Kronotsky Reserve can now virtually visit

MOSCOW, September 5 — RIA Novosti.Visitors to the site Kronotsky reserve (Kamchatka) can take a virtual tour of the Valley of Geysers, directly from the monitor screen, the press service of the reserve.

"Thanks to modern technology you can now experience the effect of the presence in the protected area and get a free tour," — said in a statement.

Online traveler, as outlined in the report, can stop at the observation deck, enjoy the view and learn interesting facts about the geysers.

The report also says that soon the site will be able to reserve "in absentia" to go on yet another natural object — in the caldera of a volcano caldera. Caldera is a depression, which was formed after the failure of the summit of the volcano. Caldera caldera covers a land size of 9 to 12 miles, and within this area there are "more than a thousand hot springs, multiple outputs steam jets, mud pots and mud volcanoes and thermal lakes."

Kronotsky Reserve has in the management of two protected areas with different statuses: actually Kronotsky Reserve and the South Kamchatka Sanctuary. The total area of the reserve is 1.14 million hectares. At the reserve there were 35 falls and eight active volcanoes. Area of the South Kamchatka Sanctuary is 225 hectares.

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