakened gravity of Earth. But … until poridetsya patient to biologically rejuvenate at the age that feels Soul.

Increased radiation and excess electricity — enemies for magnetic restructuring.

Radiation slows the rotation of the magnetic field. Excess electricity splits the magnetic field breaks through the protective shell of the aura.

Be wary of the different voices. Higher Self, if they help you, will not go down to low frequencies of the human hearing. Can we dialogue with razvoploschentsami calling themselves known names, it is obsession astral entities claiming to be teachers. Especially if the person hears a voice in the center of the abdomen, or voice (even a little) in the head. This obsession called schizophrenia. Should avoid contact with the false astral and pay attention to the tips at least five levels of density. And with this level of communication is only at the level of thought, as an inspiration, as pure knowledge.

If vibration prepare the body and mind, with the agreement of your soul to come Deputies, which is very positive. Sometimes a person feels a sudden change in his life. Suddenly make important decisions kordinalnye, somewhere there are forces and optimism … but does not know what his body arrived High soul of its genetic type of support and service. (The information in the article "The level of consciousness of man")

New way of thinking

Think about whether you have destructive thoughts and emotions that prevent the ascension? Fear of upcoming events, the fear of death.

This is the first of what it is necessary to get rid of. Death, as we understand it — there! Check for yourself. In any case, your soul enters the worlds appropriate frequency level, and work to elevate the soul and the body disappears.

Irina Lorin.

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