La isla de la munecas — creepy dolls kingdom


La isla de la munecas mystical island, located Mexico. This place is considered to be one of the the most horrible places in the country. The fact that this island inhabited by dolls. They suggest the incredible horror of tourist …

Having embarked on a tropical island you will see a lot of mutilated dolls that hang on almost every tree! And to blame just one person — Don Julian Santana, a hermit who renounced the world and the only family to inhabit the island of dolls. Don Giulini tirelessly worked on this for over 50 years. There are rumors that the reason for this strange behavior was the tragedy in the life of Don — his eyes sunk in the channel a little girl and to appease her spirit he created what is now known as the Island of the dolls. Very creepy and scary place where awesome views of mutilated dolls watching every movement of anyone who dared to visit thousands of dolls.

After the tragedy of Don Julian spent the rest of his days in solitude. The exception, he did just for the sake of their cherished goal — he wandered through the trash in search of abandoned dolls or exchanged with his own grown vegetables and fruits on old dolls from local residents. In addition to attempts to placate which did not give Don peace spirit girls mutilated dolls hanging on the trees, he pursued another goal — to scare away from their homes uninvited guests.

A hermit's life tragically cut short — in 2001 it was found in the same channel, which drowned the same girl. Apparently the spirit of the girls did not leave the poor man alone to the end of his days.

If you have a delicate psyche, then you should not be put on an island with such an innocuous name. This attraction attracts many tourists, especially young people, eager to adrenaline.

But according to reviews, visit the island Dolls imprinted permanently in the brain views of countless accidents dolls.

Tourists give themselves report that it is non-living beings who are alien concepts such as feelings and pain, but struck dead doll faces that are constantly looking at them as if they were responsible for their deaths



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