Lauren Gorgo — Exit from the pupa. The countdown has begun.

Before we get to the heart of this powerful message, Pleiadean Supreme Council wants me to mention, or rather, again reminded (of the last message) that we enter into another round of significant evolutionary change. I feel that they are referring to the second of the seven cases of full-square between Uranus and Pluto (more information can be found here "The problem in 2012" — approx. Interpreter), happening this week (19/9), Equinox (22 / 9), in addition to the increasing pressure of space battles (10:10, 11:11, 12:12), leading to our collective birth in December (21/12).

These new energy that we now face daily, not only affect each and every one of us on our path to higher consciousness, but also start quite a tangible effect on the way people act in the world.

They explain it this way:

"New energy are here to serve those who are at the forefront of mankind. Call them the fifth dimensional energies. These undeniable and inevitable forces of light begin to penetrate into the world as a whole a much more dense level than before. We have in mind that those who did not seem to have been affected in the past, the influence of the intensification of photon frequencies are now beginning to show signs of increasing instability, as well as those of you who are reading this will no doubt notice the almost cosmic the rate at which flies for you. Truly, you are approaching a sacred zero point at which the rapidly growing time compression tends to curl as a linear constant.

In addition, new frequencies that you are able to perceive, and which can already cooperate much more in line with the new (fifth dimensional) than the old (three-dimensional) human prototype. This means that those of you who are close to completing its transformation at the cellular level, can get a lot of benefits from this transformation. At the same time, those who are still set to the old harmonics will experience much more deterioration of their systems of reality. This does not mean that these energies will bring unnecessary harm. It only means that many people will be invited to look inside for answers to the growing pressure, accelerating change. "

Just Be Love!

More than anything else, for the next few weeks urgent message that the role of the new man is not to save, heal or change the external circumstances, but to maintain a sense of order (neutral) to the new paradigm.

I am the first to admit that it is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to our loved ones. Happens and will happen more and more unexpected events and changes in the lives of the people we know and love, which can be both brilliant and devastating, and surprising, and devastating. And all this is in divine order.

It's in these moments we need to apply our expertise in action, because it can be very tempting, especially for healers, try to "save" their friends and family from the cleansing flames of hell. But we all know from the experience of the birth of our own personal version of hell, that it is absolutely necessary. Although this fire can be ridiculously hot, we never get severe burns, while "thinking heart."

The heat is definitely growing. Therefore, we are now more than ever called neutrality and emit light of universal love. This is due mainly to the fact that the loss of the state of love is now more serious than before.

When we become more adept at filling the love frequency (528 Hz), every cell in our body, we also establish and maintain a balance, it is vital to our health, as new people and for the integrity of the new (planetary) lattice, which nourishes and sustains us as new terrestrial beings.

If we start to strongly react to the energy around us, that is, emotionally entangled or tied to the thunderous drama collapsing world (which will become louder), we not only risk losing their internal stability, but also begin to make one of the most significant contributions to the destruction of worn-out system of reality.

"We want to report that many of you are more than powerful in terms of your ability to be a new human avatar, which means that the slightest intention to get your biggest universal support. If this energy is directed "not there", for example, inadvertently applied to the emotional turmoil of the world dismantled, it can, in fact, a tenfold increase its ability to destroy you. " — PVS.

In other words, the place of application of our energy and our focus is much more important now, because, as he said in the latest report PVA, power, which previously served as a three-dimensional world, has now "turned" and was to serve five-dimensional. Therefore, to the extent that, as we enter into more troubled times for the planet, our love and a place our focus applications are becoming increasingly important.

In fact, the concentration of our focus on love, as the accelerating force behind the main structure changes will enhance the possibility of implementing these changes. The risk of repeating over and over again PVA remind us that it is time to try to see the big picture, remaining firmly rooted in the truth that love is the foundation of all change. The more we are able to do this, the greater we can help at all levels of reduction planetary suffering.

Note. If this information seems to you a little bit dark, or if you feel a general anxiety and anticipation of something, I would like to make it clear that no matter what changes we may expect, this probably will not be any single event that will transform all upside down. Although the system will continue to change, and will no doubt increase, a series of changes at the micro and macro levels is likely to be, a chain of events that, in the end, change the structure of mainstream society. As in most cases, we are likely to notice most of them only in retrospect.

"We share this in order to implement changes at the level of the light, and for those who are able to manage large (scalar) waves of love that will be very effective in the coming days. Wave works for you. Few conscious can now set the direction of the planetary energy. " — PVS.

If you're wondering how you can use this information as literally make changes in their lives, in the world, and even at the universal level, Invisible say what we always say: Just Be Love.

So just for a laugh, I asked: "How, specifically, we have love?"

To which they replied:

"You will love, refusing to fall into the negativity and fear. This is so simple. Every time you overcome the fear of love the idea, every time, when you expand your vision, every time when you remember that everything in perfect order, you win. Be a pillar of Love, call LOVE, LOVE breathe. That's all you need. When you do it with the intent to spread love, you multiply the flow of Adamantine Particles, managed only love. As negative ions, these sacred particles have a lot of pressure on the Earth and humanity, mitigating conflicts and relieving tension. We can not think of a better way to change your life and your world. "

September 18, 2012 Translation: Ian Lysakov edition Valeria Lysakova

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