Message from Archangel Michael

With you now for the last 10-12 days (September) occur and will be some of the events that can be interpreted by your mind (person), your experience of living — it is not in perspective and not in those vibrations, which would be more gracious to undergo this experience.

Yes, you can take this experience as you like.
But we found it necessary to explain what is happening now.

A new wave of light that came in September and which is widening, pushes you to a higher level of awareness, forcing pass, clear past lives, parallel incarnation and life that you do not remember, because they were not lived by you, and you have particles ( Personalities past your soul) in far away from you as it seems, the Universe.

But now it is accepted that we are here on earth, you better quality can work through this experience and fill it with those vibrations, which can not be filled, are incarnated elsewhere (in past lives).

Now this wave (energy) brings to the surface, like pieces of foam and mud, a lot of negative experience (past life). This is accompanied by physical pain, since any experience — it is blocked at the DNA level and feels like a failure to undergo energy in your physical body — this is reflected in pain, either sharp or wearing rheumatoid nature, or may be accompanied by a sharp spasm. This is especially true pain in the heart.

How do you react to this point?

You should understand that at this point you have no pain, you — have a new wave of light (radio frequency energy), you have a new greeting from mentors, from teachers, from your Soul and Monad (aka Soul), you — get a push light . And be grateful to this thrust, the pain and manifestations.

If the pain becomes unbearable, it is desirable to understand what is happening and to harmonize with the pain.

That means — harmonized?

Do not try to remove it, or throw out, or to make some extra practice.

Will be much more effective if you are taking what is happening to you in the physical, miss it like a wave through it, with gratitude revealing the places in which you feel the clips.

Suppose you have grabbed the heart of a very sharp pain …
You — spring for validolom, or even for what is …

But we need to — just understand that you now have a new impetus Light (high-energy).
And before you present yourself … you open the front of the push light (energy). And you can give it a quality of tenderness Love of Source, the Source of Light (the parent of God). And you miss the push of light (energy) by themselves, noting their attention is the place where you have had a stroke or painful jaw pain.

If you vibrate is aching feet or limbs, the same thing, you try to imagine — not a ray of light, you try to imagine — a cloud of light, consisting of Absolute Love (God) of your expressions of love to her. And giving money to this cloud, as it were, the inner eye, wrapped in space vibrations that Light and say, "I accept any changes directed towards me for good. I call The Creative Light, Light Passing the Light ascended. I take this light with love and gratitude. I'm ready for the changes that are coming to me and I am happy with these changes and ask, and I want them to take the most comfortable and benevolent way. "

In this way you allow … you remove the lock of your DNA, you remove the memory lock muscles you relax what you call pain.

This is what I wanted to say in physics your body to pain.

Very well the relationship with the Earth.
If you can afford it, are in contact with water, with the earth, the sun and the air.

Especially — with water.
Water — no chlorine, and water is a natural source.
You go into the water and say, "I passed through a moisture-blessed my land. I take a health with every drop of this water. I accept the healing. "

Do you have a fairy tale: "live" and "dead" water.

And when you enter the water of natural properties, you sound out affirmations that it is — a "living" water.

If you have, there are some on the body sores, blisters, or anything else — at the moment it is the output of the block, do not go through the internal organs, and go through the exterior.

In this case, you must first wash these areas with water, which you attach to affirmation of the properties of "dead" water, and then you wash with water, which is committed to the quality of "living" water.

You can over this water also read the prayer "Our Father", to be assured of the quality of its impact.

I repeat: No water should be chlorinated. And it can not be boiled.
This is — the water source. Please find a clean water source.
In your places of residence for sure there is a source where you can collect this water.
Or, if you have such luck — Have time to this time of year to bathe in the open source. Open sources more energy they can give more power at the time of stay of the person in them.

