Master Jesus Christ — About Shares «Opening Portals Unconditional Love on Earth»

Soon, I and the Angels in the second Ray of Love will open portals (Gates) Unconditional Love, Love forgiving. This is the message I transmit to you here and now advance. Favorite, it is a great joy in my heart and in your hearts! This event has long been realized in thin planes (the spiritual world) Earth. Now, beloved, it is beginning to be realized in a more dense plane (our material world) … In your plan, dear family.

Linear time — it's an illusion, but as long as you consciously practice it, it will still be with you. But even now changing. It accelerates its move not notice it anymore.

Unconditional Love will open portals to our side of the veil (from the spiritual world into the consciousness of people will begin to flow the flow of energy of unconditional love.) Many of the Masters of Light and Love will take part in this beautiful and divine act of creation.

What are the portals of Unconditional Love, which is it?

is very strong in its energy properties flows Unconditional Love. These flows are concentrated in an oval shape with a double cross in the center, form a figure eight. In the center of the figure eight (or any other symbol of Mobius) is a point (output) the life-giving energy from us to you

Opening Portals scheduled throughout Mother Earth, but their main concentration will be in the big cities, where people live more of our families.

In this act of Unconditional Love Russia plays a major role.

For a long time Russia has played a critical role in the Earth's planetary stage. Russia — is the Heart of Lady Gaia (Earth) … The heart of spirituality.

A place in which will open portal is ready already and waits until a signal from you. Yes, that's on you, dear! It is you who have expressed their intention to the collective level of the Self (at the level of our Souls) the arrival of Unconditional Love …

Portals will open October 15, 2012 and will stay in the open for 72 hours. During this time (72 hours), each of you has the opportunity to participate in the collective action of Unconditional Love. This action is called "Opening the Portals of Unconditional Love in the Heart" …

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