Message from Metatron on quantum transitions and Ascension

"In 2012, will shift our dimension of reality of the phenomenal world third major-overtone toward the Fourth Dimension, the fourth octave. With the ascension of humanity of the Earth to a higher level of consciousness, all lower overtones than our third major overtone, will also rise together with us. This means that the "lower worlds" that lie in the frequency range below our world will be able to start moving into the 4th Dimension. And probably, we all met there, though it may be, we will go the same way in different overtones of the 4th Dimension and the inhabitants do not see now existing with us on Earth — Mayan, Aztec, Inca, and others — but at a lower overtone than our world.

At Ascension people without dying physically, in his dense body moves from third major-overtone third octave (third dimensional reality) in the third major overtone 4th octave (The Reality of the Fourth Dimension), ie, a forced shift by one full octave. This will be possible in the quantum transition when the external disturbance — photonic front of radiant light, the high spiritual energy — will come to Earth and will pass through all of reality on all its planes of existence. "

It should be noted that Ascension will take place in several stages — some peaks of mass ascension, and one and are scheduled for 12 (21) December 2012. But despite this, there are isolated cases of Ascension from the middle of the summer.

If a person is ascending in human society, then at his ascension, he just disappears in front of the people around him — they will cease to notice it, but he can safely see them, and did not even understand what was going on. That is the law of interaction between 4 and 5 dimensions.

After that ascended feel like it attracts a portal that will take it to one of the three worlds: Maldenu — our land after the Ascension, or one of the two additional 3D worlds.

Next to it is the choice to either stay there or Go back to the world, or to become a lightworker and help pass ascension ostalnymu humanity, or to live their lives, but in the new world.

"This event will be combined with another — the fall of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. These two factors will lead to the fact that almost all of the elements of the periodic table, which make up our physical, phenomenal world, will accelerate its vibration. Consequently, the physical and chemical composition bodies of humans, animals and plants will begin to change, there will be the transmutation — the atoms will adjust, synchronize at a higher frequency photon front.

Not at all, this process will be affected equally. Pure spiritual people will easily adapt to the high frequency of the photon front, their bodies adapt and modify the chemical composition of its elements. Then they will present in full consciousness or partial stupor, but it will return to consciousness after crossing the Great Void (interface overtones Realities of measurement).

Some people, it is not sinful, unable to synchronize with the new frequency will die physically, their consciousness asleep and wakes up as early as the 3rd major key overtone of the 4th Dimension (according to new data such people do not die, but will rise to one of two additional 3D worlds). There they were met by the people who have gone the Ascension, retaining physical body and soul, has long gone, but that earned her past life and the possibility of the meeting waiting for this hour "in the next world." The souls of these people will begin to materialize in the body Indigo children who will be born in the new world is the 4th dimension to the Aryan man, the former Fifth Race. This transition will be children of the Aryan race to the divine-human. But the children of Indigo children will already be full owners of this new world, the 6th race.

People with severe pathology of spiritual, moral, or even dark soulless, hopeless sinners will not be able to tune out the high frequency vibrations around them shining light, and probably just physically die. After passing the cleaning process, their souls will disassemble or at all, or be transferred to the path of further reincarnation and life in another galaxy, similar to the Earth, another three-dimensional world, but probably there will be a guise of some other, and life is still difficult and full of problems survival …

Three Days of Darkness.

When passing through the boundary between octaves — Reality Worlds 3rd and 4th dimension — there will be three and a half days of darkness and emptiness. These correspond to the passage of 3-4 days, the earth and all that is in it, the photon Front. In this case, all the plans the earth was beginning to enter the synchronized operation with a frequency of radiant light. This period will be preceded by a few days. The outer edges of the Photon Belt Front are very dense, they are determined by the structure of this energy. Therefore, particles of this energy will be closed sun completely. Complete darkness will cover the earth. First comes darkness, then total darkness, then a faint dawn and after the brilliant, blinding light of the New World! This new world will be covered 24 hours a day.

Together with the general darkening come chill that upon the occurrence of complete darkness goes into freezing cold. Impenetrable darkness will cause people infinite void of state. The photon energy of the atoms will transform the body of humans and animals and to enhance their vibration. Breathing air, saturated with the photon energy, will fill the body with energy, similar to when taking healthy food with vitamins. That is, people will feel keenly the need to eat. Drinking water can also be modified to fill the body with additional energy. In the future, humanity in general refuses to take animal food, and will meet their needs for food, eating only vegetarian food.

With the passage of the Earth Zone Photon Front Light synchronizes World 3rd Dimension and the World of the 4th and the 5th Dimension. Our World 3rd Dimension forcibly drawn into the frequency of the Higher Worlds and all things in the world is also beginning to adjust its frequency to the frequency of vibration of the World 4th Dimension. In this world of the third stage of the measurements is clear from the material of low-frequency vibrations. All artificial, synthetic materials disintegrate into primary elements of the nature of the Earth, which vibrate at a high frequency, just cleaned. The flora is vibration, high frequency treatment. In the animal world, the one who can, goes to live with a high-frequency vibration, the one who can not due to stagnation of heavy, dirty, low-frequency cellular matter — dies and decomposes.

