Kryon is the Light of the Ascension

Greetings, Golden Angels with Central Sun! I am the Master Kryon of Magnetic Service Earth. Glad to see you again, dear friends!

So much has happened over the last few days … So much work and analysis, which are now held in conjunction with eversion Lady Gaia. This is our conversation with you, my dear angels.

On Friday (21/09/2012), in your linear time (smile), there was inversion of the Earth.

What does this mean?

My dear, inversion — is an abrupt transition from one energy to another plane of vibration. On the other hand, it also seems to be if you made a sharp jump (high jump) and hang in the air a foot from the ground. At the moment, this is precisely what happened.

Lady Gaia made a sudden change (inversion), and rose above. Vibration of the Earth have been raised so much stronger and faster than we expected. This was a surprise to us, although this possibility was in the space of options. However, on the other hand, we did not think about what he done … but it happened!

Now many services, as well as our Earth Magnetic Service, analyzes the jump (eversion) Lady Gaia. Light on the Earth has become much clearer and in a short time. Many of the ships, which previously could be at a lower vibrational level, was thrown into space from the Earth's orbit. And after a while they do have to leave this sector of the galaxy, as the entire solar system rises … not just Earth.

On Saturday, in linear time (09/22/2012), there was a very strong emission from the Sun as the strongest flares, and one of the outbreaks in the form of a light wave went to Earth.

My dear angels with the Central Sun, you hid Lady Gaia and all life on it their unconditional love and faith in the forces … forces of the Creator! At the crucial moment, my dear … the time of contact of solar waves with the upper layers of the Earth occurred resonance. Most of the waves were settled, and a smaller part of it passed through the atmosphere to the surface of the Earth. This small part was the catalyst purification processes on a global scale, which affected all living things.

Many of your scientists predicting strong solar activity and even predicted the end of the world, as they call it (smile). But you are reading this message, dear, so you still have electricity. (Smile) It's the soft option that you have implemented.

We, in turn, help you prepare for this, and now seeing all the changes that have occurred, once again we say to you:
"You are the creator of your reality, your life You — Divine Angels with Central Sun!"
And so it is.

And now, beloved, I want to tell you that you brought this solar flare, except for the process of purification, which it launched.

Dear Family! Have you ever thought about the fact that you, as a collective consciousness of humanity, not just the ability to global change, but each of you is on the level of their cells collective consciousness?

Dear Family! Your cellular consciousness is changing. It is updated every day, and this update is not only at the level of physical and subtle bodies. Also start the process at the level of your Higher Self

"What can it mean?" — You ask.

Dear ones, this suggests that your Higher Self has given a command to all your bodies that it's time to activate the Light of Ascension. Light Ascension — is the light frequency vibration, which vibrates at 999 and above. Ascension light manifests itself in the form of bright light energy combined in a single system, a single organism.

Example: You know that your heart is not only a catalyst for your awakening, but the receiver and transmitter of Unconditional Love. Your Heart — Unconditional Love is a pulsar that you take and pass into the surrounding space. Light Ascension — is your cells, which, like your heart, took the team from your Higher Self and began to emit into the environment Light, Love, the high frequencies. It's like … if you had more than one heart, and the billions of Hearts and all worked smoothly and synchronously in the same direction and with the same purpose.

This is what the Holy Ascension. All the cells of your body simultaneously emit and multiply Unconditional Love. From the outside it seems that you have one light and there is nothing but light. This is what we tell you when we see you in the form of light beings and that is that in the near future, many of you will begin to see not only in itself, but also in others. And, after that, will manifest a new level of awareness … The realization that you have a whole … One Family! .. One Humanity!

Dear Angels with the Central Sun, I'm happy to give you a new tool of the Spirit at work and activate through your Higher Self of the Light of the Ascension.

Let's begin, dear friends. You already know that you must enter into a meditative state?

After that, I ask you, beloved Angels, express intention, referring to your Higher Self:

"I am what I am. I'm ready to be transformed internally and externally, spiritually and physically, to exercise your Ascension. I beg you, my Higher Self, start the activation process of the Light of the Ascension in every cell of my body. Accept what I am, with gratitude and love to all of the Family of Light. So be it! "

In this expression of intent ends and begins the process of activation in the cellular space program your phone Light Ascension. You can feel the warmth spreads throughout the body … some of you may feel even heat, and heat in his body …

I ask you to be patient. All is well! This suggests that your cells are switching to a new level of interaction not only among themselves but also with you, dear.

My beloved Golden Angels! After activation, and complete the process of setting your cells, you can use the Light Ascension more productively than ever before.

On that note, my friends, I say goodbye to you.

With love and deep respect,
your master Kryon of Magnetic Service Earth.

Channeling took Bogdan Manzhelii (Michael)
September 23, 2012

Category: Channeling

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