Legends of Iceland / Journey’s End Full Movie

Legends of Iceland / Journey's End смотреть онлайн
Hitherto value Icelandic sagas as a source of historical data, was called into oscillation. The creators of the film tried not only authentically recreate ancient history Iceland by research scientists and archaeological finds, and speculated about the historical value islansdkih sagas. And what if they, indeed, tells the truth about the history of this country's mind-boggling?

1 series: Silver Egil Skallagrimsson / Egill Skallagrimsson's Silver

2 series: The Battle of Knavaholar / The Battle at Knafaholar

3 series: Habitation Un Mudra / The Settlement of Audur The Deep Minded

Episode 4: Fight for Markaflyote / The Battle At Markarfjlot

5 series: Murder Hoskulda Godi snow-white cape / The Slaying of Hoskuldur Hvitanesgodi

6 series: Valor Gisli offspring Sour / Gisli Sursson's Honor

Historic battle

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