KRYON — See You on the equator!

Kryon, through Marina Schulz, Latvia, and Sergei Kanashevskogo, Russia.

My dear people of the world with a blue flame! I have for a long time its name, but do you realize how profound meaning each time mean by these words? After all, by chance your beautiful planet in the universe begins to change its shape, which is thousands of years, in your linear time, was always dark, and for some solar systems — even completely invisible. And now it is your beautiful Gaia, gaining the Blue Flame! And that's fine! Only now you are gaining its luminous people of the planet Earth? We begin our discussion with this topic.

My Lovely Angels! You and this appeal to you have become accustomed — legal tender! But it is not just warms your soul, it requires and encourages the real responsibility for all processes on the Earth and the Earth — and, therefore, to you personally. We have spoken about how you are to a great extent affects all planetary processes. Your spiritual teachers have repeatedly informed you that you need to go into their mental construction of a new level of universal creation. For your current life, this means the following. You are responsible for the alignment, the creation of a new life on the planet!

To you, my dear people!

Let Kryon talk about the situation in your world. Blue Flame on the planet are not just serious, and over-seriousness change is a global restructuring of the entire planetary structure. You have already known from various spiritual sources, not only from Kryon. And how else to bring the planet and all life on it into a new phase of existence and evolution of global change? All developed now with great speed. These changes have been identified and actively implemented since 1987. But all of the processes at this stage, came to a head after the announcement of the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds Council decision to stop on your planet Experiment with duality. By this time, many people were already in the preparatory work for the improvement of life in the NEW energies. And this work has gradually evolved into many planetary projects and programs aimed at the creation of a new world.

And now let Kryon do an impartial analysis of the energy state of mankind, which was completed through the efforts of a grand cosmic experiment. Togo powerful in all its diversity of humanity, which should now actively get out of the old energies and to take decisive steps towards streamlining their living on a planet in a new environment, with new development programs that have nothing to do with the programs of duality.

To begin with, that the majority of the light does not understand or does not even take the fact that duality with you completely removed! Although it is time for you, as a spiritual vanguard of humanity, do not have the moral right to even mentally to take part in this old program! Of course, I understand that a lot depends on the people with whom you have entrusted to the prevailing dual tradition, control their lives. Kryon is well aware that the world is still in force and does not want to give up a shadow government and other forces of deterrence. But all this can no longer justify your stay in the old energy! Experiment with duality actually finished! From now on you get the possibility to use their Multidimensional abilities! And these opportunities are increasing. Realize it! No more need for the separation and limitation! You can now turn to full communion, and so build a new life. Your thoughts, your mood and really determine the future of mankind, and your personal future.

Now the conversation has entered its final phase. Let's take a closer look at how people take off the shackles of duality. This conversation is not only relevant, but timely as ever. Kryon is asking people who believe they are — Lightworkers, and all those who follows the path of spiritual development in the course of our conversation, analysis of their condition and its actions in that direction.

Yes, the challenge — way out of duality. Complexity posteksperimentalnogo period high. However, one of the most cherished dreams Family of Light now — to see the joy in people caused by the abolition of the centuries-old, very uneasy Experiment. But this joy is not in many, many Lightworkers! And it actually happened, the event you've all been waiting for since 1987. This event took place. But it could not happen! Please pay attention to the words of Kryon.

And second, that it is very important for Lightworkers: a clear program for the "I" to get out of duality. Yes, yes, yes, that program! It is not necessary to have it in print. Each draws it as he wants. But the best and most effectively — to make a serious intention of space that you want to get out of duality, with all the world to you and the consequences. Of course — the consequences, beautiful in their properties. Please accept this form of transition from duality to Oneness system. Lightworkers are already well aware of how the universe responds to instantly expressed his intention. Immediately begin to work actively support groups, to help you perform conceived and expressed. Without expressing pure intention to move away from duality, you lose important allies and a large contingent of multidimensional Helpers.

