Khamaida again tried for the flag

The legal case against opposition activist, who was detained for what he was distributing independent press under a large white-red-white flag, parses the Railway District Court Judge Helen Grabenchuk.

The police were onKhamaida Protocol for violation of section 23.34 of the administrative law — he was charged with organizing an unsanctioned picket. But the judge at the beginning of the process stated that "no hurry" and set the date of the next meeting — 10 February.

Mrs. Grebenchuk asked Boris Khamaida, or attracted the attention of passers national flag — after all, no posters, no other attributes in opposition was not. However, witnesses the police insisted that so-called "Blue House", the house number 28 on Lenin Street, came exactly unauthorized picket.

Last week, a colleague of Elena Grebenchuk, Railway District Court Judge Elena Tsygankova justified opposition leader detained for such an act is still January 3. On the day Boris Khamaida announced an indefinite action "2011 — year of the national flag ", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Belarusian independence. Then he stood under the flag of a couple of minutes — he was arrested almost immediately. But the result of the trial, which lasted a month, was the decision of the judge to cancel the deal: Elena Tsygankova not seen in the actions of opposition leader of the offense.

Today, the police said that the judge Tsygankova "do not understand" and that her decision may be appealed to the Vitebsk regional court.



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