Mary Magdalene Transformation resentment. Gift of Freedom and Love

What is the offense? How it is reflected in all the deep levels of man? How can you transform the offense quickly, painlessly and consciously? What is the help from the Self? What gift lies the lesson, causing resentment in a man?

I welcome you, a family favorite! I Am Mary Magdalene. We Are Your Family House. Gently, with all the energy of our love, hugging you, we will start the next friendly conversation!

So, what is the essence of resentment?

Resentment — IT reluctance to accept karmic lessons SO relevance for the development of your SOUL lesson you offer up with love and true compassion your karmic teachers.

At the same time, those people who are on you at the moment is now "offended" — is also the soul, who did not want to take the Karmic Lesson perfection of the soul, presented with love and compassion you!

Thus, from infancy to the end of the implementation (or to collective enlightenment) you are simultaneously Karmic pupil and teacher Karmic for anyone!

Thus, the offense — is a karmic knot "tied" as a result of freedom of your choice so that is how to respond to the lesson!

How is "tied" this karmic knot hurt?

Favorite, you have lived a lot of lives, getting a hobby or that valuable experience. As Disciples, you sometimes do things due to karma (violence, disrespect, in the wars, murders, etc.).

In this incarnation you bring into your precious DNA "suitcase unlearned lessons."

To realization you "negotiate" with your favorite soulmates on them to help you to catalyze the appropriate lesson (for example, a lesson on the adoption of masculinity or femininity, etc.). And it's all for you, taking it just like a lesson, could transform the experience of lower vibration, resulting in a past life, in love and awareness through the act of forgiveness and acceptance.

At the same time you agree on what lessons you is you, you can teach in a karmic Teachers!

And you, beloved, and your Karmic Partners Teachers come to this world!

Karmic Teachers appear in your life in the previously agreed time and synchronicity … taught a lesson!

If you do not accept it as a lesson, you encountered a deep denial of spiritual training — Insult!

Simple hint: if one party is offended — so lesson was for ONE!

If the two sides of the offense — the lesson of the Inter! Both of you, in that case, and a karmic students, teachers and karmic!

If the two sides "insulted" and did not take lessons, the most aggressive of what can happen on Gaia — this is war!

All wars — a fact the failure lesson!

Therefore, beloved, transform resentment is entirely appropriate as soon as possible, not nurturing ambitions of the ego-mind!

All wars, violence, aggressive mental and psychological attacks are related to the lack of a wise and loving Acceptance.

All karmic lessons can be resolved without bloodshed!

It is a gift of the New Age!

The old methods are no longer suitable, it is time to expand the Heart and Awareness!

Thus, the offense — an act of braking internal processes of individual and unique spiritual development.

Rather than accentuate the interior lesson in itself, man, in an election offense, projecting a negative on the Karmic teacher (s).

How could transform the offense and at the same time learn a lesson?

— Must be taken (as always, all universal and easy!) The fact that you have a particular grudge against the person, people, situations, etc.

— Observe (recall), as in effect hurt you to:

— physical layer (possibly imbalance in blood pressure, heart pain, stomach, liver, trembling body, insomnia, headaches, etc.);

— emotional level. Feel the emotion brings to you this particular resentment (anger, fear, frustration, and so on). It is advisable to work with a "wrong" in one sitting — Lessons in different cases may be different. Emphasizes luxury, quality, and not on the number of one-time transformations of insults!

— the mental level. Each offense carries a conviction of your "right" and the illusory "wrongness" of your Karmic Master. As expressed this conviction in your case? For example, "They (offenders) hurt me for no reason, because … (and so are your arguments to prove the consistency of your position at the time is now)."

— the energy level (in general). Observe, favorite, and try as far as possible, a willingness and desire to remember what the vibration characteristic of your particular injury. What a multidimensional image (sound, melody, song, drawing, taste, feel, smell, etc.) is in association with your offense? This is a fixed basic senses a deep connection to the offense level of vibration and memory cells.

For example, this may be the association offense: The image of the terrible, smelly, loud roaring lion tearing you to the painful part. Or the image of the sacrificial lamb. All individually, dear!

Why do I need to call these associative relationships?

First, in order to enable you to be in the transformation of the observer, not a participant events. You work with a deep internally, rather than scrolling painful memories over and over, living deep and severe pain, which may again harm your physiology and psychology. Immersive experience good in that case, if you already understand a lesson! Otherwise, you're totally immersed in the lesson that caused offense, run the risk of injury to a host of new, so long as you are still aware of lesson. And recovery can get complicated physiological! There may be tears of past wrongs, and the cries of angry thoughts, body pain! Think about it: Is it your method? Be alert, favorite! The return to a painful past can be an inefficient way to abuse your own making. Be gentle and careful in the experience of awareness to your body, with your mentality, with your energy!

