Many kilometers of traffic jams formed in the morning on the roads of Moscow

Traffic is very difficult for many of Moscow's roads due to snowfall, road traffic is estimated to be 8 out of 10 points and continues to grow, it should be from the data service "Yandex".

Snowfall began in Moscow on Sunday night and stopped by weather forecasters, on Monday evening.

 Currently, there are serious bottlenecks in some areas MKAD. So, on the inside of the 15-kilometer traffic jam stretched from Kashira Highway to Kaluga and 10-km from the highway to Pyatnitsky Likhachev. At the same time, on the outside of the MKAD 20km jam formed on the Dmitrov highway to New Riga and 12 km from the highway to Novoryazanskoe Schelkovskogo. The average speed of traffic on these sites is 10-30 miles per hour.

The situation is similar in most vyletnyh routes to the city center: corks they formed within a few kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road and pulled up to the Third Ring Road. In particular, drivers will have to stand at the Gorky, Shchelkovo, Yaroslavl, Novoryazanskaya Simferopol, Kiev, Minsk and Leningrad highway.

In this case, the main streets are still relatively free, difficulties are observed only in some areas.

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