Lukashenko dictates investors

Alexander Lukashenko issued an ultimatum demanded that foreign investors working in Belarus only on the conditions of Belarus. One of the investors, the famous French-Russian company "Danone-Unimilk", a condition — in the first quarter to perform all the tasks head of state, including and about having to carry the social burden. Otherwise, said Lukashenko, "you are in the market of Belarus will not work anymore." Will the foreign investors are subject to such conditions in Belarus?

At a meeting on February 3 dairy industry Belarusian leader has formulated requirements for investors. Those will only work on the Belarusian conditions:

"There is no departure from the model of development of Belarus, we have determined should not be. There is no "wild capitalism", I repeat to you again. Social guarantees for the Belarusian people — first of all. "

The head of state is unhappy that the cooperation with the "Unimilk" limited to processing and export of drinking milk, that is, the export of raw materials. And the creation of the promised modern dairies delayed.

Among the countries that have recently been actively eyeing the Belarusian economy is, and Lithuania. Vice-President of the Confederation of agricultural «Arvi kalakutai» Alfonsas-Sigitas Tamashunas today said the "freedom" that with such an ultimatum requirements in other countries Lithuanian businessmen are still not met. We know in Belarus there is a specific requirement for investors how fast they build social facilities Tamashunas says:

If investors create social facilities, the State seems to be that she will benefit from it. And in fact, she loses, because the budget is much less money.

"But you first need to earn money. We usually do a lot of things for yourself. For example, improving roads, helping people — first of all, of course, those who work in our facilities. But most importantly — we regularly pay to the state in which we operate, taxes. And if we successfully work, the state receives from us a very good benefit.

I think, perhaps, investors and do not need to build social facilities. After all, the state receives taxes from them, and apparently, she herself is easier to decide what to spend the money. After all, if we start to invest in social profusely, I would call it an intermediate sphere, then it will be difficult to maintain the competitiveness of their products. On the one hand, if investors create social facilities, the State seems to be that she will benefit from it. And in fact, she loses, because the budget is much less money. "

Political scientist, associate professor of the Moscow Institute of International Relations Kirill Koktysh says now to invest in any country in time quite uncomfortable. A Belarus with its rules, which are set Lukashenko, investors will avoid even more:

"Today the world economy is not conducive to any investment. Today is the time when all continue to lose. In fact, there is a struggle for the last client. That is not a struggle for maksymizatsyyu income, and for minimizing losses.

A Belarusian model — it is a derivative of the Russian. And in general, or vygadnasts nyavygadnasts social programs is very simple. If a businessman pays, for example, 20% in taxes and 20% in the form of social programs, or 40% in taxes, then there is no much difference. The only question is, at what pocket they are distributed. "



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