Macropinna microstoma — lets look at the brain!

Smallmouth makropinna (Macropinna microstoma). This unique fish discovered in 1939. However, at that time did not work well enough to study it, in particular the structure of cylindrical eye of the fish, which can move from vertical to horizontal or vice versa. This could be done only in 2009. Then it became clear that the bright green eyes of this little fish (it does not exceed 15 cm in length) are filled with a clear liquid chamber of the head.

Watch Smallmouth makropinna (Macropinna microstoma)

This camera covers a dense, but at the same time flexible transparent shell, which is attached to the scales on the body smallmouth makropinny. Bright green eye of the fish is explained by the presence of a specific yellow pigment.

As for smallmouth makropinny structured specifically ocular muscles, her eyes cylindrical shape can be both vertically and horizontally when the fish can see right through its transparent head.
Thus makropinna can see prey, and when she is in front of her, and when floating above it. And as soon as mining — usually zooplankton — is at the level of the fish's mouth, she quickly grabs it.

Despite the fact that since the discovery of this amazing fish managed to learn a lot about it, it is still poorly understood. In many ways, this is due to the fact that smallmouth makropinna lives at great depths. Usually this fish is found at a depth of 500 to 800 meters, but it is believed that she can live at much greater depths.



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