Second, work with sensory images, the Association — this is how your mind-ego "sees" the unit grievance. Through the block image and enters the astral world your precious life energy. This image is the essence of a "hook" for the importance of this offense!

So, in your DNA, this offense committed and waiting … beginning of the transformation!

Favorite, now, after you have accepted the fact that you have a grievance, you have observed her trap and action for you, you are ready for further important step.

— If you feel that the moment of truth has come, then call upon your Higher Love Ya Give the intent of your readiness for a deeper, multidimensional work with this episode hurt.

— Take again the position of the observer, and, if the facts (not emotions!) Memory at your disposal, monitor step by step, how to develop a time "now" in the event of players (one of them, the last "you" do not equate themselves with Him).

— Soul Feel with all your every word and deed, and remember: The soul is wise, it "knows" how to estimate!) Maintain awareness. You will succeed easily if you are out for ratings!

— The next stage is called the Transformation of insight. It is a gift from your Higher Self! Once you have managed to consciously see all event outside of emotions and evaluations, you become aware of the cause-effect relationship of this episode!

This condition is also known as "JCE, looking from above" or "Higher Self, looking from above."

This is the position in the multidimensional LOVING OBSERVER, one who TRULY SEE OUT OF prejudices, pain and distraction in the form of estimates!

This position is an angel, watching over people!

And the angel of Man — have you, your higher self!

So, in a state of Higher Brainwave I show you what actually synchronicity and relevance was this lesson!

AWARENESS AND FORGIVENESS — is both multidimensional process!

Realizing you will see the wisdom and love, in fact, Compassion, which presented with this lesson!

Forgiveness is fully committed to this lesson and you will not come back if you feel the transformation on all levels of multi-dimensional:

— On the physical level you feel a surge of strength, free-breathing all over, Joy comes in your cells, awakening potential, hitherto dormant vitality. You have a great feel! Do you feel the rise of vitality!

— At the level of sensuality to you in return pendulum exhausting emotions came Feelings Eternity: Peace, Joy and Love! The song of your release and Thanks to all (including myself and all the others!) For these events, a lesson!

— On the mental level, you understand the essence of the lesson. Now you can easily and painlessly, without evaluation and emotions will be able to tell the story at any time in your life when it's appropriate and synchronicity!

— at the DNA level (general state of energy) you feel beautiful new high vibration of love!

So, after the transformation is what you call a miracle and a gift from the Self!

So what is this gift?

Let's go back to the DNA.

So, each of your Karmic Lesson enclosed in your precious DNA.

At the time of Transformation nizkovibratsionnaya shell unit called "Resentment" is dissolved, releasing the essence of lesson, with which you were born into this world. This feeling of Birth, New Birth!

Simultaneously, this naked lesson you realized and participants in the events, including you, say goodbye with all my heart.

Therefore, the energy of lesson is also transformed, but into what?

In your culture, there is a saying — "A holy place is never empty." We use this phrase to explain.

So, to replace the unit as a result of injuries complete forgiveness, and, therefore, acceptance and awareness of the essence of lesson comes not only liberation from the astral effect (loss of energy), not just the high vibrations, but also awakens the DAR, lying under the cover of a lesson!

Under the light of your Multidimensional Consciousness petals of this gift disclosed. And there … Power of Creativity, leading you down the road of Destiny! You are free from this tutorial, and you have progressed to the point realization!

Your offense was taking before your vitality. Forgiveness "patch up" energy holes.

Your overall energy vibrations to forgiveness and awareness was low.

After transformation, you soar. It is a fresh influx Highest vibration of love so I embrace you!

This is the Self even merged with your mind!

Resentment from you! "Ball and chain" and slowed down your path.

Now you can easily call to on whom you are "offended"!

And, having met you naturally smile at him! You naturally thank him in so far as it will synchronistically!

Perhaps, "he" (the one on whom you are "offended") will initially be surprised and wonder, "What happened to you? Why are you so different? "

But the energy level of their precious soul He feels this information Exemptions and Credits, Exemptions from Karmic node to you.

He — Your Karmic Master also available!

And now, if you both want to, you can become close friends with humor remembering your past "exploits"! Here it is — good! Here it is — Wisdom! Here it is — Awareness! Here it is — love!

All Karmic Master — is kindred spirits with love and compassion came to Gaya and also to catalyze your gift, hidden under the mask of your lesson! They freed you from certain karmic formations originating in many incarnations.

And now you are all free! For the World. Love for new creative ideas and turn them into Being! For Goodness and Wisdom!

You — God-Goddess, you — the Creator, you — an independent artist draws his life by your hand!

And it's wonderful, darling!

With Love, Mary Magdalene. Family of Light

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