Message from Ashtar and El Morya on programmable chip

This letter states, and the latest news on the Crystalline Grid land: what was done, what the consequences, what is planned and what we can help the forces of Light.

"Let's start our conversation in order. Order our joint report to be global processes occur both in space and on Earth. Nevertheless, the center of reference, the focus was still the planet Earth and all changes to it. Kosmos was in this If only the center of the expression changes of the planet Earth. This means that all the changes were planned for the Earth according to the logic of its internal multi-dimensional development of the New Reality Corridor, and launched from space. So at Earth were sent to the necessary changes to its energy- flows, which gave the opportunity to the Earth and its inhabitants started its multi-dimensional growth.

Lightworkers these days feel failures of their physical bodies. Many felt the serious ailments. Feel like their bodies are going through a lot of energy. It is no coincidence, as it faced a Lightworker and based on the work of extracting energy-luggage transferred to the planet. And by extracting and classifying the resulting energoinformatsiyu, Lightworker carefully began to pass it on to all the inhabitants of the planet Earth. Not an easy process and non-linear, so the reaction is different for different people — from mild rhinitis to dizziness and even … unconscious. Yes, there were possible and such manifestations. However, we want to reassure you: such ailments were of short duration, not exceeding the duration of the week — namely, from the 5th to the 12th of September.

Came to power are composed of a lot of new knowledge and skills, multi-dimensional and multi-dimensional perception of knowledge. Nature of the new knowledge and skills EXACTLY multidimensional. It is very important to understand. The key to knowledge in the same place and the knowledge itself — deep in your Heart Space, in your heart of the sacral — organ multidimensional vision / vision / perception. Always remember this, dear angels!

Many of you have shown in the last 7 days are very important qualities — patience and balance. Did you know that your well-being — a consequence of working with energy. And took it calmly and with dignity. You have received and met energoinformatsiyu with all the wisdom that is inherent in you as a Lightworker. This allows us to talk about you as a mature and conscious Lightworkers. You got at the moment energoinformatsiyu full awareness of its unique role and mission, you have accepted it, as befits a conscious Lightworkers — carefully and with love. We thank you for your desire and intention to go further selected by the development of the planet Earth fifth dimension. It is important for you to know: you are not alone in your quest and in its multidimensional development, we — WITH YOU, AND YOU — U.S., YOUR detachment of subtle support! What's more — you now works not only all the large variety of energies. Steadily increasing number of creatures of Light, who came to earth to help you in your AMAZING quantum transition in your unique Ascension!

Lightworkers! Telling you about the programs the Crystals RCC, we want you to understand the depth of the processes going on within you and the planet Earth. All sounds in the Oneness of Being, and this is the main starting point of today's story.

Dear friends!

There comes a point of interest in our story. You need to know about the near future and to fully understand the processes. You were introduced to the nodes or, more precisely, programmable crystal, which was given to carefully tune in to a particular job and to implement it in your space-time continuum. This was done by the Family of Light and embodied Lightworkers around the world — for the past two weeks. This work has been done, this step is completed.

The next step in the convergence of the PC will be Holy Fire in them, which make an important point in their migration. However, for the descent of Holy Fire before it was necessary to start up the Fiery system of multilayer Thors (MT) Planet Earth (for a better view, the system can be compared to a conventional switch, which stands between the source of electricity and household appliance). It is possible to start the processes of Fire power supply. Life-giving fire descends into all of the Planetary VALUES — Planetary Crystalline Grid system and Multilayer Thors. First, there is a start of the MT, and only then the Living Fire via PC falls in planetary Crystalline Grid. So, the PC acts in this process as a link between the energy of the Fire and Planetary Crystalline Grid.

You can see that the processes of multidimensional layered. And they are not linear, they go to the sphericity, although there is a definite cause-and-effect relationship going on. But, in accordance with the laws of sphericity, the reason may keep up the investigation, and vice versa. There is no signs of bears, on the contrary, evidence of harmony arising processes. Because the internal logic of these processes is multidimensional and mnogoprostranstvenna. And as long as you find it difficult to observe the whole picture.

Now you relevant in the present moment of your life to listen to the processes that occur in you and get confirmation happening in your heart space. Processes seen you all now are, unique in its breadth, depth — coverage. It is impossible to understand the human mind processes all the universe, because they truly depth, change and livelihoods of you as citizens of planet Earth, and the conditions for the existence of many beings in other parts of the universe.

You became multidimensionality last two weeks, do not notice that. Your bodies are beginning to take a whole new set of frequencies of energy, set a clean energy than before. This is not strange to many, many perceive this development as relevant and harmonious. And this is the correct approach to all the changes. Harmonious way you start to enter a new process of balancing your body in a partial run of the Fire energy of planet Earth. Understand the system of the Fire energy is coming to replace the conventional system of chakras — both the planet and the human. And it is — a reality! This is not the reality of the future, and not even the next day. It is already there! And this is partially working.

