Message from Kuthumi

"I inform you that a month, this 3D body to heal humanity and the Earth has been passed successfully."

Let me remind you what it is about. The Message from Kuthumi July 26, 2012 said:

"From 25.07.2012, the order of the Higher Father / Mother (Prime Creator — Ra and Surya) from Galactic Central Sun (Nibiru, also known as Alcyone), the Milky Way galaxy to the solar system and the earth, he served Healing energy dense bodies and, therefore, all the dense bodies of living creatures of the earth.

Time (terrestrial standards) for recovery of the dense body of the Earth, given to very few (one calendar month). Such rapid healing of the planetary bodies was not in the same star system. Therefore be used to cure all known methods of healing, as well as new techniques developed by the highest civilization.

At this time, it will increase a thousandfold in the power supply system of the Earth chakra, chakra system of the person will also receive these energies. Through the Arkhangelsk and the angelic realms, the energy will be in maximum mode, each being allocated to the process of healing took place in harmony and as painlessly as possible (Who on earth among ordinary shower-Angels are incarnated souls, almost all the Archangel of the Earth, of which since the beginning of our planet was 7 +49. energy healing initially receive Soul incarnated angels and archangels, which then sends them to heal their physical bodies).

Since this process is applied to all at the same time (for all energy bodies + physical body), so humanity will experience symptoms of physical "illness". Healing will be held on all the chakras, that is, will be treated with the mental (the energy body shape emotions Person), astral (the energy body develop a sense of the Soul), essential (the energy body is connected to the physical body) and the physical body, and at the same time.

A person with medical treatment may experience the following "symptoms":

— in the mental body can go "outside" the negative thoughts of denial, grief, despair, etc.

— the astral body may appear deeply hidden emotions of irritation, anger, frustration and apathy.

— in the etheric and physical bodies there are clear signs of physical illness. People with chronic diseases of the body, the symptoms in these authorities will intensify. Appears very tired body. Different people will take it in different ways.

I want to say that the "ascending" humanity will have to make more healing in a shorter period of 1-2 weeks.

In nevoznosyaschihsya that have strong distortion of bodies, there may be deaths. This, unfortunately, can not be avoided.

In the process of healing, of course, will not be able to recover the lost human organs. Although, there will be cases full recovery of lost internal organs, especially in young children, in which the body was missing or was removed during the operation.

Now I want to go to the advice that can facilitate the flow of this process:

— Rest as much as possible, are closer to nature. If you can, take the (special) leave for the period, not to load the body hard work during this period. Sleep more during this period, the physical body will need enough sleep (at least 8 hours).

— less see on TV, on the Internet, transmission (movies) negative sense, which can destroy the equilibrium of the mental and astral body.

— rarely use household appliances that generate high-frequency waves, and do not wear them on the body.

— with symptoms of physical illness, do not try to be treated with medication and other artificial means, and use only natural products with strong pains. Once again, if symptoms of physical illness, malaise, better get some sleep.

— Use what you know techniques to improve the health of bodies.

— If you are using artificial devices, devices for the health (glasses, hearing aids, crutches, etc.), then try for a while without them, because at this time will increase domestic reserves for cures of these bodies.

— makes daily hygiene — is a necessary condition for recovery.

— Do not take foods that contain substances harmful to the body, supplements, drink lots of water, preferably from live sources or purified, using ecological methods.

"The bodies of the Earth 3D format and humanity completely cured. This is a great achievement for the universe, such a short time to achieve complete healing of bodies 3D format. 3D body are fully prepared for the Rapture (to further crystallization of the physical body).

-(Vulcan) Master Kuthumi, and why is not felt in the physical health of the body, but on the contrary, especially in the beginning of September, increased symptoms of disease, and began to emerge and social problems, which is known to be closely associated with the physical health of mankind, I notice not only for itself, but also in the environment, the community?

From September 2 to Earth came a new wave of Ascension (energy) from the beginning (of the Prime Creator of Ra, who created and oversees the galaxy) with new training programs for Ascension. This allowed already healed 3D bodies of the Earth and humanity, are at a very high frequency of the timeline (this concept was explained to you Arcturians), accept (merge) with its 3D parallel aspects (for parallel aspects of the Soul Personality refers to past lives. Transition From the beginning, these personality left their parallel spiritual worlds of Earth and now everyone is in the Temple of the Soul, which is located in the brain near the pineal gland) for further cure of these time lines (When the Soul is a new incarnation, its personality from past lives begin to re-live their lives in the parallel worlds of the spiritual world of the Earth. in their lives they can be ill, receive various injuries, commit negative actions. Newcomers energy from Prime Creator designed to heal these individuals so that they could easily ascend to the soul). This became possible only after complete cure 3D solids main timeline (our present bodies).

So that, my dear, everything that mankind feels the beginning of September, is the accepted nizkovibratsionnym experience 3D solids parallel aspects (we felt the disease and the problems of their past lives) and is also in need of healing. It is temporary, once again, temporarily suspended the process of increasing the vibration of the earth. This process can be compared to "lifting a sack of potatoes" on their shoulders, in the beginning, when you lift — hard, then you get used to load and you can go. Earth and to humanity "shouldered" over the "bag problem" left untreated, parallel 3D aspects (past life).

Therefore you acknowledge that all the symptoms of the diseases that you feel (and some people may even be symptoms of diseases of which they had never been) — are symptoms of your illness parallel 3D aspects (the other person your soul from past lives) that are only You will be able to heal his more high-vibration, condition.

The mere knowledge of it will help you pass this way at the time of the Ascension (vanishing point) and give you more energy for healing. Of course, I want to remind you that the treatment of the old methods of 3D you in this case does not help, it does not help and your parallel aspects (the other person your soul from past lives can heal the energy of unconditional love.) Therefore, follow the advice, data previously to cure the main time line (see above).

I want to wish you come to the point of the Ascension with the "empty bag of problems", and also extend the support beams of the scope of Angels and Archangel (from Shower-Shower-Angels and Archangels).

Thank you, your Kuthumi.

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