KGB chief to resign

Last week, in Belarus there was a very significant event that has, as stated, Belarusian and Russian politicians, very serious implications. Belarus President Lukashenko dismissed the head of the National Security Committee (KGB) Vadim Zaitsev, who, incidentally, is a great time working in the Russian FSB.

By itself, it would seem commonplace event would not have caused such a resonance, but the resignation of the strongest intelligence agencies in at least CIS forces look at the situation with a more critical side. First, it is alleged suicide of a KGB colonel, which occurred just before retirement. So, experts say, something in the Belarusian state was wrong. Some opponents of Lukashenko, had previously worked for the KGB, and now in exile, say that Zaitsev refused simply physically eliminate extremely inconvenient for Lukashenko politicians, specifically Colonel bearded head of the Nationalist Party CCP BPF Zenon Poznyak, who live at the time in Germany and the U.S., respectively. A threat to Lukashenko felt simple — just recently they are very intensified their activities, indicating that the countries of Western Europe and the U.S. seriously, and not just in words engaged in the overthrow of the Belarusian regime.

One reason for the resignation is also called, and incompetence of this man. That there is clearly a fabricated report of the Belarusian-Polish border, which was allegedly found large caches of explosives and boepripasov.V general, the resignation of a man in a strong authoritarian state, only means that the throne under Lukashenko staggered.

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