Continuing his analysis of the situation in connection with the cancellation of duality. Not so easy. I have repeatedly warned people on the one hand, learning a multi-dimensional, but on the other — still wearing the energy of duality, can become destructive factor in the space of not only his life, but the general planetary life! And there are a lot of people! They can not feel that their bodies infused new energy. They hold consciously or unconsciously confrontation these energies. Moreover, I note that the new energies, supported mainly the energy of love, do not collide, and the energies of duality to fight for its survival. Of this conflict arise and disease states at the physical bodies, and — Kryon especially want to note — strong psychological distress. We should make sure that this does not happen. Because people have a love of new energy, peace, tranquility, opening his great creative abilities. You do not need to resist the new and easy, do not panic, take all that unusual, that comes into your life.

Elemental Earth also directly related to his work on the presence of the energy of duality and balance of old and new energy, which is formed on the planet as a whole. The transition to the new energy and make the work of the Elements in a global scale and in the bodies of people are so harmonious that you will not disturb the way they carry out their program for the restructuring of the planet. Element — a spiritual, intelligent Beings of Light that perform complicated role in the world to settle, to harmonize all the natural evolutionary processes. They work very hard with various forms of energy, including — with the energy of creatures, entities. Human energies — the strongest in the world, in your world. And when the great mass of people throw unwanted, old energy, Elemental Spirits have a very hard time. This form of energy, for example, is fear. When a large number of people are beginning to allocate energy of fear, poems have a very hard time to harmonize processes. A simple example. When the mainland is a wave height of 10 meters — a thousand people, fearing it could increase its energy fear the wave of up to 15 meters! And dozens of Light, harmonize with the elements, can reduce the wave of up to 5 meters. And even make it so that it does not reach the coast and will not cause any harm!

And now the question test. What will you do, dear reader and listener of this information once your feet from beginning earthquake zatryasetsya earth vibrates the floor of your house? You're scared, ran away, evacuate or sit quietly in a chair and start to work with the elements, calling upon his spiritual teacher and mentor? On your answer to the question is scrolled, whether you are Lightworkers just in words, or already in practice, whether you're in the old energy or already live in the wake of the new, you learn to apply it in practice.

You, as a multi-dimensional beings of Light, it is you — those who are now reading these lines, listen to information, answers and for how harmoniously TO BE HELD IN DECEMBER 2012, and for how quickly begin to subside disasters in the coming years.

ALL TIME schooling completed! TIME CHILDREN adolescence ended. You have become, by providing KNOWLEDGE adults. TIME AND THUS LIABLE FOR CASES ON THE PLANET, is actively working!

And your adult work begins with the fact that you yourself personally say goodbye to the old energies! You can tell your "I": "STOP! I'm really not a four-man! I — Being of Light. So, tomorrow I can start to live differently. Tomorrow I can do for the planet and people more than it is today! "

It was at this point begins to actively communicate with your Higher 'I'. It will tell you where, in what direction you work better. What project or projects involved. What kind of light do the job better!


THERE IS ONLY RESPONSIBLE OF THE LIGHT, who recalled his responsibility! There is among you, only those who return to their strength and good spirits. There are those who, walk on the road of healing, heal and the entire planet, and his "I" …

In addition, Kryon adjusts all of you to return all the pictures you have accumulated in the treasury of the world Haykashen Chronicles (Akashic). Yes, this is archiving experience with great intensity, but the best for their own progress to give everything accumulated during the experiment with gratitude and make space for new creativity in the new energies, while not neglecting the broad horizons that are opening now, at the current time.

My dear! People with old energies on the planet is now much greater than you, the Lightworkers. Those who go out of duality now, actively working in the new energies, very little. The number of these Lightworkers does not exceed one-tenth of a percent of the total number of people living on Earth.

Think about it! 0.1 percent and 99.9 percent!

From this percentage, many people could fall hands! But this — people! And since you now know about his background — Angels from the Great Central Sun!

News from Kryon is that 0.1 per cent of people have started to live in the new energy — this is a good result … THIS STAGE! Yes, I am not exaggerating!

