Lokon volcano spewing lava and burning all around

Powerful volcanic eruption shook the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. After a long hibernation at the end of last week, the volcano awoke curl.

According to news channel 24, on Sunday volcano Lokon again threw a column of ash and smoke to a height of 3.5 km.

Authorities carry out an emergency evacuation of the local population of close to the volcano Lokon areas.

According epochtimes.ru, broad lava burned grass and shrubs on the slopes of Mt. The volcano threw out lava and ash to a height of 1.5 km. Within a radius of 500 meters from the crater on fire wood. Government issued protective masks and tents for people displaced from their homes.

The international airport of the capital of the island of Manado is still working normally.

1580 m high volcano began to wake up and throw away the ashes of the fountains at the beginning of the week.

The last time the volcano Lokon on Sulawesi woke up in 1991. Then as a result of the eruption of the volcano were evacuated thousands of people, was also killed a Swiss tourist.

Indonesia is in the so-called Pacific "? Ring of Fire" and has dozens of active volcanoes.

Recall incredible phenomenon occurred on the island of Sicily, where the July 9 woke up and erupting volcano Etna. The inhabitants of the island began to rush to watch 15 minutes.

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