What I still want to draw your attention.
Above all, what was said earlier about the state of mind, can I draw your attention to the following. Those who bore the face of the first (who previously started cleaning all the bodies) or someone raised in the first wave of the series: you can feel the confusion of your emotional, mental and other bodies. You suddenly notice … you suddenly find yourself at a point of chaos, as you think.
And beginning to view their field, cause, you see that either you have lost interest in some dramatic cases, or you've lost what is called understanding.
And you ask yourself: what is happening at the moment?
And your logical mind (person) does not tell you the decision.
And that you can fall into a condition called panic.

In this case, when you have such a condition occurs, the "top" it looks: a mixture of your fields of manifestation, the space forms — as if it were a piece of paper, crumpled and wrinkled.
But, you do not live in the same space. You build around a lot of space, and in this set, you actually are in the center.

Imagine that you have the space of manifestation: the society, creativity, interaction with other people … communication space, space … and I can call the other spaces. You already own, I see … you already own to finish building this space …

So, when you submit to a new level of energy (increased vibration and increases the amount of energy), the new site creation (there are new spiritual power) … you need on this site, when you feel that the space mixed up and you can not what to monitor, and you can not clearly focused in these spaces … you — stop your mind you — stop your mental activity (internal conversations and reflections), you — quiet and — starting internally contemplate these spaces …

Imagine "Daisy" in the center where you are located and these petals — this is your space, and your task is to spread these petals so that they do not overlap each other and give each its volume.
But this is not enough. You petals — not flat, you petals — dimensional.
And you have in each space — set direction vector.

Let's say you have a job. And you now realize that you washed up on the other wave, something mixed up and you have a sense of chaos …
You — get in the middle and look at the space, which takes you and associate you with the word "work." You — watch this space, you like, schedule approximate boundaries of the space.
Please do not put clear limits, because it is a limitation that you absolutely do not need. You — just indicates the area: here — your work. In this area, you can set goals that you are now interested in the area — and this is the direction vector of the space.

You talk a lot about the sphericity.
And you can create these spaces in the form of spheres.
But now — just for this short period of time — it was nice having a vector orientation.
Why is short — I'll explain later.
Here — Jobs and I ask myself — here are the objectives in this space.

Please, in these spaces, put your goals in their areas, at least until October 10. Put only a month. Now — just one month.
Then, you — viewing area of interaction with a loved one and the same bet.
You — not drawn another person understand. You — just create a space of their personal manifestation in this part of relationships:
"I manifest itself in terms of relationship with someone that's so and so …. It takes that amount here … And I ask the vector of these relations … "
You — asking the vector that you want in the relationship.

And so quiet, in a meditative mode, you view all of your spaces.
For those who have discovered a very large channel, those who feel channeling support, you can call their teachers, their higher selves (Soul), its monadic tree (individual teacher to past lives of his soul, if you remember your past lives) in the creation of this space.

What if in the inner vision you will see the overlap of these spaces?

Do this as gently as possible overlap. That is: your work can spill over into a relationship with someone you love, if you work together or you have created a business partner relationship. And, just as they can space relationship with a loved one slowly flow into the space recreation, space travel.
Does not distinguish between hard, take the opportunity to flow, set of possible transitions from one space to another freely.

Why do I say that it is necessary to specify a space, display space is now?

Because when there is wave after wave (new energy), wave after wave, it is possible that some will remain at this level of manifestation, and some wave of Light will raise even higher (increase the level of spiritual development, up to the level of the Teacher).
And then, your "daisy", as we call it, it will undergo changes.
And you, being in the state and in the sense of "crumpled space ', you will again need to stretch and fill their space is determined by the movements and fill them again determined energies.
And just like that, it's creation — happens all the time, as soon as you go to some notch.

And I need to say in front of this audience, that what you're doing — you're doing just for the benefit of themselves. You do and manifest these spaces — only for the benefit of themselves. And you fill every space that you are doing: their light, their love and love of the Absolute.

And I continue, because we have agreed with the contactee's another topic that is now lost. I will briefly explain what that is still very important in the manifestation here and now, except for the creation of their Spaces.