So, after 3-4 days of the photon Front is as if copying globe Reality third measurement of one of its version, or rather that part of it which was able to adjust to the higher vibrations of the 4th Dimension at the Globe Reality 4 — of measurements. Another version of the reality of our world, the one where the mother (mineral, plant and animal) was not able to rebuild their frequencies — has remained in the World of Reality 3rd Dimension, more bass level. Rebuilt on the same version of a high vibrational parameters of its being smoothly moved (recopy) in the world of the 4th Dimension and is not visible to the eye creatures 3rd Dimension.

How to behave in this whole situation?

The most important condition of successful transition to the new world — peace of mind and clarity of thought. Gather around him close to you and explain what is happening and upcoming events.

Meditation — is something that can help link your true self with the Guides, Guides, the Supreme Being, who will be around. Meditation will help you to be seen by them, and be constant communication with them. Mentors, Higher Self can give you directions to follow that you will behave correctly and will help your loved ones. The channel of communication, which, let's say you have tried without much success to build a quantum transition is successfully built before and during the Ascension. Calm down and contemplate within themselves, and you will see a new world and its representatives. They are close to you! Tune in to the opening of the third technique, the spiritual eye. And you open it, you will see what is invisible to others! Establish contact with mentors.

How is the process of transition

The synchronization process is an increase in the frequency of vibration of the atoms of the world third measurements to the frequency of vibration of the atoms of the world of the 4th Dimension. In case of equality of the frequencies of the world begins to be up 3rd Dimension, this process is similar to a crawl. "Removing the mold" of the world 3rd Dimension into a "clipboard between worlds." This is one of Laya — the center of our universe. This is probably the copy is made after the end of the "three days of darkness." Then this "snapshot" of the world third measurements combined with the world of the 4th dimension, and they form a joint, a single form. All the copies of the imported world Reality third dimension, which fits the basic foundation of the real world of the 4th Dimension, harmoniously merges with it. Thus, in quantum transitions and transformations occur in the world 4 — Measurement of

What is one and what is different between the Roses Reality third, low-frequency measurements and 4 — th dimension, more high?

1. Globe diameter 4 — Measurements of the diameter of the globe the 3rd Dimension.

2. The land area of the globe 4 — Measurements of the land area of the globe less 3rd Dimension.

3. Area of the oceans Globe 4 — th dimension greater than the area of the oceans globe 3rd Dimension.

4. The mountains Globe 4 — th dimension less than the height of the mountains globe 3rd Dimension.

5. Forest area Globe 4 — Measurement of large areas globe third measurements on the same land area.

6. Ecology Globe 4 — Measurement of much higher environmental globe 3rd Dimension.

7. Life expectancy Globe 4 — Measurement of (thousands of years) is much higher life expectancy globe third measurements (60 — 70 years).

8. The total number of people the globe 4 — th dimension is much smaller than the total number of people the globe 3rd Dimension.

9. The geographical position of the continents, mountains, rivers and oceans: different.

10. World 4 — Measurements of all have enough food, there are no animals that eat meat. All vegetarians, even lions, crocodiles and other happy to eat the grass, and the pieces fit together seamlessly lamb and the wolf. Body's needs are met breathing prana — the energy of life — which permeated the air of the world.

11. In the world of the Higher Dimensions no diseases and ailments.

So, if you copy the globe third measurements, carried out with the quantum transition, not all changes in the world of 4th Dimension. With the ascension in the world 4D person gets into a new world for him, which is quite a lot of familiar places and objects of one third of the Reality. Ascended in your physical body a person can get to him a familiar situation: a geographical place in the world where it can be demonstrated even his house, garden, forest, pond, river, dog, cow, etc. And all this will be his "friends and close "in the event that these phenomena and objects fit into the basic reality of the 4th Dimension.

Tasks Lightworkers

Volunteers, members of the Family of Light, in the total amount of mankind is not so much, but they have to bring information — having a specific, high-frequency component, carrying light — in the evolution of mankind on Earth, which is tightly controlled Chernosuschnostnyh. The information that these volunteers donesut to aboriginal population, they cause a reaction to the study, and, as a consequence, there will be gene mutation, changing the structure of the code of life inside human cells. They will first go through the stage of the Ascension in the physical body of the three-dimensional reality to the four-and on to the Fifth Dimensional (special cases are already Ascended).

It is now very important activity of Lightworkers is forming teams around the Companions of the Spirit. Try to rally the people who are attracted to the higher knowledge. Tell, explain, joint meditation. It can be both your family and friends, and the people who come to the point of awareness of truth. They always strive for this, and you help them to see that what they were intuitively life. Group discussions can take place at home, in an apartment, house or in offices, halls.

Everything is determined by your ability to sell their reality. And already on the way to an hour "X" Quantum transition these union supporters rallied Spirit with you in the lead, will be a beacon of light for the higher stages of consciousness Spirits.

You Lightworkers, having a clear understanding of what is happening, tell the rest of what is happening and in what order. You will become a pacifier and a benchmark for all others. It is possible that some Lightworkers will conduct similar work at the state level. It is these lights Light Spirit will be marked in the maps and charts of the higher planes of the Ascension, as one of the first points on the earth who need to provide attention.

It is difficult to predict a 100% growth scenario, the quantum transition, but it is quite possible that your beacons of light aircraft fly or our Supreme Alien Terrestrial Intelligence, to pick up and move to a safe place and help pass the Ascension. "

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