MESSAGE FROM Kryon 25. 09. 12.

Why do some of us love to travel, and some people like to be in one place? They both feel comfortable. Why is that?

Flowers and Bees (homebodies and travelers).

Today we will talk with you about your individual energy characteristics. This refers to the gifts of the Age of Transition — the propagation of light.

Expensive, many of you are what we call "color." It is those of you who live in a certain geographic area, adjusted for certain waves of Gaia (Earth), feels himself here "at home" (Kryon smile), open heart (soul) and set up the Centre — Anchoring (fixed) power points. Where lives this conscious person being created Space of Love and Creativity. Permanence residence creates flower light shining codes Transfiguration of Gaia (Earth), peeled and creativity.

People-Flowers have excellent sensitivity: They do not feel comfortable during long trips, frequent changes of places. They are well aware that your anchor light from the Higher Self (Soul) and Family (Hierarchy of Light), can only be extended resonance with Gaia in particular (their native) geographical location. Native — so resonant, that speaks to the heart (heart) Love and sense of home (Eden, Kingdom of Heaven). People-color created (subject to an extended stay at least a year in the same place) kilometers of the Transfiguration of the field. At this auric space entirely "accidental" are the people who in person with the "Flower" get emotional support, inspiration, emotional healing and codes memories of his divine destiny.

People-color when you move to a new (umestnoe!) place create their vibrational space of Love. This usually takes about forty days. Then, after the main anchoring (fixing), come from the energy of the Higher Self (Soul) and the family (the Hierarchy of Light.) Begins what is the purpose — to bring the light: accepted (energy) codes Gaia, elementals (nature spirits), friends, mentors, etc. This is a fairly subtle energy processes, which need to learn the silence, peace and awareness of their destination. Therefore, the frequent crossings "Flowers" not feeling well: not finish anchoring in one place, they have to create more and more space, which finally has found fade. In humans, there is a sense of the Flower "unfinished business", deteriorating physical health, energy exchange with Gaia breaks, etc. Therefore, the "Flowers" more "couch potatoes", rather than "avid travelers." But this does not mean that they do not move, do not wander. The fact that they perfectly feel that a certain geographical place needs anchoring and feel that the former space of his (human) "pushes" and the new — "Calling".

Expensive, and there is among you "Multidimensional Wanderers." We present a metaphor. Imagine a bee that pollinates many, many flowers. These people are in need of frequent change places. They do not Anchors Light, but spread the information, while earning a new one. "Bees" are moved from one space of light, where there is a "Flower", to the other, connecting the area anchoring and making movement of Knowledge. Call of the transfer of information and energy codes from one place to another force is instinctive and called for the "Multidimensional Wanderer." "Travelers' miss, living in the same place, because they feel that way do not live a full life, not fully perform its mission — to spread the light.

Thus, the "Flowers" create energy-information field of the light, and the "Bees" spread the knowledge and data codes for Gaia (Earth). And all this is done in accordance with the laws of synchronicity. Anchor light and bring light — two essential mission of Humanity in the Age of Transition.

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