My dear, my beloved angels embodied (soul).
I turn to you and I want you to notice that the Game Experiment (Duality on Earth) … The game ends.
Game — beautiful, Game — wise, the game — a lot of tier.
And now, when you come, almost to the very finish, you many have a feeling of tiredness, feeling … sometimes even despair and feeling very, very long journey.
But do not misunderstand me. Understand what I want to convey: the end of the road always seems very, very hard. But … when you — to dwell on what you call the finish line … when you have washed your feet … you eat … you meet friends … and is just, maybe just half an hour and you ask: "Are you willing to take this path again ? '.
And many of you will say that they are ready to set off.

What I now call upon you?

I call on all the forces that you have to move forward in the path for the movement of his soul (personality), the movement of his Monad (Soul). Send to the path to where you already see, and he cherishes — the Source of Light (the parent of God).
So, if you want to take this path with a smile, pass happy and high notes of creation, I am writing to you with a request and a reminder: any negative emotions associated with the discussion, the lack of censure or something, you take away much more power than steps forward.

And your goal — not to stop, considering stones and discussing why they are on the road. Your goal — closer to the Source (God Parents), to where you are, then … maybe once … appreciate that step taken over rocks or rock out of the way, it is — much more important than the gossip to stop people around these rocks.
I ask to send all the power of your Soul (Person) to move forward.

Remember why you came here, why, and what promises you gave themselves when going down and you want to see at the end of your movement.

So, if you have the opportunity, and if you have a great desire to waste energy on it to stay? Or, do you wish to co-create your perfect — you move forward?

And, believe me, the time has now come a time that create the perfect lighter than stop.
I invite you to move continuously, up to the Source (God Parents), I invite you to where you are invited to your souls. Right now I have finished and if there are issues that are not more than three.

How to align yourself with your loved ones at this time, when they do not understand what's going on?

The fact is that those souls who currently are close to you in the world, they are each their own way. You do not go on the same road, you do not go on the same path.
Yes, you go to the Source (God Parents). But each goes his own way. This — as a map, on which the caravans are on different paths. And anyone can go — one day, and someone will go — thirty days, and someone will go — thirty years to the same destination.

And, stop, or adjust, a pleasure to catch up with someone — no. Need to tune in to their own rhythm to their own heartbeat, you need to tune into your soul, and it will show the level of traffic — just for you.
Now you do not need anyone to pull, no need for anyone to run and not have to stay with someone. This — not the task of your Soul.

Just as, crushing on someone, making feeble person running next to you, did you bring a benefit? Or, if your feet can not run as fast as his legs to run the Olympic champion, is your heart rate will be useful run?

Please choose a comfortable ride and walk concentrated themselves on their way, and others — look at you, and perhaps by adjusting themselves, I emphasize — for yourself, for your rhythm, or fall behind, but when you meet, meet where there was appointment.

Pain that occur in a given period of migration, which their validity, whether they transient?

It depends on those blocks that you set yourself mentally (mentally). It depends on how your mind (personality) prevails over your heart (soul). And some of it depends on the DNA changes that are regulated only watch curators. Do you adjust these settings changes in DNA can not.
Each of you — is unique, but the setting, which I have spoken, and the actions that can be done, what would mi simple they may seem, it works in all cases.
In some people, there is a change in three days, some of this will take more than 10 days, some it lasts for hours. It depends on the experience of each, and to say specifically for each is very difficult. But if you allow to hear the voice of your heart, soul and voice of your Higher Self (Soul), they tell you to solve each one individually.
Ask, ask and you will be given, and will hand you an answer.
Within an hour — not advisable. Your body can not sustain the level of pain. Each is given a period when the pain, if it exists, was comfortable.

Do I understand that the formation of the spaces we create the manifest until October 10, and after 10 in our linear time, in October there will be some other settings that we need to go back to this creation?

Until October 10 — is the maximum mood that you are doing.
Do you, personally, you, or someone else, it may happen so that you will have to rebuild and customize fields in three-four-five-six days.
That is, the setting needs to be done when you feel that your margins are crushed, or they have to have a very hard edges, which also allows them to be fluid and fully manifested in the vibrations, which now go to the Earth.

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