Many people who practice certain spiritual disciplines, went to live in the new energies, not even knowing REPEAL duality. They arrived at this choice, because it is actively communicating with your Higher 'I'. And it leads them in the right way!

Now, let's compare some numbers. More recently, we have given you information that you may seem irrelevant to that Kryon is speaking. After all, from various sources reported that Lightworkers now more interest and even — more than two percent!

0.1 percent and more than 2 percent!

What's the matter? Why is that? How can this be?

These questions Kryon and addresses you, dear Lightworkers! "What's the matter?" "Why?" "How can this be?"

The crucial question is: WHY CHOOSE TEAM LIGHT ENERGY continue to live in duality? I even formulate the question more precisely: Why ABSOLUTE MAJORITY OF STAFF OF LIGHT continues to live in the old energy of duality?

Why did you first read or listen to a message from your Spiritual Master, and then go to work, to serve and to build up their behavior as if you are a regular dual person? Why do you, knowing how to harmonize relations with family, loved ones go "clear up" the old ways, feeling hurt and plunging into an argument? Why do you know that it is time to organize food in a new way, and again allows the body to control your Spirit and Consciousness? As you Lightworkers, are already well-informed about the fact that we have moved into a new reality with a great future, and again allow fear to settle in your heart when meeting with alarming information that is sent to you from the deterrent? How is it that you, a thousand times to read the word "unity", in fact often go to meet his "ego" and not towards each other? What is the reason that your ability mysletvorchestva still "lies on the shelf." How can you put again and again in my head thinking about how to build your far and near financial future, and your actual future did not pay attention?

Yes, we have achieved a good result. We have reached a new stage. And your present life that of 2012 — the fruit of our collective creativity. But this life of human society could now not be. And now it is just there, not only exists, but has a bright future!

But what we have done enough for the organization of the future of humanity.

New stage requires new efforts.

A new stage — the transition from the old to the new energies energies.

I hear the questions:

"Kryon! So tell us the same — what is this transition to the new energies? How to implement it? What exactly do you do? '.

First, you make a decision, a firm decision on NOT YOUR ORDINARY knowledge. You decide that knows for sure:

"All the bad things that could happen in your life that has already happened!".

You spend a farewell ceremony with all the negative! AND NOW GOING FOR LIFE with absolute certainty that your personal and social life is now all piled WELL! You go through life confidently, without a shadow of fear! You recognize your Angel Essence, which is now to fear? Personal death? Do not! Even if you fail to ascend in this life — you will rise! Are you afraid of the death of their relatives? But I've told you time and again: they go home, and in fact they are there, sorry you are living and those who fear DEATH. You are afraid of diseases? But at the very moment when you make a decision, there is nothing wrong in your life will not happen, you become your true healing that leads to a healthier body. And age is — no barrier! New energy, a new reality make it possible to rejuvenate! Here, the most important thing — your desire to continue living in this world! And if you give the intent to live in this world and work as a member of the Light in the new energies — health is guaranteed. Already the next few years will give many examples of healing that only lazy and choose the path to self-destruction, not ask themselves to heal.

Healing the Healers … … As you Lightworkers who are the healers of today and tomorrow are going to see a doctor and receive prescriptions for harmful chemicals? Is not this a demonstration of the admission of new energy on the Words and the continuation of life in the old energy?

You must be absolutely sure of their healing skills and healing skills of the teachers. Because life in the new energies invariably leads to healing, including — to recovery and rejuvenation of the physical body.

So what are you afraid of? Cataclysms? So you should know: after the 2012 they are more and more will start to die down! Because the Harmonic Convergence, which will be held in December, a global process alignment and harmonization of all things! Including — harmonization of processes, which will reduce the force of disasters.

You are afraid that some Illuminati, some secret government or aliens still beat the human race? Angels! Yes understand that mankind have reached a level of development, when it is very necessary to the galactic and universal community. So who will now, after the end of the experiment, to turn everything around?

You once again say: YOU — CREATORS OF REALITY! Pure intention you create the reality of tomorrow and the reality of the future and even for centuries — millennia.

