Laying underground can lead to death of the Bitsa forest Moscow

Environmentalists fear that the construction of the subway in the park "Bitsa forest" may lead to shrinkage of the forest, while the Moscow authorities argue that the construction of the subway environment will only benefit the area.

As previously explained the head of the Department of Construction of Moscow Andrey Bochkarev originally conflict over the construction of the station, "Bitsa Park" arose from the fact that in the natural history of the park "Bitsevsky Forest" planned to build several objects underground. Later, the number of objects was reduced to a single vent kiosk. According to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, subway even improve ecology in Bitsa Park, thanks unloading nearby roads.

"It's a change in the hydrological regime, as no intelligible argument, how to behave groundwater due to the project, I did not come across. Forest little by changing hydrological conditions, this can lead to very different consequences — from the forest to the changing nature its shrinkage. Even changing the nature of the forest are not happy, that is, instead of oaks grow birch. protected area for this type of intervention is unacceptable, "- told RIA Novosti General Director of the Wildlife Conservation Alex Zimenko the sidelines of a press conference held on Monday in Moscow.

Opinion Zimenko also supported a program manager for the Protected Areas of Greenpeace Russia Kreindlin Michael, who added that the construction of the underground construction and increase the noise impact on the inhabitants of the forest.

In February 2012 the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree that allowed the build objects of capital construction in Bitsa Park to improve the functioning of the underground. Earlier in the park is not allowed to build permanent facilities are not associated with the use of a natural area. After that, local residents complained that the construction of the subway can harm the park. Later it became known that the Moscow government plans to create a buffer zone of the Moscow metro width of 40 meters in Bitsa Park, Moscow. President of the Union of Moscow Architects Nikolai Shumakov assured that the metro under Bitsa Park, Moscow will be built at a depth of 20 meters, which will carry out the work without disturbing the ecology of the park.

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