Getting back to the PC, which started our conversation, we want to point out that their role in the setting of the Planetary Crystalline Grid is great. They will be the ones "tuning forks", which passed through his life-giving structure fire, will give new life to the Planetary Crystalline Grid-144. Thus, at the time of convergence of Holy Fire in the crystal lattice, will begin full activation of PKR-144.

The process will be started and completed it only closer to December 2012.

In the meantime, turn to another important aspect of the functioning of the PC.

That is programmed crystals, giving the command activated PKR-144, at the time the command will activate and Planetary Crystalline Grid-999-999 BIOENERGOMATRITSE! And for this purpose by the PC will have to undergo major changes. They will have the time of his transformation to find their "I". What does it mean to program a crystal?

And that means finding your true multidimensional multilayer structure. PC to go through the process of regaining all of its aspects and all its parts in different dimensions. At the moment the PC is only your fourth dimension, as disconnected from its multidimensional aspects. This detachment was conducted intentionally authors Great Experiment on Earth — to maintain the purity of the experiment in duality. PC names are those final points, the final chord that disconnect your world, the Earth fourth dimension, from the sources of domestic energy supply by switching your energy on your ability to live outside of the Sun!

Programmers crystals immersed in your world of four-density. They played an active role in creating a "veil." They took part in the programming duality matrix.

That they were the energetic and crystalline arrangements that made it at the time when the Earth was part of the dense material layers in the Grand Experiment.

Crystals of the programming, lost in duality with you, have been deprived of their aspects. What is now in question? First of all, that they were separated from their multi-dimensional parts of the 5 th, 6-th and 7-th measurement. The task of the Family of Light, at this stage — to return these pieces that are programmed crystals are entering a new reality is qualitatively different from its multidimensional framework. Thus, the return of multi-dimensional programs the crystals, we denote as a problem … NUMBER TWO .. Because there is a number one priority to be done before.

What are we talking about?

We already told you that is programmed crystals meet and are responsible for "horizontal communication for connection in parallel probabilistic worlds. They have incorporated into their "I" experience not only your world. In their multi-crystalline structure contains the experience of many worlds and many of probabilities. Our task, under the guidance of an intergalactic Services Laertes, led by the high-priest of the Order of the Blue Rose Sirius gathered all this experience in The Energy-ONE PACKAGE and make it part of our future EXPERIENCE A NEW REALITY. We have to hold it in the same time-space corridor which is now Gaia all forms of planetary life. If you use a metaphor, we can not leave energoinformatsiyu PC in the "old apartment", while they themselves are moving to the "new home".

Thus, the transfer of the special programs the energoinformatsii Crystal Corridor in the new reality — it's the number one. And only then begin the return of their multidimensionality.

And only then can we begin the following, the third task. And, again, it's about the return of programs the Crystals Planetary Crystalline Grid of some important parts of the … Oh! It is very, very important part — especially for men. But, of course, not only for the people.

The fact that 17 years ago, 5000 PC gave some of his parts for … improvement!

Dear Friends! Please understand that we are using metaphors. In fact actually is programmed crystals — living crystalline substance. And it is likely, we can not carry on the one part and the genes! On the unusual crystalline genes — as part of the genetic structure of the PC.

Each of the 32 programs the Crystals voluntarily gave his special gene for it to additional harmonization, FOR IMPROVEMENT FOR HIS DIVINE NEW PROGRAM!

Now 32 crystal gene returned the bodies of their Crystals. After that, the higher plane they unite and form a new multi-crystalline genotype. Then immediately begins a new stage in the creation of the human genome and MULTIVARIATE CERTAINLY MULTIVARIATE PLANETARY genome as DIVINE DEVELOPMENT OF ALL FORMS planetary life.

It carries you, people? What changes? Oh! Great changes are coming for you, embodied angels from the Great Central Sun. Will begin to change your genetics — as a multidimensional and physical. In particular, it will manifest in the future, is that people will have eliminated the so-called "gene aging" in human genetics will be unlocked many of the genetic programs necessary for its development as a cosmic man, as a spiritual and intelligent species — a multidimensional and mnogoprostranstvennogo .

So, you realize that you are programmed to work with the crystal — is not only work with the planetary Crystalline Grid. — An important part of the light work, which aims at creating a new multi-dimensional human genome, a new multi-dimensional planetary genome.

In the near future you will receive specific instructions for further work with the programs the crystal! One of the stages of embodied Lightworkers be for 21-22 September. This work may join those who have our information finds a chord in the heart.

Dear friends!

We are moving with you further in the opening theme PC. Crystals programmers develop. They are not static, they change and grow. We have great pleasure to inform you about working with the Planetary Crystalline Grid, and invite you to co-creation!

On behalf of the Family of Light

With love,

Ashtar Sheran and El Moria

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