You can go out to shop and order for your body the necessary thing — at an affordable price and the desired style. You can park your car where a moment ago there was no room. But you can help the collective power of thought the Elements Planet work harmoniously. You can force the collective thoughts Lightworkers to remove fear from the collective consciousness of humans.

In particular — the fear of the events of 2012. Because the events 2012 years — is an important gain PLANETARY harmonization. Including — and harmonization of all spheres of public life of humanity, and the harmonization of natural evolutionary processes.

And you can immediately start working on the script for further developments! But now it is right for the script! Under the guidance of your higher "I", in co-creation with the planetary, galactic and universal teacher, you can develop your beautiful scenario of the future, your amazing reality and begin to gradually implement it.

If you have at least once you get "order and purchase the necessary purchase," perform together with a support group of the spiritual world or that order — then you have already begun to take the first steps in this new energy. And that you always will! And if so — move on. Do not go back to the problems of the old ways! No way! Solve all the pure intention, and based on love for all and sundry. Actively your orders in your "BUREAU good offices" … What is this "Office"? (Kryon smile). Well, of course! I told you about it a hundred times! This is — your spiritual, multidimensional group support! Now, in the new energies, they have changed, replenished. They themselves now have new opportunities, because they are not tied to duality! THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO HELP YOU IN MANY QUESTIONS! THEY ARE READY TO HELP YOU! But you have to be willing to go to meet them — the right mindset and direct thoughts with pure intentions, and on the basis of the energy of love, to recognize its multiple dimensions as a tool for spiritual creativity!

Lightworkers! All the people walking the road of spiritual development! Here is a task — to express a serious intent to leave the light in his new guise at the level of the person the new race. I'm not saying that you tomorrow immediately turn into a completely new person. Kryon wants to see a new form of thinking, emotional balance and interaction with each other. This is important! And would not you want to now accumulate new experience! You will soon begin to seriously work on the alignment of the new world in the 5th dimension. I Vargus Laertes, Gaia, KIRAEL your other spiritual leaders have already begun to prepare you for this. But how can you do this, if you still get on the old energy and the new? I say that on a parity basis they can not exist! So make a decision about public power you'd like to live on! But from your development depends whether you will continue to live on this planet or get away from it. There are worlds in which there is life in duality. And if you do a little of your experience, we can provide you with the opportunity to continue living in duality and continue to get experience FIGHTERS instead of the Creator. If you experience duality completed, it is to make a step in a new direction, starts becoming multidimensional CREATOR, or you will put your "I" in a difficult position. You still valid freedom of choice, so — decide! Do not pull on a other people and the planet.

I did not mind. Kryon is immensely grateful to all of humanity in all its diversity for the experiment with duality. But now, before you open a large window in the new world. Come to the window! Breathe in the fresh air! Hear the Call of Gaia to a new state! Hear the sound of the sea of new possibilities! Feel the deepest love of the Mother-Father of all Worlds Cosmos! They are now with each of you. Do not you realize? Have you stopped beating heart, breathless stream of Love? Hear his Sacred Heart! It asks freedom from the bondage of duality! It wants to create and bring happiness to your world!

And now once again return to the current state of humanity. Urgent action is needed to make people aware of what has happened to them and to their lives. Yes, it is difficult to carry the new information to the masses of people. But it must be! I often advise Lightworkers proceed as follows. If he fulfills Lightworker accurately and clearly the whole transition from duality to a new state of Unity, it is the brightest beacon to others. Example — this is what you can set in motion frozen human consciousness, because your life starts to change radically, you are changing. This is evident, is of interest and questions. And then you begin to lead people. In addition, the light is always stronger than darkness. And now — in particular. And you begin to be a source of light, changing the area around the "I". Is not it a service to the Light! And, in particular, now!

My dear people of the world with a blue flame! Approaching event is not just a planetary significance, but space wide. It is important that the people of Earth have come to this event, not just with understanding (rather than fear), but in the remainder of the 2012 days were the true creators of New Reality, honing his skills and activating the next years.

