Welcome, Dear Friends! I Am Mirael, master of his powers. Now at the time we talk about the good desires of their true nature or egoic.

The desire to create Heaven on Earth occurs in someone who lives "in hell" of their own fears, illusions, prejudices, rejection, denial, stigma, pain and suffering. Experience: If you are happy, how you see the world? Bright, colorful, perfect! People around happy, problem solved. Everything is easy! Congratulations, you've come to the measurement of Harmony. This means that Paradise already exists, not to want to create it.

Paradise — a state. He is not "done". It manifests itself through its own example of inspiration!

If you want to make people happy — it means that you are unhappy themselves and projecting these emotions in the world, actually adding distortion to the world. If you want to see people free, then you are not free yourself, you shackles self-doubt.

People are inspired not by words, not information, and the transmission of happiness and harmony that you have something that does not need words, specifications, evidence of the layout plan, laws, etc. And the only reason that not all people have moved into the dimension of Harmony — fear of the unknown. THIS IS BECAUSE THAT IS IMPORTANT AND PERSONAL, by example. YOU — fireflies PIONEERS TO INDICATE THAT THE WRONG you are through, and there is light and love!

What is the use of words, in the seat of the Internet and the promise that life ever change? Dear, life — is both idea and materialization. Remember that. Measurement of Harmony — this is not an ephemeral world of ideas. In this measurement (Harmony) you can go with pure intentions and actions of the soul.

Many tyrants, representatives of totalitarianism before become so, I wish you happiness and freedom to the people. And they came up with this concept, made experiments, experiments. They did Happiness. But what was the result? Think about someone who wants to make the world happy and feels that it can make a ruler (or himself), falls under the influence of the ego, low vibration — lust for power. This is the secret purpose — vanity and desire to be most-most. We can say that all of your story is based on this principle. The very word — WANT — speaks about the desire to get anything at all costs, is the language of the ego (the low-lying parts of the self). Language of the Soul — is the language of states that are sure to instantly materialize in deeds. But good intentions … you know it. We must not want to make people happy, you become happy and FREE YOURSELF!

Happiness begins with your inner universe Friend If you, for example, the healer, then your destiny — to be in measuring healthy, be healthy yourself and pass codes Healing neighbor.

What's the point to look for happiness in the messages, if for you it's a piece of information, which, after states of light sometimes makes you want to learn something new again? You know that in the Age of New Age appeared dependent on the messages? It is an illusion, when a person reads a new message does not use that resonated in his heart in practice, and quickly looking for a new drug! Once again, soul materializes Heart resonances coming from the messages of new knowledge, movies, books, practices, etc. Ego (lowland part of the person) is always looking for new, it is always hungry, he always wants more, diverse, exciting the mind and emotions feelings. Practice ego is not needed. After change — hence increase vibration, to take their positions, my life, everything changes, on which rests the ego being out of control.

Measurements of Harmony — Paradise exists eternally. It always has been! The main thing — to rise to the height. And the only problem is no reassurance people not forcibly change their values, ways of life, not condemnation, but the following: BEGIN TO BE HAPPY himself, in everything! Make friends with the energy of abundance, creativity, to be close to the Beloved, enjoy each MIGU Genesis, to be in harmony with nature, in harmony with others, to fulfill his destiny! And it's easy! Because the most valuable and high-vibration — always brilliant, simple, and easily implemented. Inhibit only the illusion that happiness is difficult to achieve and all its not enough. Mental blocks (world outlook is not in accordance with the true reality) impede look simple happiness in the eyes, causing the inside of the desire to argue, to rebel and resist. To whom? Himself? Happiness of others? Think, rather, feel it, honey! All in your heart (soul).

Always with you, Mirael, the Dimension Wizard Harmony.

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