Memoto — publish their life every 30 seconds!

Layfloggery — people who are trying to capture your life as much detail. To do this, they use cameras, cameras, as well as their own social networking pages. And if before they can be recognized from the photo and video equipment in the hands and on his head, then in 2013 they will have a new way to photograph their lives and spread a network every 30 seconds! And to help them with this wonderful device Memoto. But most importantly, we can all become part of life, without even knowing it …

Days of life, most of us are divided into those that should always remember — weddings, births, or a fascinating journey, and the ones that are filled with daily chores and therefore, tend to be forgotten.

Representatives of the fast growing movement layfloggerov trying to remember if not, then at least to document absolutely every detail of your life — every minute. New technologies allow them to spread in the Internet details of their existence every 30 seconds.

Soon the general sale will be a tiny camera that will be attached to clothing and tell the world about every movement of its owner. Then, apparently, the army layfloggerov will grow even faster.

Fans argue that layflogging allows them to create a perfect archive, accessible at any time and for any purpose — relive the exciting moment or just to remember where they put the car keys.

Critics like a lifestyle reminiscent of a voluntary immersion in a world described by George Orwell in his novel "1984? with its "Big Brother", where "supervised" turns every step of the person.

Layfloggery not want to miss a single detail — the photo or video should remain their mood, facial expressions, the way they sleep, eat, or play sports.

While publicly broadcast their lives to the whole world have ventured a few, although their number is growing rapidly. Many hold concerns that laying too much information, they risk becoming victims of fraud or extortion.

However, this raises another question, which concerns the right to privacy of thousands of friends and colleagues layfloggerov, and just random passers-by, which do not have to share their passion.

So far layfloggeram had to carry on a digital camera or camcorder, which hide was almost impossible. That is, in most cases the surrounding realize that they are removed. Newer devices may be mounted in sunglasses and nevertheless, produce images and sound quality.

The following year, the sale should appear Memoto device no bigger than a postage stamp, which are fastened to clothing and automatically take pictures every 30 seconds.

Every time you recharge the pictures are automatically published on the Internet. Each picture will be provided with an indication where (determined by GPS) and when he was done.

So, even if you're not a fan of motion layfloggerov, you are completely immune to the fact that every step will be recorded and uploaded to the Internet by one of your friends or passers-by. Fears of skeptics that we are, as a result, can be monitored in real time, may not be unfounded.

It seems that privacy will soon forget.



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