Nearer the outbreak of the Harmonic Convergence. It will start this year a little earlier than planned — namely, the vibration of 12/12/12 and will run until December 24, capturing the Great Shift in the light zone of your Milky Way galaxy. Why do I call you to a particular co-creation in this period and, of course, it is preceded by? — An important period in the general planetary life, and not just your own, man. This time, the Harmonic Convergence helps match (combined) of the cosmic parameters of your planet (with the Moon) galactic parameters. If in 1987, at the First Harmonic Convergence was a question about the possibility of a land grant to go to the end of the experiment, and then the Rapture, but now this issue is not necessary. You informed of the decision — the experiment is over! Vibration of the planet, we are constantly monitoring and there is no doubt that the earth is moving in the Corridor New Reality successfully passes the Galactic Alignment and will take the path of ascension. But now the world is another problem — the problem of conformity to the parameters for which it is "touched" by entering into the light zone of the Galaxy after the Galactic Alignment. And here is extremely important balance of old and new energy on the planet. And so BEFORE 21/12/12. Urgent action, stimulates the removal, neutralizing the old energy. To do this, you must Lightworkers and collective action on a planetary scale, and to work for the removal of the old energies of his own "I". Very, very important work of each person. I know it's hard to come out of duality. I know my family! But it is necessary. And time to lose you no more! People are still living in the old energies, exacerbate many of the processes in the world and affects its own state, which is very important, not just for them but for all of humanity. Therefore need to change the balance of old and new energies and in all human societies. You have to work hard. But it is — a great job, it is — a majestic process of real movement from darkness to light.

My dear people of the world with a blue flame! You do want your planet deserves this high title? It depends on you, how soon after it is finally fixed this beautiful state.

And now I want you to help with something (pointedly Kryon smile). Do not you think that everything can be done very easily and simply? And this includes the entire human race on this planet in a channel of getting rid of the old energies? You have not guessed, which tends Kryon? I think that some Lightworkers are beginning to understand. You are now in the hands is a powerful tool that we must learn to be active!

Many of you have already built a Fiery system of energy supply. The same system also have Gaia. Fire system but is earthly, as opposed to your systems are imperfect, gaining much faster, especially with the advent of Holy Fire. So what you can remove the old energy, energy of duality? It is life-giving fire. A lot of time will not need to do it in full. But it is necessary to do this in all seriousness. How? Possible through his fiery Torah Multilayer system if it is sufficiently workable, but you can use Fiery planetary system. Fire energy system can very much!

Before the Family of Light is now a very serious problem related to the neutralization and withdrawal from the planet negative, dual, old energy accumulating MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT. We can not take it with you to a single portal, which was created after the opening of the twelfth stargate. WE CAN NOT IT TAKE to the extent along the corridor of a new reality. Before the Second Harmonic Convergence, before the opening of the gates of 12:12:12, Family of Light offers Lightworkers hold planetary action to neutralize the energy of duality and taking them off-planet.

The main conclusion of the negative action on the planet held on 23 and 25 November 2012. Light work, a special ceremony, in two stages.

1. The first stage. At this stage, we archive, compress energy duality, put it in a special energy package and are ready for a special transformation (processing).

2. The second stage. The next stage — to transform the old energy package of energy that we obtain as a result of the first phase of work, rework it to qualitatively different energy package, which the Family of Light can be used in creative activities.

The first phase of the offer for 23 November 2012. The second phase of work — November 25, 2012.

We will not postpone the case indefinitely. Kryon, on behalf of the Family of Light, announces the planetary action, "Farewell to the duality, or a meeting at the equator," and sends you instructions for light work to be held on 23 and 25 November.

Now Kryon tells you, "Good-bye! See you at the equator! ". Because our luminous ceremony we will exactly on the equator. But the Equator — this is not just a place on Earth! This is — a symbol of simultaneous ASSOCIATION AND PASSING important features. The line, which I have told you many times before …

So, at the equator, we will hold an important ceremony … we unite and go on …

But let's — in a completely new! (A kind smile STRICT Kryon)

See You at the equator!

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