Lviv will release its own narrow-gauge tram

Joint Ukrainian-German enterprise "Elektrontrans" became the winner of the tender for the supply of new trams for the LPC "Lvovelektrotrans"

Joint Ukrainian-German enterprise "Elektrontrans" became the winner of the tender for the supply of new trams for the LPC "Lvovelektrotrans."

Tender, which customer by the Department of Housing and Infrastructure of the Lviv city council, held July 3, 2012. The tender was attended by five companies: Lviv Locomotive Works, Kiev factory of electric transport, commerce and finance company "LAZ" (Kiev), the plant "Tatra-Yug" (Odessa) and the Joint Ukrainian-German enterprise "Elektrontrans", a co-founder which is "Concern-Electron".

Competitive bidding committee has carefully studied all the offers of participating companies and most of them chose the best option, it is proposed joint venture "Elektrontrans" to offer a better price — 11 million 910 thousand UAH. — Warranty and use the body for 18 years. As for the price offers of other bidders, they were as follows: Kiev factory of electric — 16 mln., Lviv Locomotive Works — 14 million 195 thousand UAH., The plant "Tatra-Yug" — 12 million 750 thousand UAH., Commerce and Finance Company "LAZ" — 12 mln.
Relevance of the project "Lviv tram" is that the production of the modern streetcar for cities with narrow gauge (1000 mm wide), Ukraine lacks. In most cities of Ukraine for trams laid broad gauge and only in Lviv, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia and Eupatorium use narrow gauge. As of the beginning of 2012 on the narrow gauge train operated 323 (up to 1990 there were 580 pcs.) Seredny age is 35 years. Worn-out rolling stock — almost 100% (factor out the line about 35%). The minimum requirement for new narrow-gauge trams for Ukraine is 150-200 pc.

Joint Ukrainian-German enterprise "Elektrontrans" created "Concern-E" and one of the leading companies in Europe for the production of railway and tramway transmissions TransTec Vetschau GmbH (Germany), produces imeeno narrow-gauge trams. A study of the experience of European manufacturers of municipal electric (companies in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, and Russia), JV "Elektrontrans" developed a new modern tram capacity of 217 passengers (seats — 57, standing — 160), which meets all European safety and comfort: low floor, wide visibility, reduced noise and vibration levels, the availability of air conditioning systems and interior spaces for disabled persons, a modern electronic system for the management and control of movement.

Production of the new Lviv trams placed on production and technical base and squares Ryasnyansky industrial complex "Concern-Electron", provided by highly specialized engineering staff and workers specialized professions.

The assembly of the trams will carry out building corporation business "Concern-E."

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