Message from SaLuSa from September 26

"As you know, time is accelerating, and the prophecies of global earthquakes and other natural phenomena is not true as it was expected. Way, you can thank yourself as bringing light to the earth, and you can also bring peace. But this does not mean that there will be no physical change, because some are unavoidable. Hold vibration high for the next few weeks, you can do so that you have plenty of smooth completion of the cycle. course, we are partly responsible for this, and we support what might be called peacetime . Yes, in some countries are fighting, but it does not degenerate into a global war.

It may seem odd to say that you achieve peace in the world, but it's true, because more and more people are demanding it on par with their freedom. You can already see the recent conflict in many countries, and the military show their conviction that the time has come to end all wars. They understand that in addition to self-defense war is senseless act that rarely has a lasting impact. Instead, the war is hatred, and those whose lands are destroyed and people will hatch plans for revenge, as they are not put in place. This is wrong, dear, that you have created the terrorism that plagues the world with their insane acts of self-destruction and murder. (All terrorist acts are planned in advance and the Illuminati shadow government for their own selfish purposes)

We would not want you to pondering over negative (dark energy), which is still present in your world, but you need to understand how it happened. Naturally, this had a hand in the dark forces (Illuminati long time to implement their plans to capture and enslave the world, before they were doing Ino-gray), and, if looking back to the past, they made almost every war between nations (long known that War — the best way to get rich and buy power and influence). This is all over with the Ascension, because you go to the level at which this negativity can not exist (5 measurement). Soul (people) who feel the same way, who does not give up its quest for wealth and power will remain in the lower dimensions (3 dimension — two complementary worlds, or in the world, the twin of the world) with other unenlightened souls (people). However, they will not be left without the light, and they will be given every assistance to return to it. Once they come back, because eventually every soul will find its way to the house.

Meanwhile, the way is opened for the Rapture, and change (stages of the Ascension) needed to move forward, close to its realization. As a result of this case budge quickly enough, because to your destination still need to achieve some goals. As we have said many times, nothing will stop lowering the curtain (Disclosure and Awareness of Reality in humans), and the Illuminati ever gone out of your lives. Your consciousness levels continue to rise, and with one big leap forward, you will realize that ascended. You do not have any doubt, you'll know that have changed compared to what they were before. So do not let anxieties creep into your mind, hold the front of his vision, and it will become your reality.

Live in the moment now, and wait until you need to change your lifestyle to adapt to manifesting the New Era (the Golden Age — the life of a 5-dimension). You'll know for sure when it will come, and this "knowledge" you can rely in its movement forward. Your ESP will be sharper and rise from the new energies that you will absorb. One has only to think about what your body will no longer be susceptible to disease, which is the most coveted of all the change. It will be one of the many changes that immediately improve your quality of life. We might say that you do not live even as long as learn about life in the higher dimensions. This would be especially true with respect to other souls. You will find that all are united in love and light, living together in harmony and grace.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light speak to you as those who are already at the levels at which you move (their worlds ascended thousands of years ago, and that's how they describe life in 5 dimensions :). We live in a happy environment in which all life forms interact with each other. Between different forms of life there is no fear, and everything is based on trust. So no one feels crushed, alone and free to express themselves with great joy and happiness. Thoughts associated with the lower vibrations, never enter our minds, and we turn our attention to all that is pure and untainted by any negative aspect. Live that life brings so much fun, and we certainly bored. You as much to open up for the study, and when you rise even higher (6, 7 and 8 of the measure), then, as you say, "only the sky will be your limit."

So, Dear, usefully spend his last days in the current world. It still has so much beauty and a place filled with higher energy. Those of you who are the sensitive (sensitive to energy), know what I mean. Similarly, some places are still heavily contaminated, after centuries of exposure to lower energy due to wars and other conflicts. These places will of course completely cleaned before Ascension, and in fact, this work has already begun. To help you, we can operate outside of Earth, but when we can meet with you, this job can be performed together. Mother Earth was being very patient in this last period of your lives. She welcomes and accepts contact with you, and your return to a time when you were living much closer. This again will come in the near future, when you understand the relationship with all life forms.

You were created and placed on the ground in order to enjoy all the splendor and beauty of the Creator (Surya — the Supreme Goddess 2 levels, supervising our world), as well as to learn how to help each other. Unfortunately, in recent times you have moved away from Nature and forget how much you need each other. This is changing, and many recognize the place the person is in the world, as well as the importance of its protection against life. Buddhists are known for their understanding of this, and they have demonstrated that you can do when you are in harmony with nature. Some of you also know this and are a good example for others who are looking for real relationship with nature.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I ask you to go ahead with great confidence. There is nothing to fear when it comes to the New Age (Ascension and the Golden Age), because this is exactly what you want. We're getting ready to appear in front of you at any allowable circumstances, and we will do so as not to cause fear. Quite the contrary, as we have come to you with love and light. "

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