Mass marine worms in Cincinnati

Recent heavy rains and breeding season is considered the main cause of death of earthworms in Ohio, Tri-State.

On Thursday morning, the residents saw an unusual sight — thousands of dead earthworms lying on sidewalks and porches.

Question Rick from West Chester. WLWT received the first notice of the problem from Rick of West Chester (West Chester).

"I think it started sometime yesterday afternoon, as I recall, I saw them yesterday morning," — wrote Rick.

Shortly after the e-mail Rick, Brian Hemrik — Reporter channel WLWT, began photographing thousands of worms that cover the neighborhood sidewalks, near his home in Florence.

After the first letter, more than 90 people have reported seeing the same thing: in Fairfield (Fairfield), in Mount Airy (Mount Airy), Pleasant Ridge (Pleasant Ridge), Independencia (Independence) and Sardinia (Sardinia). We even got a confirmation from our sister TV station in Louisville (Louisville), that their sidewalk is several hundred dead worms.

WLWT looked for a response, which could serve as a sudden mass death of worms.

Lee Townsend, an entomologist at the University of Kentucky, said that there could be three reasons: the recent heavy rains, the mating season or acidic soil.

Townsend said the rain and the mating season — is the most likely cause. During the mating season, the worms rise from the ground and can be stuck on surfaces such as pavement, where they remain to die.

Translation: Alex Crete

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